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Can Magic Bullet Blender Crush Ice

Bullet blender are small blenders with a motor fitted on the base and single serving jar shape which is refer as a bullet. It may be used as a multi functional appliance certain food processing task in small batches. Today we are going to discuss about bullet blender functions that may help you in cooking easily next time.

Can Magic Bullet Blender Crush Ice

Bullet blender is generally used for blending multiple types of fruits and vegetables. It may also be useful for making small pieces of ice. One should be well informed that the blades of the blender are not meant to crush ice. Although you can put ice in blender for crush just remember to add some water to achieve the smooth consistent performance. Adding water help blades to mix different ingredient with ease of little effort.

Can Magic Bullet Blender Crush Ice

Can You Grind Coffee in A Bullet Blender

Getting natural fresh coffee beans from market is indeed a great idea with added responsibility to grind coffee beans to fine uniform coffee powder. If I simply say, yes bullet blender may be use to grind coffee. But understanding the capability of blender could be an added advantage for user. Basically bullet blender is a mini food processor and not a coffee grinder you would end up getting non uniform coffee powder that may disturb your cup of coffee. In few cases where coffee grinder is not working due to some reason you may use bullet blender as an alternative.

Let’s understand how to use bullet blender for making coffee

Step: 1

Before starting the bullet blender, place it on flat surface. Pour coffee beans into the utensil pot and ensure the tight fit of container, finally place the bullet pot and close the unit.

Step: 2

Now turn on the power supply of bullet blender. Start the bullet blender for 10 seconds then take off container out of Bullet and shake the bottom for three to four seconds. This slight shaking will be contributing to proper mix of bottom and top beans altogether.

Step: 3

Again, start the blender for 10-12 seconds. This small shaking may be needed to repeat to ensure proper mixing and may be required to continue for two to three times depending upon case to case. 

Can You Put Bullet Blender in Dishwasher

Bullet blender is made up with several part cups, lids, lip rings and blades are all dishwasher safe components. It is advisably to rinse all of these before loading them into dishwasher to ensure no adverse effect on dishwasher. Another don’t in the washing list is not start the sanitize cycle because this may warp up few plastic components and eventually make the dishwasher unsafe.

How To Clean the Bullet Power Base

This part of bullet blender requires special treatment while operating. If you see a spillage within the power base, it should be attended with proper attention and instantly shut down the blender and unplug the power supply.

After this remove blades and cup using wet towel or sponge, clean the spillage spread in surface. You may also use a small brush for not accessible area of power base to clean it through. It is advisably not to use water in base part and do not put the power base into dishwasher.

Before making connection first let the parts dry properly. Once all the parts are dry rearrange everything and plug cable to power supply and start using the blender.

How To Clean Bullet Blades

First initial cleaning of bullet blades can be done using hands and Luke warm water to clean all waste collected around the blades. If blades aren’t clean for longer time, then you may rinse blade in solution of 10 percent dilute vinegar and water or lemon juice as an alternate.

It is suggested to hand wash blades in place of dishwasher due to the fact that heat of dishwasher may harm the gasket around the blades or may make it lose fit and in some cases may fall out. The gasket should never be get off from their original position.

Why Does My Bullet Blender Leak

Does your Bullet blender leak from the cup, lid or power base? Bullet blenders are prone to a range of problems that could cause leaking, out of these many of them are simple to fix and easily rectify. Let’s discuss the possible causes to identify and solve the problems one by one.

Reason 1:  Blades Are Not Properly Screwed onto Lid

If the Bullet’s lid is not properly screwed onto the blender’s base with the blades, the blender may leak. Such issue may be sorted by checking that the extractor blade is screwed into the cup lid properly by using the spanner on the blender cup as a guide. If the blender cup does not screw on properly, you may need to order a new cup from supplier or local supplier.

Reason 2: Cup Is Not Fitted into The Powerbase

If the Bullet blender cup is not tightly fitted and locked into the blender’s power base, the blender may leak. The powerbase holes should match with holes on other side of bullet blender cup. Make sure that these holes and slots are aligned and fit together properly before starts using the blender.

Reason 3: Gasket on Blade Is Wear Out or Ripped

The blender blade body is having a coating made up of a rubber seal called a gasket on the underside of the blade. The gasket is designed to prevent any leakage. If the rubber seal is wearied out, the blender may leak immediately. You need to contact customer service in such case and stop using the blender.

Reason 4: Cracks on The Parts

Cracks on the internal or external parts of the Bullet blender can cause leaks. Cracks can also prone to wires and fast-moving components that can become damaged. Unplug the blender cup from the power base and inspect all parts of the Bullet power base to look for cracks. If a crack is found on the base. See if that can be easily fixed or not depending upon the situation you may contact customer care or rectify the problem.

Why Is Bullet Blender Blade Not Spinning

If the bullet blender blade is not turning on, then there were several reason behind this. let’s discuss one by one with the possible solution.

Reason 1: Blender Is Exposed to Long Running Hours

Bullet blender makers suggest that users do not blend for longer than one minute at a time. Continued working of the blender can cause the motors to get heated quickly, this may result the blades to stops rotating. In this case just unplugged the blender power supply and let it cool for some time. Then start as per the requirement and ensure in future that it won’t run more than one minute at a time.

Reason 2:  Faulty Components

The bullet blender motor consist of several components and all the parts are prone to same level of fault. The white activators are situated at the top of the bullet’s power and are required for the machine to begin blending and rotating. If the blender’s blades fail due to any unforeseen situation, then it won’t be able to rotate when the cup is in the power base. This may result in not spinning the motor and thus blades.


Bullet blender are easy substitute in place of hefty mixers. Bullet blender are capable of making instant healthy smoothie and vegetable juice with the help of uniquely designed blades.