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Best Lamination Machine in India 2021- Review & Buying Guide

The laminating machine can preserve all your memorable photos and important documents at a low cost and protect your important documents from dirt and damage. You can use the lamination machine for office use like planners, important documents & charts, ID Cards, Signage’s, and much more.

The perfect lamination machine can be used at any place with ease where electrical connectivity is available. These lamination machines are ideal for both home and professional use. Laminating machine is the perfect companion for all your daily laminating works. You can also use the lamination machine for photographs, posters, craft-work, kids’ charts, business cards, visiting cards, flyers, and instruction signs, menu cards for cafes & restaurants, and spill-proof recipe books.

Here is the list of the 10 best lamination machines in India.

Best Lamination Machine in India

Best Lamination Machine in India 2021

1. SToK ST-L11A A4 Hot & Cold 9 inch Lamination Machine

SToK ST-L11A A4 Lamination - Laminating Machine Hot & Cold 9 inch laminator

Stok lamination featured high-quality hot and cold lamination. It is ideal for home and office. It is designed with a professional finish and 2 rollers which helps in preventing jam, wrinkles, and curling the edge.

  1. It produces low noise and you can get bubble-free lamination.
  2. You can laminate up to A4 size.
  3. It will take nearly 3 -5 minutes to get warm-up.
  4. After turning off the power you can easily pull out the sheets directly to clear them.
  5. It comes with a foil thickness of 80-125 microns.
  6. It also provided with ready indicator light.
  7. The jam release lever helps you to release in the case of Jam.
  8. This machine is ideal for photos and I-Cards.
  9. This is ideal for large and small projects with 9-inch wide input.
  10. It works with a laminating speed of 300 mm/min.
  11. SToK offers 1 year of warranty on this lamination machine.

2. AGARO Signature A4 Lamination Machine

AGARO Signature lamination machine comes fully automatic with Hot & Cold modes. This is a perfect lamination machine for home and office use and foils with a thickness of 80-125 microns.

  1. To provide you perfect lamination it comes with the quick warming feature within 4-8 minutes.
  2. The body of this machine is made of durable ABS plastic and lust matt finish which never fades.
  3. By using this you can laminate all sizes of laminating pouches.
  4. This laminating machine is small, beautiful, and convenient to use with cold and hot dual functionality to meet your various needs.
  5. It is also designed with the Jam release system.
  6. AGARO Signature lamination machine comes with 5 free lamination pouches.
  7. This lamination machine is ideal for laminating photos, documents, and ID cards.
  8. It is designed with a 9-inch width slot for various laminating projects up to A4 size.
  9. This laminating machine runs with a speed of 300 mm/min and a jam release option.
  10. To run this laminating machine requires the power of 200 watts.
  11. AGARO offers you 1 year of warranty on this laminating machine.

3. SToK ST-LA4M Compact Size 9 inch Lamination Machine

SToK ST-LA4M Compact Size Lamination- Laminating Machine Ideal for Students Project Work,Photos, I-Card,PAN Card - Aadhar Card - 9 inch Laminator

SToK ST-LA4M compact lamination machine is ideal for homes, offices, and schools. As it is designed with a professional finish and 2 roller systems it can prevent jam, wrinkles, and curling the edge.

  1. With this A4 lamination machine, you can get zero air bubbles and completely neat lamination with less noise.
  2. This device can be heated up just in 3-5 minutes.
  3. Using this machine you can work continuously for up to 30 minutes.
  4. The internal jam releasing ABS button lets you pull out sheets directly after turning off the power.
  5. You can use foils with a thickness of 80-125 microns to laminate.
  6. Using this lamination you can easily laminate up to A4 size.
  7. SToK lamination machine is ideal for project works, photos, ID-Cards, PAN, and Aadhaar cards.
  8. Along with this lamination machine, you can get 5 A4 size lamination pouches.
  9. This lamination machine runs at a speed of 220 mm/min.
  10. This compact laminating machine comes with a 9-inch wide input for large and small projects.
  11. SToK laminating machine provides you 1 year of warranty.

4. GBC Fusion 1000L A4 Laminator with 2 Roller Technology

GBC Fusion 1000L A4 Laminator with 2 Roller Technology and Easy One-Step Lamination, 75 Microns

GBC Fusion is producing the laminating machine with high-performance, stylish, and ultra-compact products from the USA.

  1. It can get warm up in just 4 minutes and you can laminate in less than a minute even in an A4 document.
  2. It is an ideal product for crafts, projects, homes, offices, and occasional uses.
  3. It is one of the best laminators with an easy one-step operation.
  4. It suits perfectly your different needs of lamination.
  5. It comes with both hot and cold lamination features.
  6. You can use the cold setting with self-adhesive cold seal pouches.
  7. The maximum weight of this product is 1 kg390 g.
  8. GBC Fusion 1000L lamination machine comes with 2 roller technology.
  9. Using it you can laminate the documents, ID cards up to A4 size.
  10. It supports laminating up to 75 microns thermal pouches.
  11. GBC is a lamination machine that comes with 2 years of warranty.

5. GOBBLER 312-PL Hot & Cold A3 & A4 Lamination Machine

GOBBLER 312-PL A3 & A4 Lamination Machine, Hot & Cold Lamination, All-in-one Laminator

GOBBLER laminating machine is ideal for both home and office. It is all in one lamination machine with a Jam release button. This machine can be ready and warm up in just 3 to 5 minutes.

  1. To laminate the A3 sheet will take just 85 sec. It also comes with both hot and cold features.
  2. When the system is getting ready it indicates you with green light.
  3. This laminating machine also features with on and off switch.
  4. Using this laminating machine you can laminate I – cards, letters, and a spill-proof recipe book.
  5. It also featured a jam release button to pull out the sheet when it is incorrectly entered.
  6. With this lamination machine, you can experience speedy lamination, and comes with a lightweight design.
  7. GOBBLER 312-PL lamination machine is suitable for maximum pouch sizes of A3 & A4.
  8. It can work on a maximum pouch thickness of 80 – 125 microns.
  9. This lamination machine works at a speed of 250 mm/min.
  10. The maximum weight of this product is 1 kg 700 g.
  11. You can get 1 year of warranty on this GOBBLER laminating machine.

6. TECHBITE Rugged Thermal/Cold A4 / A3 Laminator machine

TECHBITE Rugged Thermal - Cold Laminator for Home and Office Use A4 -  A3 Size Lamination

TECHBITE lamination machine is perfect, portable, and great for home craft projects and office purposes. This lamination machine comes with branded motor and a quick warm-up feature with an LED indicator.

  1. This machine produces low noise with new technology.
  2. The cold lamination settings give you more laminating options.
  3. Using this machine you can laminate ID cards to A3 size sheets which are enough for all your needs.
  4. It is a user-friendly device and simple with a single power setting.
  5. With the jam release ABS lever you can clear the pouches quickly.
  6. As it is light enough to carry you can use it anywhere.
  7. TECHBITE lamination machine is suitable to laminate up to the size of A4/A3.
  8. It works perfectly with high speed, without bubbles, and wrinkles.
  9. This product comes with a weight of 1 kg 800 g.
  10. It is designed for dual functionality with cold and hot functions.

7. GOBBLER 212-PL A4 Hot & Cold Fully Automatic Lamination Machine

GOBBLER 212-PL A4 Lamination Machine with Jam Release Button, Fully Automatic

GOBBLER lamination machine is an ideal and perfect companion for all your laminating works either for home or office purposes. With the low cost, you can preserve all your memories like photos and important documents.

  1. Using this you can laminate ID cards, letters, photos, etc.
  2. Using this lamination machine you can laminate 80 – 125 microns.
  3. With this, you can experience a quick warm-up and high-speed lamination process.
  4. It also comes with the jam release button to clear the sheet when it enters incorrectly.
  5. You can carry this laminating machine from one place to another easily and it works with a professional look.
  6. GOBBLER fully automatic lamination machine is suitable for laminating up to A4 size sheets.
  7. It comes with the dual feature of hot and cold for your various needs.
  8. This lamination machine works at a speed of 250 mm/min.
  9. It will take just 3 to 5 minutes to warm up and ready for lamination.
  10. GOBBLER lamination machine comes with a warranty of 1 year.

8. JD9 Hot and Cold A3 Size Fully Automatic Professional Lamination Machine

JD9 Lamination Machine- Fully Automatic Professional Laminating Machine

JD9 fully automatic lamination machine is loaded with all the advanced features like lesser warm-up time and LED light indicators.

  1. The special rollers included in it gives you uniform and bubble-free lamination.
  2. It is also packed with the reverse function and gradual temperature control system.
  3. You can easily handle this lamination machine without any difficulty.
  4. To remove the jammed pouch it comes with the knob to turn the rollers manually.
  5. It is a great tool for home, office, school, projects, art, etc.
  6. This pouch laminator offers you a high-quality and perfect lamination effect for your home and office use.
  7. JD9 fully automatic professional laminating machine lets you laminate up to A3 size.
  8. Using this you can do both hot and cold laminations.
  9. It can warm up just in 3 – 5 minutes and you can start laminating all your documents and photos.
  10. This lamination machine has a completely metal body and with smart design.
  11. JD9 lamination machine comes with the 1 year of warranty.

9. VMS Hot & Cold A3 Professional Lamination Machine

VMS Professional LM Super Lamination - Laminating Machine Hot & Cold A3 Laminator

VMS laminating machine is perfect for all your laminating needs. Using this machine you can preserve all your photos and important documents at a low cost. As it comes with a heat release facility, you can run this for a long time.

  1. You can use this for professional, personal, official, and heavy works.
  2. It is very easy to operate and safe for children with shock and heatproof.
  3. This machine lets you experience bubble free lamination.
  4. Using this you can laminate ID, photos, documents, etc., up to the size of A3.
  5. The maximum width of this machine is 325 mm.
  6. It also comes with the hot and cold function with the backward and forward operation.
  7. VMS laminating machine is suitable for laminating A3 size sheets.
  8. It comes with a 4 roller for providing a better result.
  9. This laminating machine can work at a speed of 600 mm/minute.
  10. It comes with a complete metal body and IR lamp heating system.
  11. The operating temperature of this laminating machine is 100 degrees C to 180 degrees C.
  12. The total weight of this product is 7 Kg 500 g.

10. Texet LMA4-VX A4 Fully Automatic Portable Laminating Machine

Texet LMA4-VX A4 Laminating Machine Fully Automatic Portable All in One Laminator

A text laminating machine is portable, high quality, and fully automatic, and ideal for any document or photos to laminate. It will ensure premium quality output when you work on it.

  1. This lightweight laminator is suitable for home, office, and schools and carries it anywhere easily.
  2. In case of jamming by pressing the jam release button you can release the rollers.
  3. With this machine, you can experience reliable and economic operation along with a silent and efficient drive system.
  4. You can easily operate and clean this laminator.
  5. Texet fully automatic laminating machine is suitable for laminating A4 size sheets.
  6. This lamination unit is agile and quiet and comes with a faster warm-up feature.
  7. It just takes 60 seconds of operational speed to laminate the A4 sheet.
  8. This laminating machine can use 250 microns thickness of lamination film and 234 mm paper entry width.
  9. Texet lamination machine comes with a 1 year of brand warranty.

Best Lamination Machine Buying Guide 2021

What is lamination?

Lamination is one of the techniques of manufacturing a material in multiple layers. By laminating an object can achieve strength, stability, and appearance. Lamination can be done through heat, pressure, and adhesives.

Types of laminating machines?

There are mainly 3 types of laminating machines. Those are pouch laminators, heater roll laminators, and cold roll laminators. All these 3 types work with different mechanical processes and different film materials.

  1. Pouch Laminator: These are small and can be used for home or office purposes. The pouch used in it comes sealed on one side and the inside of the pouch is coated with the heat-activated film. These are embedded with magnetic strips.
  2. Heated Roller: Mainly it can be used for commercial purposes. In this machine, there will be one or two large rollers. When compared to a cold roller it is cheaper. It can be used for photos and printed material. The melted glue is applied to film with hot rollers to laminate.
  3. Cold Rollers: It is suitable for signs and large holdings. In it, the liquid adhesive can be used and you can get a glossy finish.

Benefits of having a lamination machine?

In our daily life we use the laminators for a variety of projects and to preserve the quality of the material. Moreover, lamination provides a protective barrier to the object against moisture, fingerprints, cuts, stains, and other damages. By using the best laminators you can make the material stiff and lets you hold easy and can fix the wall also.

Things to consider before buying a lamination machine?

The best laminators keep your precious memories and documents safe and make them last longer. So the lamination machines play a crucial role in any office or home. If you want to buy the best lamination machine available on the Indian market today, you should go with the following key features to select the lamination machine.

The extent of laminating work: The primary requirement for buying a lamination machine is assessing how much laminating you will do. If you are opting lamination machine for households then go for the less expensive one. Or if you are opting for a lot of laminating work then you should go for more significant and less consumption of power.

Type of laminator: Present day in the market various laminators are available. Based on your need you should select the machine. Pouch laminator is one of the most common for households, small businesses, and offices.

Input Size: Generally, you can find the A4 lamination machine in the market. Based on your need you can go with A3 or A4 size laminators. But it’s better to go with A3 size laminators, and it is a little bit expensive.

Warm Up and Preheat Speeds: You can’t use the laminator immediately after turn on. It will take a little time for the rollers to warm up. Most of the laminators can be warm-up in 3 to 5 minutes. But the latest models can warm up in just 1 minute.

Speed of lamination: In general the laminators work slow, you need to feed the sheets through the laminator slowly. The standard laminators come with a speed of 12 inches per minute. Nowadays in the market the fast laminators also available with a speed of 15 inches per minute.

Heat and Run Time: While the laminators in work, they will be very hot. So it is hard to run the laminators for a long time. Most of the best laminators recommended running 20 to 30 minutes continuously.

Sheets Vs Pouches: The larger laminators can work with sheets. Most of the commercial-sized laminators are available in sheet style. You can buy the sheets at cheaper. If you want to use this for household or office purposes then it’s better to go with Pouches.

Quick Jam Release: If you do not insert the sheet properly there will be a chance of jamming. It may cause damage to the document also. So it is a very important thing to consider that the perfect lamination machine comes with a quick jam release feature.

Weight and Carry Handle: If you want to carry the laminator here and there then the weight is the big issue. Nowadays the laminators are available with lightweight and with carrying handles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can you laminate?

Lamination is an addictive thing. Once you start you will laminate everything. There are more than 100 things we can laminate for office, house, and school purposes. Here is the list of some

Planners, important documents & charts, ID cards, Business cards, visiting cards, Flyers, legal documents, photographs, posters, craft-work, kids charts, Magazines, Map mountings, Price list, Sell Sheets, Advertisements, Awards, Banners, Blueprints, Brochures, Business cards Catalogue covers, Certifications, Counter signs, Flip charts, Health and safety documents, Menu cards for cafes, and Spill-proof recipe books.

2. Which lamination machine is best?

SToK ST-L11A A4 laminating machine is the best one available in Amazon India. This machine can support laminating up to A4 size sheets. It comes with the dual functionality of hot & cold for various laminating purposes. It can get warm up in just 3 – 5 minutes. This product is perfectly suitable for schools, offices, and household purposes.

3. What is the cost of a lamination machine?

Depending upon the type and features of the lamination machines for home or office use the cost varies from Rs. 1100 to Rs. 19000.

4. How do I choose a laminator?

You can choose your lamination machine based on the size of the document you want to be laminate, how often you’re laminate, and the number of documents you will run at a time, the thickness of film you use, and the number of people using the laminator.

5. Which is better hot or cold laminator?

Both hot & cold laminators have their benefits.

The hot laminators give you better quality, more durable lamination, and more resistance to wear and tear. The hot laminator is preferred for materials that are not affected by heat.

Cold lamination is the best choice when you are laminating heat-sensitive documents. For colors and printed documents, it is better to use cold laminators.

6. What is the best temperature for laminating?

The films of thermal laminating machines have a melting point of 230 degrees to 270 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal temperature for laminating is 80 degrees to 110 degrees. It is important to note that using the machine at a high temperature may damage the documents.


The lamination machine is a device for protecting various papers, photos, crafts, seating charts, certificates, work permits, menus, paintings, and many more important documents. Based on the size of the laminating machine you can laminate all sizes of laminating pouches from A3, A4, letter, and legal-size to ID-card. The bestlaminators come with hot and cold features. The cold lamination feature is ideal for lamination photographs, and the hot lamination feature is ideal for documents.