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Best Hair Curler in India 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

People with straight hairs usually like curly hairs, to make it easy here are the best hair curlers in India. These hair curlers help you to get beautiful curls which every girl loves to have.

The best hair curler machines have temperature control. The long barrel of the hair curler helps you to get more defined curls. The curls last for whole day without any setting spray or curl definers. The best curling iron in India are ideal for faster styling because just by wrapping long strands of your hairs to the barrel you will get beautiful free flowing curls.

These are the best brands for hair curler in India which helps you to achieve bouncy, shiny and frizz free curl without damaging hairs. The ceramic coating of the hair curlers adds shine and gloss to the hair without causing much damage to hairs.

In this hair curler review article we have discussed types of hair curling iron , how to use hair curler and what features to look while buying a hair curler. We have also tried to answer some commonly asked questions in FAQ section.

Best Hair Curler in India

Best Hair Curler in India 2021

1.AGARO HC-6001 Hair Curler

AGARO HC-6001 Hair Curler with 25mm Barrel

AGARO hair curler is best hair curler in India under 1000 comes with 25 mm barrel diameter which gives perfect curls and hair prevents finger burn with cool touch tip.

  1. The Cord of this hair curler is long enough and easy to use.
  2. It adds shine and smoothness to the hair while curling because of ceramic barrel which are tourmaline coated.
  3. The temperature of this hair curler is up to 200°C to avoid any kind of damage to hair.
  4. There is the power LED indicator, which shows that hair curler is switched on.
  5. The 360° Swivel Cord is long enough to avoid tangles.

2.Syska HC700 Salon Finish Hair Curler

SYSKA HC700 Hair Curler (Black)

Syska HC700 salon finish is best curler for hair comes with Led power indicator and High temperature resistant ceramic coated tong doesn’t burn or damages the hair.

  1. The rapid heating up helps to curl faster than other hair curlers and there is also clamp present to hold the hair while curling.
  2. The 360° Swivel Cord avoids tangles.
  3. This hair curler comes with 19mm temperature resistant ceramic coated tong.
  4. There is safety stand present to avoid burn while heating up.
  5. Power consumption of syska hair curler is 32W.

3. Havells HC4051 Hair Curler

Havells HC4051 Hair Curler

Havells Hair Curler have 25mm diameter of the curling wand which helps you to get desired hair style as lustrous twisted curls or messy topknot and other hair styles.

  1. This hair curler allows you to select from 6 various temperature settings from 80°C to 210°C.
  2. The smart and digital display helps you in adjusting and controlling temperature.
  3. The instant heating technology lets the hair curler heat up within 60 seconds, which helps to complete process of curling hair faster.
  4. There is in-built clamp and cool tip for safety purpose.
  5. The curling wand is of 25 mm diameter.

 4. Philips BHB862 Hair Curler

PHILIPS BHB862 Hair Curler

Philips BHB862 Hair Curler is best hair curler in India under 2000 which has fast heat up time and heats up curler within 60 seconds for using. The swivel cord technology prevents the cord to get tangled and the length of cord is 1.8 m.

  1. It has 200°C High Heat Temperature
  2. The Philips Hair Curler have 1.6 cm barrel diameter and has power requirement of 110 – 220V and power consumption of 40W
  3. The tip of the hair curler is made up of special heat insulating material to provide safety while using.
  4. The LED light indicator blinks when hair curler is ready to use.
  5. The Protective ceramic coating makes sure that heat is distributed evenly and does not cause hair damage.

5. ROZIA Hair Curler

ROZIA Hair Curler HR776

ROZIA Hair Curler curling wand is best hair curler in India under 1000 helps you to get most tight spiral curls with its curling wand and can be used on every hair type. Using ROZIA hair curler you will get picture perfect curls as result.

  1. The barrels get heated up faster, using professional titanium technology the heat distribution is even.
  2. The power cord rotates up to 360° and stretches up to 2.5 m.
  3. The cord present in ROZIA hair curler is 40% longer than other hair curlers.
  4. Maximum temperature does not exceed 220 ⁰C.
  5. Surface material of this hair curler is made up of ceramic.

6. VEGA Ease Curl Hair Curler

VEGA VHCH-01 Hair Curler

VEGA Ease Curl Hair Curler has power indicator light to show the curler is switched on and is made up of ceramic coating chrome plates.The maximum temperature of vega ease curler is up to 200⁰C and power requirement is 220V to 240V and power consumption about 35W.

  1. There is clamp present to hold hairs during curling.
  2. Barrel of this hair curler comes with diameter of 19mm and length of 125mm.
  3. Cool tip helps to hold curler without hurting your hand and safety stand is present to place it on table after use.
  4. The swivel cord rotates to prevent tangling of cord.

7. AGARO HC-8001 Chopstick Hair Curler

AGARO HC-8001 Hair Curler

AGARO HC-8001 Chopstick Hair Curler is best hair curler in India under 1000. It comes with 10 mm barrel which is ceramic coated for even heat distribution and to avoid cord from tangling.

  1. There is 360° swivel cord. This is one of the best curling irons in India which does pretty good job.
  2. LED indicator lights up to show that curler is on and to p prevent your hands from burning there is cool touch tip.
  3. The temperature of AGARO hair curler is about 180°C
  4. Ceramic coated tong is present for even heat distribution while curling

8. VEGA Long Curl Hair Curler

VEGA VHCH-04 Hair Curler

VEGA Long Curl Hair Curler is best hair curler in India under 2000 has chrome plates with ceramic coating and clamp to hold the hair during curling.

  1. The barrel of 22mm diameter and 210 mm length helps in fast curling and styling.
  2. The chrome plates are of ceramic coating and come with cool tip.
  3. For easy and hassle-free comes with rubber handle which provides comfortable grip while using.
  4. The temperature can be adjusted from 80°C to 230°C as per your choice because of LCD temperature display.
  5. The hair curler comes with clamp, safety stand and cool tip.

9. Remington Pro Soft Curl

Remington CI5538 Pro Soft Curl

Remington CI5538 Pro Soft Curl is best hair curler machine which comes with 8 temperature settings and the temperature range varies from 140°c to 210°c, you can use lower temperature to protect your hair.

  1. The barrel diameter is of 38mm for big bouncy curls.
  2. The barrel is made of tourmaline antistatic and combination of Titanium and ceramic coating for smooth and shiny finish.
  3. It gets heated up with in 30 seconds and it shuts down automatically after 60 minutes of inactivity
  4. There is Heating indicator light and swivel cord to make it easier to use

10. Lifelong LLPCW16 Professional Hair Curler

Lifelong LLPCW16 Professional Hair Curler with Temperature Control

Lifelong LLPCW16 Professional Hair Curler best hair curler in India under 1000 with temperature control. It has a 25 mm barrel which gives lovely medium sized curls.

  1. There is 1.8M long cable which makes it easier to move and use.
  2. The temperature can be adjusted from 120 degree to 200 degree as per your preference.
  3. It comes with silver stand to avoid contact of hot barrel with any other surface.
  4. Barrels are ceramic coated and Swivel Cord is long enough to avoid tangles.
  5. Comes with on and off switch with power indicators

Best Hair Curler Buying Guide 2021

How to use hair curler?

While curling hair usually it leaves mark on the bottom part of hair from the clamp that’s because when you put your hair in the curler, you’re rolling it up the wrong way, against the edge of the clamp.

Instead, roll it with the barrel. Open the clamp, wrap the hair around the curling iron underneath the clamp and then close the clamp. Start with the top of strand of hair and not from edge hair because the curls are going to fall.

So, if you start from top strand holding it vertical way. When clamp is going to be in front of the hair and the curler will be at back. While it’s curling, clamp will guide to loose hair whenever required and twist the curler downwards and loosen up the clamp with thumb. Once you start rolling don’t go back towards upward strand, to avoid clamp mark.

Sectioning your hair is important when you are planning to curl your hair. Part your hair in to 2 sections and brush your hair to remove tangles. Divide it in to 2 parts and wrap your hair using clip to keep your hairs intact.

Start from outer section to not mess everything. To get natural curls, just leave it for 10 seconds and to get structured curls leave it for more than 10 seconds.

For alternate curls, it’s pretty much same method. But instead of clamp being in front of the hair strand, it’s going to be on back and curling iron barrel in front. Twist the hair strands in anti-clock way.

Once you are done with outer section, open the inner section and just brush and repeat he process, repeat the same thing again and again until you curl all your hairs.

Things you need to make sure before start curling is don’t ever start with tip of your hair. Brush through your hair section and don’t press curling iron all the way down, just uses light movement. Don’t try to twist the hair strands on wand with your hand while curling because it might burn your finger and will not be able to get structured curls.

Types of Curling Irons

There are different types of curling irons to achieve the curly look you always desired and get ready for any occasion using these hair curlers. Different hair curlers are introduced which have different shapes, features and differ in price range. Types of curling irons are curling wand with clamp, clipless wand, marcel curling iron, conical curling iron, bubble wand, spiral iron, tapered wand, waving iron, interchangeable curling iron, cordless curling iron, brush attached curling iron, and automatic curling iron.

Clipless wand: To get beach look and loose curls and bouncy curls you nee to use clip less wand. These curlers do not have clamps and barrel of these hair curlers are made up of tourmaline ceramic or nano-ceramic or pearl ceramic.

With different barrel size different type of curls can be created. To use this hair curler you need to put on heat proof glove for safety purpose to avoid burns and point the tip of iron downwards and wrap a one-inch section of hair around the barrel and allow it to set for 10 seconds for natural loose curls and for structured curls you need to leave it for more than 10 seconds

Marcel curling iron: These Marcel curling irons are actually easier to use than curler with clamp, these curlers gets heated easily and holds the top handle with thumb so it can open and close. It has firm handle which makes it easier to use while curling hair strands, using this curler you can get every type of curls.

Conical curling iron: The barrels of conical curling irons are cone-shaped, create natural-looking waves. these barrels are narrow on the tip and thick on lower ends so you can get both larger curls and standard curls there is no clamp in conical so put on protective styling gloves while using this conical curling iron

Bubble wand: Bubble curling iron used to get beach curls and while using bubble curling iron, the tip should be pointed towards down and the cord end should be pointed towards up. Just wind parted section of hair strands around the curling wand and this will give you beach hair look

Spiral iron: The clamps are bigger than those of the spiral curling iron clamps. the way you hold it matters what side of your hair you are curling if you are doing left side of hair then hold it backwards in order to avoid crease at bottom and vice versa. You get structured and retro curls using this spiral iron.

Tapered wand: Tapered wands good at creating different messier curls and get natural look on medium to long hairs and also beautiful beach waves and big curls. These barrels are thick at the top and quite thin at the bottom.

Waving iron: Usually waving curling iron have double barrel or triple barrel. The double barrel curlers are easy to use and helps in creating tight each curls where as triple barrel helps to create looping curls or loose waves. While using double barrel you need to wrap your hair around in 8 shapes and wrap your hairs normally in triple barrel hair curler and you can get s shaped beach waves.

Interchangeable curling iron: Interchangeable curling irons offer multiple removable barrels in one kit. They provide different heat settings, and have a lock mechanism to keep the barrel securely in place while curling hairs. Using interchangeable curling irons, one can get almost every type of curls.

Cordless automatic curling iron: These cordless curlers are rechargeable and come with USB chargeable cable. It has LCD display, where you can personalize temperature setting and set timer also set the curl direction.

Cordless automatic curler helps you to get well defined curls without tangling your hairs. Just insert section of hairs in to curl chamber it curls automatically and beeps when stopped, repeat the process.

Brush attached curling iron: The brush attached curling iron has bristles attached around the barrel. These silicon bristles hold your hairs in one place while curling. These come with adjustable heat setting so you can use both on thin hair or thick hair.

Features to look while buying hair curler

While looking for hair curler of your choice there are many things you need to consider. First check your hair type and texture. For selecting suitable curler you need to look for barrel material in hair curler, clip type, heat setting, barrel size, and shape while selecting perfect curling iron for you.

Material: The curler barrels are made of different coating materials for different type of hairs. For thin, delicate and fine hairs ceramic coated curlers are good because of even heat distribution and they are gentle on hairs. For thick and coarse hairs, you can select titanium coated curlers because they heat up faster and easily could reach higher temperature. There is tourmaline-ceramic coated curler which is considered as best curling iron material because they are gentle on hairs, and prevents damage, tangling of hair and does not cause any hair breakage. There are also gold plated hair curlers for thick hairs which are hard to maintain.

Barrel shape: You need to select the right type of barrels. Normal cylindrical curler can help you with many types of curls and hairstyles. But if you want beach and structured waves you can go for bubble wands. In order to get soft waves and bouncy curls use cylindrical barrel and to get tight curls use conical shaped barrel. There are also spiral wands for spiral curls. But using cylindrical barrel you can get natural curls, tighter curls and loose curls.

Barrel size: The size of the barrel decides the size of the curls. By using smaller barrels, you will get tighter curls and large barrels will give gentle and natural curls with more flowing locks. For thin hair you need to select small barrel in order to get perfect curls and for thick hairs you can go with large barrel. In order to get loose curls, use 1 to 2-inch barrel, for tight curls you need to use 1 to 1.25-inch       barrel, to get bouncy curls use 0.75 to 1.5-inch barrel, for spiral curls use         3/8 to 5/8 inch, and for big curls use 1.25 to 1.5-inch barrel curler.

Temperature setting: Temperature setting is important in curling irons in order to prevent hair from damage. Different hair types need different heat settings you can set the temperature as per your requirement; thin or damaged hair requires lower heat, while thick hair types can increase temperature. The curling irons have adjustable heat settings.

Clip type: It is easy to use curlers with clamp for people who uses hair curlers once in a while, because it helps to hold hair strand in place while twisting and curling. Those hair curlers without clamp are also easier to use but you need to wear gloves to avoid burns.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the price of a hair curler?

Here are some of best hair curler machine with pocket friendly budget from 1000 to 2000 INR.

Which brand hair curler is best?

AGARO, Syska, Havells, Philips, ROZIA, VEGA are some of the best hair curler brand in India.

What is the best way to curl your hair?

The best and easiest way to curl hair is using curling irons which suit your hair type and type of curls you require. You can buy best suitable hair curler.

Which curler is best for thin hair?

Ceramic curling irons are best for delicate and thin hairs. The curling irons with ceramic coating can be used every day because of the gentle, even heat distribution and curlers made with solid ceramic material are durable enough to last years.

Ceramic coated curlers are gentler on the hair compared to curlers with metal plates because of the controlled, even distribution of heat. The ceramic coated curlers produce negative ions which smoothes hair cuticles for a silky finish and less damaging to the hair strands.


When you are running short on time or if you have to curl often and don’t have time and energy to go to parlor you can use these best brand for hair curler in India, as they help you to get gorgeous curly hair faster. Using these best curling iron in India you can achieve beautiful curls which lasts long for whole day.