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Best Deep Fryer for French Fries Fryer

The best deep fryer is a best kitchen appliance for deep frying at home. It is a method of frying by submerging food into the oil at a desired temperature by using electric deep fryer machine.

The deep fryers worked on the basis of heating element to get desired heat. Depending upon our needs, we can get the different sizes of electric fryer machines. We can use this for fryer machine for home purposes and commercial purposes also.

Electric frying machine come with the indicators, alarms and auto off systems. The tightly closed lid prevents the oil spilling while cooking. The dual filter technology in the fryers controls the oil vapour and odour.

With electric deep fryer you can fry all the meat and seafood, vegetable fries like chips, bread wrapped dumplings, egg rolls, empanadas, samosas etc. You can also make testy french fries with french fries fryer at home.

Usage of deep frying machine can save your LPG consumption. By using this you can make healthy and fat-free fries at home very easily. This fryer comes with the variable temperature adjustments to cook fries at desired temperature.

You can easily detach the frying pot from the machine and it is very easy to clean and maintain also. This best fish fryer makes your cooking easy and cooking area neat and clean.

Best Deep Fryer Machine for Home 2022

Our Pick1
Presto 05442 CoolDaddy
Presto 05442 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer

62% Discount Available
AGARO Marvel
AGARO Marvel 1700-Watt Deep Fryer with 2-Litre Capacity

3% Discount Available
American Micronic
American MICRONIC-Imported Electric Deep Fryer

23% Discount Available
Skyline VTL
SKY LINE VTL-5424 2000-Watt Deep Fryer

20% Discount Available
FROTH & FLAVOR Steel Electric 6 Litre Deep Fryer
FROTH & FLAVOR Electric Deep Fryer 6 LTR Copper Element

70% Discount Available
Skyline GA
Skyline GA-009 3.0 Litre Deep Fryer

12% Discount Available
Skyline VTL-5525 200
Skyline VTL-5525 2000-Watt Deep Fryer with Trimer

7% Discount Available
ORBIT Stainless
ORBIT Stainless Steel DF-30 3.5 L Electric Deep Fryer

45% Discount Available
ANDREW JAMES Commercial Stainless Steel Double Deep Fat Fryer

43% Discount Available
Best Deep Fryer Machine

1. Presto 05442 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer

Presto is introducing one of the best deep fryer in a compact design. You can get tasty and perfect chicken, shrimp and French fries in this electric machine.

The stylish design of this fryer will give your kitchen to smart look. To lower the food into the oil it is designed with the exterior basket handle with the closed cover to prevent spattering. It comes with the removable frying pot and it can be cleaned with ease. It is the excellent fryer with which you can make very crispy fries.

  1. You can get the desired frying temperature with the adjustable thermostat.
  2. When the oil is ready for frying the handy indicator light lets you know.
  3. It is equipped with the charcoal air filter which absorbs frying odours.
  4. For monitoring frying it is designed with extra-large viewing window without opening the cover.


  • The adjustable thermostat helps in selecting the desired frying temperature easily.
  • Handy indicator light signals indicate when the oil is hot for frying.
  • The locking cover avoids spattering and lessens the odours.
  • A charcoal air filter that absorbs frying odours.
  • Removable frying pot which is easy and quick to clean.


  • Expensive

2. AGARO Marvel 1700-Watt Deep Fryer

The AGARO Marvell 2-litre deep fryer helps you to prepare delicious crisper chips, fried chicken, fries, croquettes, onion rings and many more within a limited time and delicious taste. It is provided with three temperature settings that allow you to adjust from 130℃ to 190℃.

A detachable basket is provided that helps you to take the food items out from the hot oil without any burn or harm. Along with this, cool-touch handles are also provided with both on the basket and sides of the fryer which keeps you safe from burning hands. This product is available with a 2-year warranty on the market.

  1. The Anti-slip feet are provided to improve stability and prevent an accident.
  2. Their parts are fully detachable for easy cleaning.
  3. The advanced feature variable temperature controller controls the temperature and allows you to fry to your delight and keeps hold until the oil gets hot.
  4. The overheat protection feature protects you by switching off everything when things are getting a little too hot or during the failure of electrics.
  5. It is provided with in-built cord storage to store the power cord that provides you with convenient storing and space-saving.


  • Variable temperature settings from 150 0 C to 190 0 C are available for preparing several types of food.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Anti-slip feet that raise stability and avoid accidents and mishaps.
  • 1.5 metre-long cord/cord storage space provided inside the product.


  • A digital display is not available.

3. American Micronic AMI-DFP-30LDx 3 Litre Electric Deep Fryer

American Micronic is introducing one of the best electric deep fryer machine. This is the best solution for modern cooking needs of Indian kitchens. It comes with the capacity of 3 litres and it consumes the power of 2000 Watts. With the detachable basket you can easily transfer your food to a dish with ease. This is evenly gets the distribution of heat with the innovative air circulation system. For your convenience and safety it is designed with the auto switch off technology.

  1. This is designed with the timer and adjustable temperature controls.
  2. The American Micronic deep fryer tank comes with the non-stick coating.
  3. To lower the food into the oil it comes to the exterior handle to the cover closed to prevent spattering.
  4. It contains air hold the lid and window for viewing, and for your safety it also designed with the shock proof and cool touch body.
  5. You can get a 1 year warranty on this American Micronic fryer.


  • Non-stick coating helps in not to stick the food.
  • Adjustable temperature settings help select the desired temperature to make delicious and perfect fries.
  • The auto switch-off feature automatically switches off after 30 minutes and prevents overcooking.
  • The buzzer system indicates to you a sound when the food is done.


  • Requires a high amount of oil for frying.

4. Skyline VTL-5424 2000 Watt Deep Fryer

The Skyline is producing one of the best oil fryer.By using this product you can get mouth-watering dishes of fries in less time. This Skyline product makes your cooking very easy and fast. With this product by using less oil you can make crispy fries with ease. It is very easy to clean. It also comes with the various temperature controls for different fries. It is also equipped with the Auto-off timer system in it.

  1. It comes with the Detachable Oil Tank with the capacity of 2 L.
  2. It is designed with the anti-slip handle for easy and safe operation.
  3. Skyline offers you a 1 year warranty on this product.
  4. This fryer consumes the power of 2000 Watts.


  • The Fry basket along with an anti-slip handle provides safe operation.
  • Detachable basket for easy cleaning and transferring of food.
  • A deep fryer is also included.
  • Cooking is easy and faster.


  • Suitable for small families of up to 4-5 members.

5. FROTH & FLAVOR Steel Electric 6 Litre Deep Fryer

Froth & Flavour introducing big electric fryer for commercial Indian kitchens. It is fitted with a cool touch body. It also comes with the removable fryer basket. As per your requirement you can fry variety of dishes with variable temperature controls. By using it you can get crisp and delicious food items in high quantity within less time. Mainly it is suitable to prepare for commercial purposes and parties to produce in bulk. It is very easy to clean and maintain.

  1. It comes with the copper element with the capacity of 6 LTR.
  2. It is made of food grade Stainless Steel material.
  3. It is designed with the various temperature ranges 0 to 200 degrees.
  4. Froth & Flavour offers you 12 months of warranty on this fryer.
  5. This deep fryer consumes the power of 2000 Watts.


  • Fry basket with heat-resistant handles for convenience and safety during frying.
  • Detachable tank for easy transferring and cleaning.
  • Adjustable temperature ranges from 0 to 200 degrees for perfect frying.
  • Stainless steel body and mesh basket for domestic use and heavy frying purpose.


  • The Timer function is not included.

6. Skyline GA-009 3 Litre Deep Fryer

The Skyline is introducing one of the best electric deep fryer for home. By using this product you can make your favourite food frying in a healthier way with a very less usage of oil. It drains excess fat during the cooking process so that you can get fat-free and crispy frying.  This Skyline deep fryer combines both efficiency and safety. This is the perfect product for your day to day frying requirements of your kitchen. Using and cleaning of this product is very easy.

  1.  It is made of metal body and with the capacity of 3 Litre.
  2. Skyline Deep fryer consumes the power of 2000 Watt.
  3. Skyline offers 1-year warranty on this deep fryer electric machine.
  4. For viewing it has window with air tight lid.


  • Frying needs a tablespoon or less oil and drains excess fat during cooking.
  • Produces the food crispy outside and tender on the inside with little or no oil.
  • The Timer is available.
  • A deep fryer is included.


  • A digital display is not available.

7. Skyline VTL-5525 2000 Watt Deep Fryer

The Skyline is introducing one of the best home deep fryer. This deep fryer makes cooking possible easy and tasty fried food at your home. It comes with the capacity of 3 Litres which is enough for Indian kitchens. As it comes with the detachable oil tank, it is very easy to clean and maintain. Cooking fried food at home makes healthier. By using this product you can get crispy on outside and moist and tender on inside of the food.

  1. This skyline, deep fryer is designed with the adjustable thermostat with timer.
  2. It is made of stainless steel body and it comes with the tight lid with a filter and clean window to watch.
  3. It also comes with the audible alarm to make you alert.
  4. This deep fryer consumes the power of 2000 Watts.
  5. The Skyline is offering 1 year of warranty on this deep fryer.


  • A deep fryer with a timer is easy to cook.
  • The alarm buzzing sound alerts you when the cooking is done.
  • Stainless steel cover with clean window and filter.
  • Adjustable thermostat to choose the desired temperature for perfect cooking.


  • Cleaning is difficult.

8. ORBIT Stainless Steel DF-30 3.5 L Electric Deep Fryer

ORBIT is introducing one of the best fish fryer for your home needs. To assist you in making your fries it comes with an elegant design and comfortable attachments. You can easily remove container and heating element which makes easy to clean the oil container. You are getting 1 year of warranty on this product. This best deep fryer comes with the capacity of 3.5 Litres which is enough for making fries for Indian kitchens.

  1. This deep fryer is made of strong stainless steel body.
  2. It consumes the power of 2000 Watts and the power intake is AC 220-240 V.
  3. It comes with the various temperature controls like 130 A degrees C – 190 A degrees C.
  4. It also has the features like Heat and power indicators for our convenience.
  5. It is designed with over heat protection and also has the cord storage compartment.


  • Temperature can be controlled from a range of 1300C-1900C.
  • Overheat protection and a cord storage compartment are provided.
  • The container and heating elements can be detached for easy transfer and cleaning.
  • The removable fryer basket has a cool touch body which is easy to handle and clean.


  • It does not have a non-stick coating.
  • Does not have a digital display.

9. ANDREW JAMES Commercial Stainless Steel Double Deep 6+6 Ltrs Fat Fryer x

ANDREW JAMES is producing one of the best deep fryer for commercial purpose. This product is reliable and durable. This is the best product for commercial purpose. You can make all types and more fries at a time using this product. It is very easy to clean and use for longer hours. Both the tanks come with the separate power plugs so you can operate any one at a time. It also comes with the closed lids to prevent boil oil splashing.

  1. It is designed with the 6 + 6 Litres twin tank stainless steel body which gives good life to fryer.
  2. It consumes the power of 2.5 kW + 2.5 kW separately.
  3. It also comes with the automatic auto cut option and separately adjustable temperatures between 0 – 200 degrees.
  4. Andrew James offers 1 year warranty on this product.



Deep Fryer Buying Guide

Before purchasing the best deep fryer for your home, you should consider some aspects like features, capacity, maintenance, etc. in order to increase the durability of deep fryer.

How to Choose the Best Deep Fryer


Choose the electric deep fryer machine according to your usage, which varies for snack items, larger parties, larger items to deep fry for chickens or turkeys, and other usages. Some of the fryer machines come with multiple baskets which enables you to cook various food items at a time. If you need a fryer for snack items, a small deep fryer is sufficient, whereas larger items needs big electric fryer.


Every cooking appliances can cause some fire risks if you do not take care on the particular appliance. So, you should choose the electric fryer machine that comes with safety features like an automatic shut off feature which kicks whenever the oil reaches an unsafe temperature, a break-off cord which can detach from the fryer during the cord is disturbed. You should read and follow the instructions given with the deep fryer.


There are various fryer machines with different costs with different features. The smaller electric deep fryers with required features that fulfils your needs is the best way to reduce the cost. The bigger electric models, air fryers and propane deep fryers costs, expensive according to their features and size.

Types of Use

There are different types of deep fryers used for different dishes. So you should have a look that your deep fryer can serve your favourite dishes or not. A smaller electric deep fryer may well, sufficient but for making dishes like French fries, and fried pickles will need different frying tasks than frying a holiday turkey. Every deep fryer does not work for every dish you want.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

Cleaning a deep fryer machine is a tough thing. It makes little easier if it is dishwasher safe, detachable and the simple process of draining oil, etc. So, have a look of them for making the using and cleaning process easier.

Time to Heat Up

Most of the people needs the deep fryer with faster frying time. Electric deep fryers needs longer time to heat the oil compared to propane fryers and if you add once again the food, it needs some more long time to heat up to the boiling point. Choose the fryer time according to your convenience and usage.

What features to look?

Built-in Thermostat

Even though it is available to buy a separate thermometer easily at market, a built-in thermostat is a better way to having extra convenience.

Oil Change Notification

Most of the people think of re-using the oil without waste. They should choose the model that includes a handy notification, which lets them know the time to replace the oil. That gives you a healthier food by notifying to replace and avoids the wastage of cooking in spilled oil.

Cool Touch Exterior

When the exterior part of the deep fryer stays cool to touch, it helps you in avoiding the accidental burns and working easier with it.

Easy Drainage System

After using the fryer, draining oil is the biggest task. Deep fryers with drainage systems makes the process of draining easier.

Automatic Shutoff

If the oil is heated more, it is very dangerous and may combust. So, a feature that will shut off the machine automatically if oil starts reaching dangerous temperatures.

Break-off Cord

Sometimes the appliance may fall off the counter for some reasons. It is very dangerous if the appliance is filled with hot oil. But the breakoff cord never happens like that and avoids this dangerous situation.

Multiple Baskets

When there is a situation of cooking more items at once, the deep fryer with multiple baskets helps you in making multiple fried foods at a time.

Types of Deep Fryers

There are three types of deep fryers.

  • Electric Deep Fryer

These are the best choice to use safely in indoors compared to propane deep fryers. But these are smaller in size and are useful for some of the fried foods. These home deep fryers can stick with smaller food items like vegetables and shrimp that are available with reasonable price.

  • Propane Deep Fryer

Propane Deep fryers are famous for resulting crispier and tastier fried foods compared to electric deep fryers. But these are greater risk for its larger size, faster heating time and high temperature. These are used only at outdoors, so especially in cold winters you should take care of using it in a limit safely. This propane fryer consists of propane tank which needs to store, refill and move when needed.

  • Air Fryer

Actually, Air Fryer is not a deep fryer. It’s just doing the oil less fried items. These fryers using a technology heats the food on all sides and produces the crisper on outside and juicy on inside. It produces the tastier and healthier foods that are different from fried foods. This air fryer is safe and easy to use and clean. These are expensive.

Deep Fryer Accessories that you need

Deep fryer Baskets

Basket or slotted pot with a handle is a must need accessory to use deep fryer to accomplish the task of pulling your food back out of the hot oil. Most of the deep fryers come with baskets, but if you need different sizes or types than they provide, you can buy them at market.

Cooking Oil Pump

If the deep fryer does not include drainage system, pumping the oil from cooking pot is very tough. The cooking oil pump will help you in the process of getting the oil out of the fryer and in storing in the proper container.


If your deep fryer does not consists built-in thermometer, it is necessary to purchase a separate thermometer to ensure your foods come out and to maintain safety.

Propane Burner

Some of the oil deep fryers don’t come with heat sources, then you should need to purchase a burner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages of the Best Deep Fryer

The main advantage of the deep fryer at home is convenient. It mainly controls the boil oil splashing while frying. It also saves the consumption of LPG. The deep fryer usage in the kitchen saves your cooking time and makes cleaning easier. You can get a restaurant taste and look at your home through this product. It saves your money, which you spend on deep fried dishes outside. You can get healthy and tasty crispy fries at home. By using this you can get tasty fries like fish fry, chicken fry, vegetable fries and French fry etc.


We have discussed detailed buying guide for deep fryer machine for home for French fries and fish. These are the best deep fryer in India available in the market. Electric deep fryer are best for making french fries at home.