10 Best Air Cooler in India – Review & Buying Guide – 2019

Air cooler makes the summer cool and easy. Nowadays many people are shifting towards air conditioners, even though air coolers are having little demand in the Indian household. Actually, it has more demand because of its very low cost. The best air cooler comes under Rs. 7,000 whereas AC price starts from Rs.30,000.


Best Air Cooler in India

What is Air Cooler?

Cooler is a cooling system which changes the hot air into cool air by using water and works as air cooling device. It reduces the air temperature and increases airflow with the help of cooling fins, fans or finned coils. This technique involves increased airflow over the cooling pads, which needs to be cooled or to increase the area of the object to enter the heat.

10 Best Air Coolers in India 2019

1. Symphony HiCool i 31 Litre Air Cooler(White)

This symphony cooler has 31-liter water capacity and it comes with i- Pure technology. This air cooler price is nearly Rs.9600. It is a large storage water cooler. It has a 1-year warranty. Blowers are used for cooling purpose.


Buy From Amazon @ Rs 8,889

Salient Features of the product:

  • It has a large water capacity of 31L and is suitable for a room size of up to 175 Sq Ft.
  • It is a personal cooler and is suitable for spot cooling or cooling smaller spaces in your room.
  • Full function remote with 7-hour timer: There built a remote dock, system restore function.
  • It consists of high-efficiency honeycomb pads and empty tank alarm.
  • It gives the air throw distance up to 37 Ft.


  1. You can operate with the remote.
  2. It can indicate the low water level by the alarm.
  3. It can cool room within minutes and also can deliver high air of 1750 cubic meter.


  1. Warranty of the product is very low.
  2. It produces higher noise as compared to fan based coolers.

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2. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36Liters Room Air Cooler (White)

It is a 36 Liters tank Air cooler with a cooling coverage area of 150sq.ft. It costs nearly Rs. 6414. It has a one year warranty.


Buy From Amazon @ Rs 5,598

Salient Features of the product:

  • It is inverter compatible, so you need not to worry about power cuts also.
  • It comes with four-way air deflection for cooling the room more consistently.
  • The powerful air throw gives air up to 30 feet long, surely everyone in the room will be cooled.
  • The three side honeycomb pad gives fast and extra cooling to your room.


  1. Low cost.
  2. Noiseless performer.
  3. It gives very fast and effective cooling towards the entire room in four-way air deflection.
  4. It can move from one room to another room easily by using castor wheels.


  1. Empty alarm tank is not available.


3. Bajaj DC2016 67 Liters Room Cooler (White)

It is a 67 liters tank Air cooler which is suitable for large rooms. It costs nearly Rs. 11290. It has a 1-year warranty.


Buy From Amazon @ Rs 9,899

Salient Features of the product:

  • This cooler is compatible with the inverter.
  • There is 3-way speed control.
  • It is suitable for large halls, residences, and banks.
  • Icebox is available for enhanced cooling.


  1. Produces Less noise.
  2. Four-way air deflection gives effective cooling.
  3. It can use for large rooms.
  4. 3-way speed control is available.


  1. Continuous water supply is needed.


4. Symphony Siesta 70 Liters Air Cooler(White)

The fourth cooler in our list is again a symphony air cooler. It is a 70 Liters tank air cooler with specially designed front grill for maximum air delivery. It costs nearly Rs.12350. It has a 1-year warranty.

Buy From Amazon @ Rs 12,399

Salient Features of the product:

  • For better performance, special grills are designed.
  • Caster wheels are available for easy moving.
  • It is a desert air cooler with very large 70-liter tank.
  • It is suitable for room size up to 370 SqFt.


  1. A Capacity of the tank is high.
  2. Front grills are provided for maximum air delivery.
  3. A Powerful 16-inch fan is used in it.


  1. There is no ice box available.
  2. Cross ventilation is needed for an air cooler, otherwise cooler may damage.


5. Symphony Winter-XL 56 Litre Air Cooler (White)

It is a 56-liter capacity air cooler with i-pure technology. It costs nearly Rs.14000. It has a 1-year warranty.

Buy From Amazon @ Rs 13,990

 Salient Features of the product:

  • A powerful 18” fan is used and provides air upto distance of 56Ft.
  • It uses i-pure technology.
  • It runs on whisper quiet performance and produces cool flow dispenser.
  • It is suitable for room size 420SqFt.


  1. Strong wheels are provided for easy moving.
  2. I-pure technology is used.
  3. Quite a performer.
  4. 18 inches powerful fan is used for excellent cooling performance.


  1. Icebox is not available.
  2. Ventilation is needed for keeping air cooler safe.


6. Havells Freddo I 70- Liter Cooler (Brown/White)

It is a 70-liter tank cooler with full function remote control and several new features. It costs nearly Rs.15500. It has a 1-year warranty.

Buy From Amazon @ Rs 15,499

Salient Features of the product:

  • You can control the cooler with a remote.
  • Collapsible Louvers are covered totally to prevent dust/insects that entering into air cooler.
  • Temperature Display: You can see the air temperature at the cooler grill.
  • Cord Winding Station: When the air coolers are stored, an electric cord can be wrapped safely.
  • 3 side dust filter nets: These nets are used to separate dust from the air and gets washed through pads. Hence the cool and clean air will result from cooler.


  1. Water tank cover is available to prevent mosquitoes that entering into the tank. Water inlet net of the cover is used to separate dust particles from the water.
  2. Auto Drain is available to drain the water from the tank.
  3. 3-side pads are available to absorb dust particles from air thoroughly.


  1. Icebox is not available.
  2. Continuous water supply is needed.


7. Crompton Greaves Ozone 75- Liter Desert Air Cooler (White/Grey)

It is a 75-liter capacity air cooler with several new features. It costs nearly Rs.10499. It has a 1-year warranty.

Buy From Amazon @ Rs 8,999

Salient Features of the product:

  • It is a Crompton desert air cooler which keeps you cool and your electricity bills low.
  • It has uniform flow dispenser.
  • It has separate Ice chamber to place ice cubes.
  • It consists of motorized louvers.
  • It is suitable for a room size of up to 550 SqFt.


  1. It has several exciting features like uniform flow dispenser, ice chamber, and motorized louvers.
  2. It is energy efficient by using desert type air cooler.


  1. Water level indicator is not available.
  2. An Auto drain is not available.


8. Orient Electric Snowbreeze Super CD5002B 50 Liters Air Cooler (White)

It is a 50 liters tank air cooler with many new technologies included in it. It costs nearly Rs.8,980. It has a 1-year warranty.

Buy From Amazon @ Rs 8,8840

Salient Features of the product:

  • It gives maximum air throw.
  • Dense Nest honeycomb pads are placed in this cooler and these provide powerful and quick cooling.
  • There is very less number of moving parts which makes the installation easy, smooth maintenance and service.
  • It is compatible with the inverter and pumps motors help to cool the room without any interruption.
  • Timer function and remote operation make an easy experience.


  1. 4- ways air flow is available for spreading the air all over the room.
  2. 4 castor wheels are available for moving one room to another room.
  3. This cooler is inverter compatible.


  1. Empty tank alarm is not available.
  2. Icebox is not available.


9. Bajaj DC2015 Digital 43 Liters Cooler (White)

It is a 43-liter tank air cooler which is suitable for a large room. It costs nearly Rs. 11950. It has a 1-year warranty.

Buy From Amazon @ Rs 12,690

Salient Features of the product:

  • It has remote, digital control panel, and an in-built memory function.
  • This cooler has a cooling capacity of 600SqFt.
  • Ice chamber is available to provide the maximum cooling.
  • It is compatible with the inverter .


  1. 3-speed control makes you set the temperature according to your requirement.
  2. Castor wheels help you to move from one room to another very easily.
  3. It gives you a quiet performance.
  4. Special wood wool evaporative pads are featured.
  5. It provides 50 feet air throw and can be suitable in parties, workplaces, and enormous corridors.


  1. Water level indicator is not available.


10. Usha Honeywell 55-Litres Desert Air Cooler (Cl 601Pm) and Energy Saver (White/ Grey)

It is a 55-liter air cooler which cools up to 80 square meters. It has a 1-year warranty.

Buy From Amazon @ Rs 11,590

Salient Feature of the product:

  • 3 large honeycomb cooling media is used to allow air from three sides for maximum cooling.
  • The Powerful motor is equipped to deliver excellent performance.
  • Water overflow protection system allows it to connect to a continuous water supply.
  • Mechanical control knobs are available for maximum performance and easy using.


  1. 3 side honeycomb cooling media is used for maximum cooling performance.
  2. Low power consumption.
  3. Mechanical control knobs are available for controlling the speed of fan inside.


  1. Icebox is not available.
  2. Empty tank alarm is not available.


Best Air Cooler Buying Guide

How Does It Work?

As mentioned above that a cooler works as cooling system for air cooling. The working of the air cooler is very simple. It just needs water. You have to pour water into the cooling pads of air cooler, then the water takes up the heat from the outside air and it evaporates. The transfer of heat from the air to water makes the room temperature cool. This cool air enters the overall room and makes you cool. This process repeated constantly and gives you cooled air.

The working of cooler involves only evaporation of water. Without using any cooling gases or any harmful gases, just by using water you can cool the room. Hence, it is an environment -friendly way of cooling space.

Advantages of Air Cooler

  • The amazing advantage of the air cooler is that they are relatively cost-effective. The best air cooler costs Rs.7000 whereas the starting price of the AC is Rs.30,000. Because of this reason, many medium class people prefer air coolers in their houses.
  • It consumes less power.
  • To cool the big halls, preferring an AC is very expensive. On the other hand, air cooler helps in such cases, a good desert cooler works very well.
  • It provides fresh air which is close to nature. So, it is polluted free air which helps to environment, humans and global warming. In the cool temperature, there will be no germs present in it.
  • These are very portable and can move from one room to another room very easily.
  • There is no need for installation.
  • The Air cooler is best for Asthma patients.
  • It can also be used outdoors.

Disadvantages of Air Cooler

  • It is not effective in high humid areas and coastal areas, because it releases water in the surrounding air and cools the atmosphere. The air in the high humid atmosphere cannot take extra water and unable to cool down much.
  • It operates at high noise, as both motor and fan run simultaneously.

Differences between Air cooler and Air conditioner

  1. The Air cooler is very low cost, whereas the AC is very expensive.
  2. Cooler gives fresh and filtered air, whereas AC gives re-circulated dry air.
  3. Air cooler uses water as a cooling agent, AC uses refrigerants/coolants.
  4. Cooler maintenance is very simple and cost-effective, whereas AC maintenance is complex and more expensive.
  5. The Air cooler is portable, whereas AC not.
  6. AC can use only in indoor, whereas cooler can use in both indoor and outdoor.
  7. The Cooler is environment-friendly, whereas AC leads to high carbon emissions.
  8. The Cooler cannot perform better in high humid conditions, but AC can function well around the year.

Types of Coolers

Two types of air coolers are available. They are

1. Personal Air Cooler

It is a device that can lower the air temperature. It is designed for personal use as an evaporative cooler that uses a tank of water to cool the air it blows at you. The cooling effect depends on ambient temperature and relative humidity. These coolers work best in dry and hot environments.

These are used for cooling of small to midsize rooms. These are also known as a room air cooler. It has 20-30 liters tank. Blowers are used for cooling. Its price starts from Rs. 5000. It is small in size and lightweight which can easily move from one place to another.

Features of Personal Air Cooler:

It consists of 4 fan speeds: high, Adjustable humidifier level to your comfort, a high cooling effect at strong airflow, low and sleep, medium.

Advantages of Personal Air Cooler:

  1. These are relatively inexpensive.
  2. It consumes less energy.
  3. It can work with doors and windows open.
  4. It provides fresh air with added moisture.
  5. Air coolers can be best for Asthma patients.


  1. It needs a lot of water.
  2. It is not suitable for high humidity areas.

2. Desert Air Cooler:

Desert coolers are mainly working on the simple principle that when unsaturated air passes through water, the water evaporates. Then the moisture content of air increases and temperature decreases. These are also known as swamp coolers.

Personal Air cooler and Desert coolers working format are the same. Both are working through the evaporation of water. But the difference is desert coolers are placed on the window, it sucks air from the outside whereas room coolers are placed inside the room and the air circulates in the room itself. Desert coolers are best than room coolers because the fan in the desert cooler is very powerful.

These are used for medium to large size rooms. Tank capacity is around 30-60 liters. Huge fans are used for cooling. These are a little expensive, price starts from 8,000. These are effective in hot and dry areas and are not effective in humid areas.

Features of Desert Air cooler:

It consists of 3 speed settings: high, medium and low. Honeycomb cooling media is used. These are having many features like 3m cord length, castors wheels for easy mobility, honeycomb, powder coated.

Advantages of Desert Air Cooler:

  1. It is cost effective. These coolers cost 70-90% less than an inverter type AC and consume 50-90% less electricity
  2. There is no installation required and maintenance is easy.
  3. These are best suited for dry and arid climates.


  1. It is not as effective as an air conditioner in cooling capacity.
  2. It is not suitable for high humidity areas.
  3. Overusing cooler effects health drawbacks.

Popular Cooler Brands in India:

  1. Symphony Hicool i-31L Air cooler with remote
  2. Symphony Diet 12T 12-Litre Air cooler
  3. Cello Arctic 50-litre Air cooler
  4. Bajaj Platini PX97 Room Cooler
  5. Bajaj Glacier DC2016 67-liter room cooler
  6. Kelvinator KTF-131 4 Blade Tower Fan(White)
  7. Symphony Siesta 70-litre Air Cooler
  8. Symphony Winter-XL 56L Air Cooler
  9. Maharaja Whiteline Arrow Deluxe CO-124 50L Air cooler
  10. Vitek VT-3064 W-I 36-litre Tower Air cooler.

Cooling Pads for Air Coolers in India

These pads are used to cool down the air that passes through them. These are fixed at the sides of the air cooler. Two types of pads are available in the market.

  • Honey Comb Cooling Pads: These are made up of cellulose material, which looks like a honeycomb. These pads need less maintenance, low-pressure drop and are more durable and efficient. These are a little expensive. These are capable of absorbing enough water and are eco-friendly.


  1. Durable structure.
  2. These pads remain wetly very long time.
  3. Fine finish.
  4. These are eco-friendly.
  5. Absorbs enough water.
  6. Designed as self-cleaning.


  1. These are a little expensive.
  • Aspen Wood Wool Cooling Pads: These are made up of shavings synthetic fiber, which looks like grass. These pads need high maintenance and are less durable and efficient. These are economical.


  1. Cost is economical.
  2. Good cooling effect in summer.


  1. These needs high maintenance.
  2. Less durable.
  3. Less efficient.

Air Cooler size calculation according to the room area

When you are purchasing the air cooler, you should look for the ‘Area covered’ or ‘Cooling area’ specification in the model description. That ‘Area covered’ should be equal or more than your room size. You can check the CFM, the total air in the room that changes for every 2 minutes. To check the CFM

CFM in hours= (room surface area in square feets*room height*0.84).

If you have 400 sq feet home with a room height of 8 feet high, then CFM= 400*8*0.84=2688.

Hence you need a cooler with a minimum airflow of 2688 cfm.

Different Features of Air Coolers

  1. Ice cube tray:

You can place the ice cubes in the top tray of the air cooler. Ice melts slowly and the ice water enters into the tank.

  1. Air cooler compatible with inverter:

You can run air cooler with inverter also because it consumes very less electricity like 120W to 180W. You have lights and fans which consumes 200 W. So, 600 VA inverter is sufficient and 900 VA inverter is more than enough.

  1. Remote Control Feature:

You can operate the cooler using remote just like AC, TV, etc.

  1. Variable Speed Control Knob:

You can control the fan speed using this button.

  1. Water level Indicator:

It helps you to suggest the water level. It indicates the level of water in the tank is filled or not.

  1. Tower Air Coolers:

These are the latest buzz with new design trend. These coolers will give more elegance to your room and also saves a lot of space.

  1. Multifunctional Wheels:

These are also known as caster wheels. These wheels make the air cooler to move easily from one room to another room by making it very portable.

  1. Empty Tank Alarm:

When the required level of water is dropped below, you can hear the alarm which indicates the lower water level. This feature is very helpful because running the air cooler without water may damage the air cooled motor. This is available only in high-end air coolers.

Air Cooler without Water

Here is a new technology, air cooler running without water. There is no need for a large water tank and extra water motor and hence the cost will decrease. Not only that the people living in water scared areas also can use this excellent feature.

This can be happened by pushing air from a large area to a small exit, which is just like blowing air from your mouth. You can change the pressure. But the disadvantage is the effectiveness of cooling is very limited. It needs to be improved a lot and people should accept this as mainstream usage.

Guidelines for the usage of Air Cooler:

  • It is better to clean the cooler well before using it.
  • The windows and doors should be open to making the cooler functioning correctly. If they are closed, the humidity in air increases and cooler stops functioning.
  • Regularly oil the motor.
  • Clean the hose pipes.
  • Better to change the cooling pad every year.
  • Cover the cooler after the use.

Parts and Components of Air Cooler:

  1. Vents: They are the openings in the air cooler which are used to blow the air outside. A fan will be placed near the vents to increase the air flow. During milder weather conditions, you can adjust the settings of vent that to cool directly and hence it reduces energy consumption.
  2. Distributor: It distributes the water over the cooling pad. The water flow in this part is controlled by the pump and motor.
  3. Water Tank: Container which you need to fill the water. You can also add the ice cubes in some models.
  4. Motor: It is the heart of the air cooler, which controls the entire operation of the cooling device. The speed and performance may differ from model to model.
  5. Cooler Pump: It drains water from the tank to the cooler pads through the distributor channels.
  6. Accessories: The other important accessories are brass fittings, tubing, cooler leg kits, blades, fan blades, adapter, cover, side grill, and float valve.