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Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000

The best over the ear headphones come in a traditional design with all the modern amenities you desire. These are great for music lovers which give more benefits to the users. The large drivers in it help with audio reproduction and bass response. It provides proper isolation with the ability to block out background noise. As the housings of the over ear headphones come with plenty of space it is equipped with large li-ion batteries which give you more playback time.

The best Bluetooth headphones in India come with a long playback time minimum of 10 hours and 1 or 2 days of standby time. The over ear headphones provide you better audio quality, active noise cancellation.

Best Over Ear Headphones Under 2000

1. boAt Rockerz 510 Over-Ear Headphones

boAt Rockerz 510 Over-Ear Headphones with 20 Hours Battery

boAt Super Bass wireless Headphones crafted for your entertainment and makes your listening experience personal and real. The boAt is producing the best wireless headphones under 2000 in India 2021. You can easily pair these headphones with any Bluetooth device and can play. Using this you can experience a loud and clear voice.

  1. It is packed with powerful super extra bass, balanced treble, and vocal clarity.
  2. It also comes with extra comfortable ear cups.
  3. The flawless design gives it a trendy look. It is designed with a weight of 230 g.
  4. boAt Rockerz over-Ear headphones come with an extended battery with 20 hours playback time and 250 hours standby time.
  5. It comes with custom-designed 50mm drivers and gives you high-quality performance.
  6. It is provided with an easy tap-on master control board and you can operate play/pause, track changes, answer/reject calls, and control volumes.
  7. It comes with the feature of dual connectivity, wireless through Bluetooth, and wired with an aux port.
  8. The boAt is offering 1 year of warranty on this headphone.

2. AGARO Fusion On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

AGARO - 33327 Fusion On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones with Mic

AGARO fusion Bluetooth headphones give you HD clarity sound with extra rich bass and passive noise isolation. It is specially designed for music lovers. It is designed with dual-mode with wired and wireless. You can enjoy an effortless Bluetooth connection with all y our mobiles, laptops, and tablets.

  1. This Bluetooth comes with a 3.5mm Aux-in port and Li-polymer 300 mAh Li-polymer battery.
  2. The master control board comes with adjusting track, volume, play/pause, and answer/hang-up calls.
  3. As it is designed adjustable headband and soft earpads it gives comfort for all.
  4. For easy carrying and traveling it is designed foldable and rotatable.
  5. AGARO-33327 Fusion On-Ear Bluetooth headphones come with a mic for calls.
  6. These Bluetooth headphones come with dual 40 mm large-aperture drivers.
  7. You can get long battery life with 15 hours of playback time just in 2.5 hours of charging.
  8. You can operate this with a wireless range of 10 meters.
  9. It comes with the Bluetooth version of 5.0.
  10. AGARO Bluetooth headphones come with the 1 year of warranty.

3. boAt Rockerz 550 Over-Ear Wireless Headphone

boAt Rockerz 550 Over-Ear Wireless Headphone with Ergonomic Aesthetics

boAt Rockerz 550 over ear headphones are one of the best headphones under 2000 which provide you the best user experience with ergonomic design. To provide you pure audio bliss it comes with physical noise isolation. You can easily connect these headphones via Bluetooth and as well as Aux. boAt headphones are designed to meet the needs of music lovers.

  1. This unit comes with a maximum weight of 245 g.
  2. You can also enjoy the voice assistant feature with the in-built mic with a single press.
  3. boAt Rockerz 550 over-ear wireless headphones come with plush padded earcups and Bluetooth v5.0.
  4. This Bluetooth device comes with 20 hours of playback time and 180 hours of standby time for providing you more entertainment.
  5. It is packed with a 500 mAh battery and can be fully charged just in 2.5 hours.
  6. To provide you immersive audio all day long it is designed with 50mm dynamic drivers.
  7. The boAt is providing 1 year of warranty on this Bluetooth device.

4. Zebronics Zeb-Thunder Wireless BT Headphone

Zebronics Zeb-Thunder Wireless BT Headphone Comes with 40mm Drivers

Zebronics Zeb-Thunder headphone comes in the perfect fit and ergonomic design for long hours of usage. The soft and comfortable earcups let you enjoy the music for long hours with super comfortable. It provides you superior sound quality by magnifying every speck of sound on this wireless headphone. Using the best headphones under 2000 with mic you can enjoy your online classes, online conferences, and calls in high quality.

  1. The adjustable headband provides you more comfort while you use it.
  2. It works wirelessly within a radius of 10 meters.
  3. To get full charge it will take 1.5 hours and it comes with the standby time of 600 hrs.
  4. Zebronics Thunder BT headphones come with a built-in FM and call function and support Micro SD Card.
  5. It provides you 9 hours of playback time to keep you going.
  6. These thunder Bluetooth headphones come with 40 mm drivers for immersive sound.
  7. These Bluetooth headphones come with the dual feature with wireless and aux connectivity.
  8. The maximum weight of this Zeb-thunder headphone is 270 g.
  9. Zebronics is providing 1 year of warranty on this Bluetooth.

5. OneOdio Pro-10 Over-Ear Headphone

OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed Back Over-Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones

OneOdio Pro-10 headphones come with clear sound and supreme comfort. To provide you perfect hi-fi sound it is designed with a 50mm speaker unit with neodymium magnets, powerful bass, clear vocal, and crisp high tones. The high-quality padded ear cushions give you maximum comfort and noise isolation. These headphones are adjustable, stretchable, foldable, and lightweight.

  1. For single-ear monitoring purposes, it comes with 90 degrees swiveling earcups.
  2. You can enjoy the music by connecting this to all your loved gadgets like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, TV, and other audio devices.
  3. You can experience high-quality sound, supreme durability, and maximum comfort.
  4. OneOdio Pro-10 over ear headphones come with sharepot and mic.
  5. This Bass headset is designed with 50 mm drivers.
  6. To enjoy the music from your TV to your favorite chair it is provided with a 9.8-foot long DJ-style cord.
  7. It is also packed with the standard sized 6.35 mm plug and a 3.5mm plug.
  8. You will get 2 years of warranty on this OneOdio headphone.

6. pTron Studio Over-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

pTron Studio Over-Ear Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones

pTron Studio is introducing the best over ear headphones under 1000 with nonstop entertainment for the whole day. This over the ear headphones come with stereo sound & bass. You can enjoy the pure and true stereo sound effect, deep bass, and accurate notes with the large 40 mm speakers.

  1. This wireless headset comes with an ergonomic design, lightweight, soft cushions earpads, 400 mAh battery, mic, and aux port.
  2. Using the Aux port you can convert this into wired headphones.
  3. pTron is providing 1 year of warranty on this headphone.
  4. pTron Studio over ear Bluetooth headphones come with Hi-Fi sound with deep bass.
  5. This Bluetooth device comes with 12 hours of playback time and 10 hours of talk time.
  6. It can be charged fully in just 2 hours and gives you 500 hours standby time.
  7. This wireless headset is designed ergonomic, lightweight, soft cushion earpads, aux port, and mic.
  8. These headphones come with Bluetooth v5.0 technology which gives you strong and stable connectivity up to a 10-meter radius.
  9. The master board situated on the earcap comes with the function buttons like call management and music control.

7. Boult Audio ProBass Boost Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Boult Audio Probass Boost Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Deep Bass HD Sound

Boult Boost wireless headphone is packed with extra punchy and deep bass with crystal clear sparky highs. It comes with ergonomically designed drivers built-in subwoofers. For flexibility, it is designed with dual-mode wireless and aux cable to ensure uninterrupted play.

  1. You can experience a perfect and flexible fit with super soft protein leather padding.
  2. This Boult boost delivers wireless connectivity within a radius of 10 meters range.
  3. You can use this with all Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, PCs, smart TVs, etc.
  4. Boult Boost Over-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones featured with deep bass HD sound, passive noise cancellation.
  5. You can enjoy uninterrupted music for 10 hours of runtime or 2 days standby time with a single full charge.
  6. For a hands-free experience, it is designed with a built-in mic, 3 button control to accept or reject calls, volume adjustment, and track change.
  7. You can give voice commands to Siri and google assistance with a simple 2 seconds click on Boult-boost.
  8. With the Boult wireless headphone, you can get 1 year of warranty.

8. Boult Audio ProBass Thunder Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones with Mic

Boult Audio ProBass Thunder Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic

Boult Thunder comes with a sleek, matte – finish, durable, lightweight, ergonomic design, and ultra-soft ear cups. With the portable design, you can experience unparalleled comfort. The passive noise cancellation feature mainly focuses on canceling out lower frequency sounds. As the earbuds and charging case inner are coated with water-resistant it will be waterproof for 1 meter deep for 30 minutes and it is ideal even at the gym.

  1. You can wash and clean the earbuds and base.
  2. It also features deep bass, an adjustable headband, and micro woofers.
  3. Boult Thunder Bluetooth headphones are designed for Passive Noise cancellation.
  4. Using this you can give instructions to Siri and Google voice commands by pressing 2 seconds on Boult headphones.
  5. With a full charge, you can get 10 hours of playback time and 2 days of standby time.
  6. It also comes with dual-mode flexibility, wireless and aux cable.
  7. They have adopted 40 mm crafted drivers in it.
  8. You can get 1 year of warranty on this Boult Bluetooth headphone.

9. CLAW Professional Studio Monitoring DJ Headphones

CLAW SM50 Professional Studio Monitoring DJ Headphones

CLAW SM50 is designed for all music lovers and is suitable for casual, studio, and audiophiles. The over the ear design with the breathable protein leather ear pads offer you maximum comfort and enhances noise isolation reducing unwanted noise and improves the overall wearing experience.

  1. With the buddy jack feature, you can share your music with others using the multi-port feature.
  2. This Headphone comes with a maximum weight of 170 g.
  3. CLAW SM50 professional studio DJ headphones come with 2 detachable cables 2.8m coiled cable and 1.2m straight cable.
  4. For providing exceptional clarity it comes with 40 mm dual-diaphragm drivers which deliver vibrant bass responses which are suitable for professionals.
  5. For easy portability, it comes with a 90-degree ear cup swivel feature.
  6. As it comes with the dual size ports 3.5 mm and 6.3 mm you can connect this to all your devices.
  7. This wireless headphone comes with a warranty of 1 year.

10. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Over-Ear Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Over-Ear Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica is a Japanese innovation professional monitor headphone. This is the product that got praised by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers. It provides you with exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range. You can experience clear sound for the studio, live, DJ and for your personal use with deep, accurate bass response.

  1. It is easily collapsible for space-saving portability.
  2. The professional-grade earpads and headband material delivers a more comfortable fit for hours of use.
  3. This headphone comes along with the detachable 1.2 m – 3.0 m coiled cable and detachable 1.2 m straight cable.
  4. Audio-Technica Professional headphones come with the feature of noise canceling.
  5. It offers excellent sound isolation even in loud environments with the circumaural design which contours around the ears.
  6. For easy one-ear monitoring, it comes with 90 degrees swiveling feature.
  7. The weight of these headphones is 285 grams.
  8. Audio-Technica is providing 3 years of warranty on this headphone.

Best Headphone Buying Guide 2021

What are headphones?

Headphones are a pair of small speakers generally used for listening to audio signals like music or speech from a computer, music player, mobile phone, or any other electronic device. The two speakers of the headphones are connected by a band around the head over a user’s ears.

Types of headphones?

You can find the different models of headphones available in the market. Those are,

  1. ClosedBack Headphones: This type of headphones is suitable for people who want to block out any noise when using headphones. It creates an isolated audio experience with every minute detail of the music regardless of the environment. Such types of headphones can be used by musicians in recording settings.
  2. OpenBack Headphones: These headphones come with open ear cups and it allows some sound to escape into the environment. These headphones give you more comfort for long periods of listening.
  3. On-Ear Headphones: These headphones come over the head and rests on the ears. This type of headphones provides you comfort, good sound quality, and doesn’t pressure your ears too much.
  4. Over-Ear Headphones: This type of headphones is a superior model for noise reduction and fit on the top of the head by covering the entire ear. This headphone is capable of limiting noise leakage and usually heavier than other models.
  5. In-Ear Headphones: This is the most portable and popular style of in-ear headphones. These can be used by every section of society. This headphone provides you comfort, sound isolation, and sound accuracy as these speakers go a little closer to the eardrums. More usage of this type of headphones may cause damage to your ears.
  6. Earbuds: These are portable and compact, just like in-ear headphones. This type of headphones won’t enter the ear canal and resets on the outer ear. There will be more chance of sound leakage into the environment.
  7. Bluetooth Headphones: Cue Bluetooth technology allows the headphone to connect wirelessly using radio waves. This technology has rapid growth and development in the music industry. By connecting the headphones via Bluetooth you can enjoy the music. These models are a little expensive than the corded ones.
  8. Noise-canceling Headphones: This type of headphones comes with built-in special technology and reduces the sound you get from your surroundings. So that you can enjoy the music without the distraction of your surroundings.

Features to consider while buying over ear headphones

If you are looking for a spanking new pair of headphones, you can find a large number of choices in type, brand, and price in the market. Moreover, there are a lot of factors that matter while selecting the headphone. If you are looking for some entry-level over ear headphones, the best over ear headphones under 2000 guide with the factors to consider may help you out.

Dual-mode feature: Generally headphones come in wireless or wired. Most of the best wireless over ear headphones under 2000 comes with both features. It is better to go with the dual-mode feature. So that when the battery runs off you can go with the wired feature to enjoy uninterrupted playing.

Comfort and fit: As we are using the headphones hours together you should consider the comfort and fit also. Generally among all the head and earphones, these over ear headphones are more comfortable. Even though here you should consider the headband and earcups. The headband should not dig into the top of your head and it should be covered with a regular or memory foam layer. The earcups should be plushy and comfortable. Always it is better to choose memory foam ear cups these will give a unique shape to your ears. And finally, the overall foam must be covered with leather mesh which is comfortable even after long periods of usage.

Sound quality: It is an important factor to consider while buying headphones. Headphones also emphasize different parts of the audio spectrum like speakers. So before buying the headphones you should try them. If you are buying online check about return policies.

Sensitivity: While buying headphones you should look into the sensitivity of the headphones which specifies how loud the headphones work. Most of the branded headphones come with a sensitivity of 96-110 dB. If the headphones with less than 85 dB it is too soft and more than 110 dB it may damage your hearing ability.

Drivers: The drivers play a crucial role in headphones by converting electrical signals into sound. If the size of the driver increasing the sound quality also increases. The drivers help boost the bass, mids, and treble. These drivers also provide better isolation as there is no scope for the vent. So it’s better to go with dynamic drivers which are durable and big in size.

Design of the headphone: You can find many variations in the designs of over the ear headphones and these are great for listening with good sound quality and long battery life. These will be bigger in size and you should see that they could be folded and easy to carry with more portable options. The design of the headphone plays an important thing to consider. Some of the headphones come with a 90-degree swivel feature.

Battery life: It is an important thing to consider and you should think about how much battery life you need. Most of the best over ear headphones in India under 2000 come with 20 to 60 hours of playback time which minimizes the recharge time. So as per playback time you need you should go with the headphone.

A version of over ear headphones: The over ear headphones fully encompass your ears. In this model, you can find two versions closed back and open back. The closed-back headphones trap the sound inside the cups and keep external noises out. Open-back headphones allow the outer sound slightly. The sound of closed-back headphones is slightly unnatural when compared to the open-back headphone.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Vs Passive Noise Isolation (PNI): ANC is a prominent feature to consider for high-end audio products. The cost of PNI is less when compared to ANC and the PNI headphones are decent at limiting external sounds. The ANC feature drains the battery of wireless models when compared to the PNI. Based on the area where you use plays the matter here if you are in noisy environments it is better to go with ANC headphones or go with PNI.

Warranty: Most of the branded over ear headphones come with a warranty. Warranty plays an important role when you have issues with the product. So always it’s better to go with the warranty.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the best over ear headphones?

Boat rockerz 510 is the best over the ear headphones under 2000 with 20 hours playback time. It comes with super powerful bass and super clear sound quality. You can use this with wired and Bluetooth mode also. It is compatible with all your gadgets like mobiles, pc, tabs, and laptops. Along with this Bose QuietComfort 35, Sony WH-1000XM3, Skullcandy Crusher, AKG k371BT, JBL Tune 700BT, Boat rockerz 550 are the best over ear headphones.

2. Are over ear headphones better?

Over-ear headphones are good at providing passive isolation. These headphones enclose your ears completely inside the ear cups and are better than earbuds. The over ear headphones are the best in all.

3. Is it bad to wear over the ear headphones?

The over-ear headphones can also damage your ears if you use them too long or increase a sound volume of 6 to 9 decibels. These do not so risk as earbuds. The limited usage of headphones with low volume will be good.

4. What are over ear headphones?

Over-ear headphones fall over the ears and lets you hear less ambient noise even in noisy environments. These will give you more comfortable for longer listening sessions.

5. Where Should I buy headphones online or offline?

You are getting two options to buy headphones online and offline. You can buy good quality headphones from amazon online shopping at an affordable price with several models and choices. You can even purchase offline also, but you may not get all the models you required.

6. Should I buy headphones or earphones?

Both of these have their pros and cons. You can experience superior sound quality and longer durability in headphones than earphones. As earphones are smaller in size they provide comfort to wear and carry. Compared to the headphones earphones cause more damage to the ears on constant use. It’s better to go with headphones.

7. Why do we need headphones?

Headphones provide you privacy and prevent you from disturbing others. These provide your work environment. Using these you can enjoy the latest tracks and favorite movies.


The best Bluetooth headphones under 2000 in India 2021 can reproduce accurate audio across the frequency spectrum from the sub-bass to treble. The large drivers used in it help the more air to move at once so that you can get a loud base note. Most of the over-ear headsets come with dual connectivity in the form of Bluetooth and AUX. With these over-ear headphones, you can experience greater comfort and better battery life. The design of encompassing ear cups distributes the weight more comfortably around the ear and headband.