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Best Monopod in India 2021- Review & Buying Guide

The best monopod in India lets you beat the crowd to capture any moment without any hassle. A monopod is the most vital piece of kit in photography. The monopods are ideal for shoot sports and music. This can be helpful when you are shooting in low are mixed light with a telephoto lens mounted to your camera.

To avoid camera shake and to get blur-free images you need to have some stability for your camera the professional quality monopod works effectively. As the monopod can be folded up compactly and can be carried easily into crowded events discreetly and extended when needed. So the photographers like to use this in special events.

The heavy duty monopod gives needed rest to your arms and back in between the breaks in the action. The most important advantage of this is you can capture images at angles you might not normally shoot. By hoisting your monopod over your head you can easily capture aerial photography.

Best Monopod in India for mobile & camera

Top 10 Best Monopod in India 2021

1. AmazonBasics Monopod with 67-Inches

AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod

The AmazonBasics monopod provides more support and stabilization when using your camcorder or camera for shooting sports and events. For providing comfortable and stable usage it is designed with a sturdy and foam handle.

  1. This monopod lets you mount the still cameras, video cameras, and scopes up to 6.6 pounds.
  2. You can extend the height up to 67 inches with 4 quick and easy extendable legs.
  3. This lightweight monopod is perfect for indoor and outdoor shootings.
  4. As it is designed lightweight you can carry this monopod easily and hang it onto when you are on the move.
  5. It is also packed with a carrying bag, built-in cushion grip, and adjustable wrist strap
  6. AmazonBasics monopod is made of aluminum material.
  7. The minimum and maximum heights of this monopod are 54.4 cm and 170 cm.
  8. It is also designed with the ¼ inch universal thread mount.
  9. This product comes with a non-skid rubber foot and retractable spikes.
  10. This monopod comes with a weight of only 445.09 grams.

2. AGARO Monopod with 67 inches

AGARO Monopod with Maximum Height 67 inches

AGARO monopod is ideal for video cameras, still cameras, and even for mobile phones also. This monopod is designed with four leg sections with efficient height adjustments.

  1. It comes with a minimum height of 21 inches and can be extendable up to the maximum height of 67 inches.
  2. As it is made of lightweight aluminum material you can easily take it anywhere.
  3. It is packed with a carrying bag, built-in cushion grip, adjustable wrist strap, and smartphone holder.
  4. AGARO monopod is made with aluminum material and comes with the ¼ – inch universal thread mount.
  5. This monopod is designed to hold the weight up to 3 kg.
  6. The Non-skid rubber foot and retractable spikes provide you a more stable and comfortable and stable grip on any surface like dirt, grass, gravel, and other uneven terrains.
  7. This AGARO monopod comes with a weight of 560 grams.
  8. AGARO is providing 1 year of warranty on this monopod.

3. Manfrotto Compact monopod

Manfrotto compact photo monopod is perfect for cameras weighing up to 1.5 kg and is ideal for entry-level photographers. The universal ¼ inch screw thread is compatible with different devices. Using this you can take sharper photos wherever you are without the large tripod.

  1. To give you comfort while using, it is designed with a rounded rubber handgrip and a protective cap to secure thread while traveling.
  2. As it is designed lightweight, you can easily carry on treks and hikes.
  3. It is most suitable for point-and-shoot cameras. This monopod is the best choice at this price.
  4. Manfrotto monopod comes with a minimum height of 39 cm and a maximum height of 145.5 cm.
  5. This lightest monopod comes with a weight of 330 grams and the wrist strap protects the monopod from damage.
  6. This monopod is made of high-grade rubber material.
  7. This is available in stylish black color with 5 leg sections to adjust the height as per your requirement.

4. Simpex Professional Monopod 63 inches

Simpex Professional Monopod 063 Italian Red Locks Design with Pay Load up to 10 kg for Photography and Videography

Simpex professional monopod is compatible with camcorders, DSLR, GoPro devices, and mobiles. This monopod is designed with an ultra-compact lightweight metallic body which provides you more durability and extra support.

  1. The strong and sturdy built-in cushion grip and anti-slip rubber base give you better stability.
  2. This ultra-slim and compact product are perfect for indoor and outdoor shoots.
  3. For easy portability and safe storage, you can fit this monopod in the provided zipper bag.
  4. It can be extended up to 154 cm.
  5. Simpex professional monopod with 4 extendable sections is ideal for photography and videography.
  6. This monopod is designed with Italian red locks and it comes with a payload of up to 10 kg.
  7. The maximum weight of this product is 1.1 kg.
  8. The head of this monopod is designed with universal compatibility with an interchangeable ¼ inch and 3/8 inch mount.
  9. Simpex is offering 3 months of warranty on this monopod.

5. DIGITEK (DMP) 60 inches Professional Monopod

DIGITEK 60 inches professional quality monopod is ideal for still cameras, digital cameras, GoPro devices, smartphones, and camcorders. This monopod helps you in capturing vivid, professional-style photographs. It also comes with a built-in cushion rubber hand grip and anti-slip rubber base for comfortable usage and better stability.

  1. This monopod lets you mount the still cameras, video cameras, and scopes up to 6.6 pounds.
  2. You can effortlessly transport this monopod from one place to another.
  3. It comes with a collapsible design in which you can rotate the handle down, legs can be contracted, and everything folds in to make it short and compact. You can get this product along with the zippered storage bag.
  4. DIGITEK professional monopod comes with 4 extendable sections.
  5. This ultra-portable monopod is made of strong and heavy-duty lightweight aluminum.
  6. It is designed to carry the maximum payload of 10 kg.
  7. It is designed to operate with a minimum height of 21 inches and a maximum height of 61 inches (5.15 feet).
  8. This monopod comes with a weight of 1200 grams.

6. Manfrotto MM290 A4 Monopod

Manfrotto Aluminium Monopod

Manfrotto monopod comes with a premium Italian design. You can work creatively using this monopod. This monopod is designed for professionals with reliable, user-friendly, and high functioning. As it is lightweight and collapsible, you can dismantle it easily and pack it as soon as you finish your shoot.

  1. To provide you extra control it included a unique angled wrist strap and a new rubber leg warmer.
  2. For extending the stand’s lifespan it comes with durable, tension-adjustable magnesium leg locks to tighten as required.
  3. This monopod comes with 6.35mm and 9.5mm attachments.
  4. Manfrotto monopod is made of aluminum material and comes with a weight of 498.95 grams.
  5. This monopod works with a minimum height of 49 cm and a maximum height of 59.4 cm.
  6. This aluminum monopod comes with a load capacity of 5 kg and durable aluminum leg locks.
  7. To provide extra stability it is designed with a rubber grip and angled strap.

7. PRO-LITE Professional Heavy Duty Monopod

PROLITE Professional Heavy Duty Monopod with Dual Mount Thread Adapter

PROLITE professional monopod is compatible with all cameras, camera accessories, Panheads, and tripod legs. This monopod provided with strong metal body and collapsible design. It is best suited to capture professional photographs by professional photographers and others.

  1. Using this you can capture non-blur photos indoor and outdoor also.
  2. It also comes with a cushion grip and Italian flip locks for extendable sections.
  3. The base ¼ inch screw input comes with an anti-slip rubber cap.
  4. This monopod is made of a strong, durable, and heavy duty body.
  5. It is very easy to carry when compared to the tripod and occupies less space.
  6. PROLITE professional heavy duty monopod comes with the dual mount thread adapter with ¼ inch and 3/8 inch.
  7. This monopod comes with up to a 10 kg payload on the head.
  8. It can be extended to the maximum length of 5.15 feet and a minimum length of 2.03 feet when closed.
  9. This monopod comes with a metallic body for durability and with a weight of 1220 grams.

8. Powerpak MonoX5 67-inch Monopod

Powerpak MonoX5 5.5ft 67-inch Aluminium Photo Video Monopod Payload 3kg

Powrpak MonoX5 monopod gives support and stabilization when you are using your camera or camcorder for various occasions. The 4 quick and easily extendable legs with adjustable lock help you to take whatever shot you need.

  1. The sturdy design with the wrist strap and anti-slip sponge grip foam handle keep your camera or camcorder stable and comfortable.
  2. It is also provided with metal spikes for rugged outdoor terrain and it can be covered with rubber feet when you use it indoors.
  3. It also included the tote bag to carry easily and hang onto when you are on the move.
  4. This monopod is made of aluminum material for longer durability.
  5. Powerpak Mono x5 monopod designed for the payload of 3 kg weight.
  6. It comes with the ¼ inch universal thread which lets you mount most of the still and digital cameras, video cameras, and scopes.
  7. The minimum and maximum extended lengths of this monopod are 1.7 feet and 5.6 ft.
  8. The weight of this Powerpak monopod is 490 grams.

9. Powerpak Mono-x10 4.8ft Monopod

Powerpak Mono-x10 4.8ft Monopod Three Leg self Standing 360 Degree Rotatable with Head for Nikon Canon DSLR Panasonic Video Camera Upto 2.5kg

The Powerpak Mono x10 monopod is made of lightweight aluminum and designed for stabilizing SLR, compact, and action cameras. The 360-degree rotatable head lets you take accurate panorama shoot. The mini legs in it can be folded and opened quickly.

  1. You can use this monopod for Nikon, Canon, DSLR, Panasonic Video cameras up to the weight of 2.5 kg.
  2. You can experience more stability during movement for dynamic camera shots. As it is collapsible you can easily store and assemble quickly.
  3. This monopod comes with a user-friendly design and thoughtful construction.
  4. This monopod comes with a wrist strap for hands-free carrying and a comfortable handgrip for a secure hold while moving from one place to another.
  5. Powerpak Mono x10 comes with a 3 leg self-standing and 360-degree rotatable head.
  6. It is designed with a folded length of 575 mm and a maximum length of 1460 mm.
  7. The approximate weight of this monopod is 995 grams.
  8. It is provided with easily adjustable three telescoping sections for fast and efficient height adjustment.
  9. You can get a 1-year warranty on this Powerpak Mono x10 monopod.

10. DIGITEK 172B Professional Monopod with 5.57 Feet

DIGITEK DPMP 172B Professional Monopod With Tripod Support Base

DIGITEK DPMP comes with an ultra-portable and heavy-duty design. It is the best monopod for DSLR, camcorder, cell phones, GoPro devices, and Video cameras. This monopod is made of strong and lightweight aluminum.

  1. You can effortlessly transport this monopod from one spot to another spot.
  2. As it comes with the collapsible design you can rotate the handle down, contract the legs, and folds in everything to make it short and compact size.
  3. You can fit this monopod neatly into the provided zipper bag for safe storage.
  4. It is highly compatible with most video cameras and still cameras.
  5. DIGITEK DPMP Professional Monopod comes with a Tripod support base.
  6. This monopod can easily carry a maximum load of up to 10 kg.
  7. The minimum and maximum operating height of this monopod are 26.6 inches and 67 inches.
  8. This lightweight monopod comes with 3 foldable self-standing legs for better stability.
  9. This monopod comes with a weight of 1.3 kg.

Best Monopod Buying Guide 2021

What is monopod?

The monopod is one of the photographic accessories and it is an alternative to a tripod while doing a photo shoot. The monopod is a one-legged camera supporting system. It is collapsible and extendable in different heights with a different number of collapsible sections popularly 3 or 4 sectioned monopods.

Why you should have a monopod

Using a tripod you may lose a bit of freedom of movement but a monopod, however, gives you support and freedom to take the spontaneity of handheld photography. Using the heavy duty monopod with long and heavy telephoto lenses is recommended because it will take the weight off your arm. It lets you keep distant subjects in the frame. Especially it is more helpful in shooting sports and wildlife. The monopod is very handy for shoot above head height shots over crowds.

Some important features to consider while buying a monopod

Another name for a monopod is unipod. A monopod is a one-legged camera support system for stable shooting. The professional quality monopod supports all the cameras, camcorders, and GoPro devices. Now we let you know the monopod features for monopod buyers.

Load rating/capacity: Before buying you should consider the weight-bearing capacity of the monopod and find out what is the total weight of your lens, camera body, and optional battery grip. So as per your camera weight, you have to take the monopod which suits you. So, it’s better to select the monopod with the largest load rating.

Height: Firstly you have to know that how tall you need the monopod. Mostlythe height of monopod works when you are photographing a group or crowd shot. When you are standing up, your eye level is a good measure for height.

Weight: The heavy duty monopods provide you more stability while shooting and comes with longer durability. If you are a frequent traveler then you should go with a compact and lightweight monopod.

Construction: While buying you should avoid the monopods which are flimsy, cheap, and nasty. When you use such types the suckers will bow when fully extended. So we recommend you to purchase a professional quality monopod which is strong and sturdy.

Feet: To get more stability like tripods in monopods while in shooting you should opt for a monopod with feet. The monopods with feet are designed like tripods with small legs and a big leg at the center of the monopod.

Material: Make sure that the monopod which you are going to take should be made of carbon fiber or aluminum. Why because these two metals are strong and light in weight. You can find a lightweight monopod with carbon fiber.

Leg Sections: If you prefer the ease of setup then, you need to go with a monopod with fewer leg sections. If you want to choose portable then go with more collapsible leg sections. So we suggest you take the monopod with the fewer leg sections with a longer collapsible size.

Accessories: These accessories help you to achieve better image quality and shooting experience when using the monopods. Here are some of the useful accessories include swivel heads, quick release mount, tilt or ball head, and hand straps.

Frequently Asked Question

Why should I use monopod?

You can use the monopod to support the weight of your camera set up so that you can use the camera comfortably. When you are picking your camera up to take photos then you can use the monopod so that the camera sits at your eye level. As the monopods stabilize your camera you can get sharp shots at slow shutter speeds.

Are monopods better than tripods?

Monopods are very similar to tripods. Tripods provide more stability to your camera and monopods are more mobile. Tripods are ideal for long exposure photography and monopods are great for steadying long lenses while on the move. The photographers need both stability and mobility.

Are monopods stable?

Monopods consist of a single leg. They are not as stable as tripods but these can be used for mobile photography like sports and wildlife photography.

Which is the best monopod for DSLR?

Powerpak Mono-x10 monopod with 4.8 feet is ideal for DSLR. It comes with a 360-degree rotatable head. And it comes with a payload of 2.5 kg. It features ultra-lightweight and very compact size. It offers more stability to your camera while moving for taking dynamic shots.

How do I choose a monopod?

While buying a monopod you have to choose the following features. They are load capacity, maximum height, and weight of the monopod, material, and a number of leg sections, feet, and accessories.

Does monopod stand on its own?

Yes, the video monopods come with little feet at the bottom and can be used for lightweight cameras. But it is not made for that purpose. Most of the monopods come with a single leg. Some monopod brands provided additional stability when shooting video.


The premium and professional quality monopod and monopod heads give you support and stability to capture sharp images. Videographers can get steady shots and seamless pans. The best heavy duty monopod helps you in taking blurless images. Especially it lets you relax in outdoor shooting when you are moving with the camera while in the shoot. Moreover, you can easily attach this monopod to any camera, camcorder, mobile, and GoPro unit. Most of these monopods come with 4 extendable sections with twist locks to get desired height for the shoot.