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Prestige Svachh Flip-on Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker 3L Review

Prestige has recently launched a new pressure cooker in the Indian market. This entirely brand new pressure cooker is very innovative and called as Prestige Svachh FLIP ON Pressure Cooker. Till now we have seen Clip On series pressure cookers.

Unlike Clip On series this new Flip On series pressure cooker is also a modular pressure cooker but its locking mechanism has been improved with new safety features.

In this article we will do an in-depth review of this brand new Prestige Svachh Flip On Pressure Cooker.

So, let’s begin.

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Prestige Svachh Flip on pressure cooker is a beautifully designed modular cooker for modern India. Flip-on opening & closing mechanism makes it really easy to operate with single hand. High grade stainless steal body makes it highly durable for many years.

Prestige Svachh Flip-on Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker 3L

1. What in the Box

Prestige Svachh Flip-on Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker box1
Prestige Svachh Flip-on Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker box2

It is packed with utmost care to avoid any accidental damage during shipment. In the box you will get following items:

  • Flip On Pressure cooker
  • Extra tempered glass lid
  • Pressure whistle
  • Warranty card

2. Material

The material used to make this pressure cooker is superior quality food grade stainless steel that keeps your food healthy and do not compromise with taste.

Use of high grade thick stainless steel makes the whole unit stronger and durable.

3. Stove Compatibility

As per manual this Prestige Flip On pressure cooker is compatible with different heat sources. This cooker has tri ply flat bottom which is compatible with gas stove and induction cooktop. It can also be use on ceramic, heater & hot plate.

4. Weight

This is a 3 Litre pressure cooker. Approximate weight of different parts of it are as follows:

  • Glass lid: 480 Gram
  • Complete Pressure Cooker: 2.719
  • Coker lid: 1.370 Gram

5. Warranty

Warranty period of this cooker is of 5 years from the date of purchasing.

Detailed Review of Prestige Svachh FLIP ON Pressure Cooker

Design & Build Quality

Design is most crucial factor for any cookware. When we looked it through 360 degree angle, this Flip On pressure cooker appeared pretty similar to old Clip On series cooker, but trust me there is huge difference in design and locking mechanism that we will discuss further in this article.

It has wide base which helps you to use it as serving pot, as well as deep fry pan.

Whistle Design

Usually in normal pressure cooker the whistle is available in center of pressure cooker cover while in this cooker whistle is on one side of the cooker cover. This side mounted whistle of Flip On cooker looks attractive as well as positioned to facilitate spillage control system.

How to Open & Close Flip On Pressure Cooker

Prestige Flip on Lid Open Close

It has a very easy and advanced locking mechanism just flip and open. Prestige svachh flip on offers the easiest mechanism for operating pressure cooker using single hand. It has a blue moving handle, just rotate it 90 degree upward and lift the cover assembly to open the lid.

To close the lid just rotate 90 degree down and it is closed. This advance mechanism making all operation almost automatic.               

What is Prestige Svachh Technology

Prestige Flip on whistle

This Svachh technology control overall spillage in pressure cooker. Basically, control spillage means when you cook any pulse, vegetable or liquid food it will pop out some water from pressure cooker whistle and this water will spread over surface of cooker and induction or gas stove.

This will completely make your cooking appliance messy and dirty thus you have to clean it again and again. Svachh technology provide control spillage around top surface of cooker cover to take care of all the spillage due to cooking. 

Safety Features

It is an ISI certified pressure cooker, which means no compromise in manufacturing segment and product is absolutely safe for all kitchen chores. Prestige provides modern technology with top notch safety. It is one of the safest pressure cookers in this segment. 

This pressure cooker has an auto locking pressure operated indicator which will be enabled when it starts building pressure inside when cooking and not be disable till the pressure inside will fall below atmospheric pressure. Thus it will ensure no opening of cover while cooking using auto locking system.

Prestige Flip on pressure indicator

This is a very good safety feature to avoid accidently opening lid if there is unsafe pressure inside the cooker while cooking.

Quick Pressure Release Button

Prestige Flip-on coker pressure release button

This button is mounted on left side of cover. This quick release pressure button is used to release remaining pressure after cooking is over and you have to open the lid.

Pros of Prestige Flip on Svachh Cooker

  • Single handed operation using latest lid mechanism
  • No hassle of cleaning induction and gas stove due to svachh design
  • Provide additional safety features such as auto locking system
  • Plastic handles for better grip
  • Additional tempered glass lid is also provided for making it multi-functional
  • Modular pressure cooker better organized and easy to use

Cons of Prestige Flip on Svachh Cooker

  • Modern features make it slightly costly
  • Could be difficult for old aged people to adopt due to different mechanism


Overall, this cooker is definitely making hype in market and the credit goes to its advance lid opening and closing system. Considering its modern design and build quality into mind soon this will be one of the best demanding pressure cookers currently available in India market.

If we compare it with previous Clip On series, we can see lot of improvement has been done in terms of safety and features.

New prestige Svachh flip on pressure cooker will be an excellent choice for Indian household keeping all the modern features such as Auto locking, Pressure Indicator and Svachh technology in mind.

If your budget allows you to spend slight high you should definitely consider Prestige Svachh Flip On Pressure Cooker. It is also available in different size and features to cater need of huge Indian family. All these features are truly making this brand new cooker an unresisting choice for Indian moms.

This pressure cooker is available online. If you want to buy this cooker, you can buy on Amazon