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Best Idli Maker in India 2022 (Idli Cooker)

Are you idli lover and thinking to buy best idli maker? You are in right article. Idli maker is also known as idli cooker or idli steamer. In this article you will learn all about idli maker and able to select the right idli cooker.

Now a- days there are various latest ideas of breakfast dishes.  Even though there are various dishes, idli is one of the delicious, easy making and healthy breakfast which is highly preferred by South Indians.

To prepare the soft and delicious idli, you need the best Idli Maker. Most of the Indian houses are having this common kitchen appliance idli maker/cooker/steamer.

Even though this is a common kitchen appliance, there are some factors to consider before purchasing an Idli cooker in order to increase its durability.

Best Idli Maker in India 2022

We highly recommend to read Idli maker buying guide at the end of this article for in depth knowledge on idli maker. Let us discuss some of the best idli makers in India.

Best Idli Maker in India 2022

1. Pigeon 6-Plates Idli Maker

Pigeon - Stainless Steel 6 - Plates Idly Maker

Pigeon is one of the best-known brands in India made with stainless steel material. It is designed with a thicker gauge to increase durability. This pigeon idli maker contains 6 plates and each contains 4 provisions. It is available with 6 months warranty.

  1. A high-grade whistle is provided for pressure control with resistant to corrosion.
  2. It is rust-proof and hygienic.
  3. You can wash this maker easily.
  4. At a time you can serve 24 soft and fluffy idlis.


  • Rigid body design
  • Side handles for grip
  • Trust of brand like Pigeon
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel
  • Corrosion resistance, rust proof
  • Six-month brand warranty


  • Slight costly

2. Pigeon 4- Plates Idly Maker by Stovekraft

Pigeon-4-Plates Idly Maker

Pigeon is one of the best Idli Making Machine manufactured with high-quality stainless steel material, which is 100% food grade.  It is made of thicker gauge in order to increase the durability. You can order this idly cooker online. It is available with 6 months warranty.

  1. This product is induction compatible.
  2. It is rust-proof, hygienic and easy to wash and clean.
  3. It has the capacity of 4500 ml.
  4. It nearly took 12-15 minutes to cook.


  • Compact set
  • Side handles for better grip
  • Could be easily transported for trips
  • Light weight construction 
  • Corrosion resistance


  • Less capacity per plate

3. QSEC stainless steel Multi kadai Idli with Cooker Steamer

QSEC Stainless Steel Multi Kadai Idli Cooker Steamer

QSEC stainless steel Multi  kadai is set up of Multi-purpose cooker with facility to cook Idli in it and use it as a kadhai. It can be used to cook dhoklas and momo’s with separate plates for each dish. Since the quality of stainless steel is good it Provide food grade, Corrosion resistance, leak proof alike features.

  1. It has copper baseplate with support of induction and gas making a true value for your kitchen.
  2. It provides exceptional experience for making different recipes. It’s an outstanding combination of south and Gujarat health dishes.
  3. It has two support handles to carry out activity after cooking. Apart from various dish it serves a purpose of cooking rice, deep fry, etc.
  4. Therefore it saves a lot of money as well as space in kitchen in contrast to kadhai, Idlis ,khaman, dhokla maker together. Unique design provides evenly cooking of all sorts of recipes.


  • Serve the purpose of Idli maker, momo’s stemmer,Patra ,khaman etc
  • It also has copper base
  • Cost effective product
  • Made up with heavy gauge stainless steel
  • Compact size
  • Complete package for cooking variety of Indian traditional recipes


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4. Pigeon Hot 24 Idly Pot with Steamer

Pigeon-Hot 24 Idly Pot with Steamer

Pigeon is one of the bet Idly Steamer manufactured with stainless steel material. It has various features which give you complete satisfaction during its use. It has the capacity of 7500 ml.

  1. This Desire cookware is suitable for all kitchen decors.
  2. The stainless steel material provides rust-proof and hygienic food.
  3. You can wash and clean this idly stand very easily.
  4. It has high durability for its thicker gauge.


  • Ideal for small family
  • Capacity of 7500 ml
  • Trust of brand like Pigeon
  • Produces with heavy gauge stainless steel for long life
  • Corrosion resistance, rust proof
  • Six-month warranty


5. Alisha e-Kitchen Italia Stainless Steel All in One Idli Cooker

Alisha provides the amazing All in One Idly Cooker which contains 3 idli plates, 1 Dhokla plate, and 1 Steamer plate where this mini Idli Stand is made of high-quality stainless steel. So, it is very sturdy and made of thick gauze which is very easy to clean. You can order this mini idli maker online.

  1. This is dual compatible for Induction and Lpg Stove.
  2. In order to decrease cooking time low, it is designed by modern engineering.
  3. You can prepare various dishes like idlies, idli appam, utappam, noodles, khaman dhokla very easily by this idli steamer.
  4. This idli making machine provides rust-free and hygienic food to your family.


  • Support induction and gas stoves
  • Multipurpose cooker
  • All in one Idli cooker and kadai
  • Produces with good quality food grade material
  • Corrosion resistance, rust proof


  • Consume more space in kitchen

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6. Luxuria Idly Pot &Steamer

LUXURIA IDLY Pot & Steamer (21 IDLY)

Luxuria provides you with a multi-usage cooker used for idly pot, steamer, dhokla cooker, etc. The pot and plates are made with pure stainless steel and designed for less space occupancy. A mini Idly Plate of 19 small pits is provided along with these plates. You can buy this idli maker online with a reasonable price.

  1. A non-melting and heat resistant handles & knobs are used to hold the plates.
  2. It is suitable for LPG stove.
  3. The high-quality stainless steel offers you a rust-free Idli stand and hygienic food.
  4. You can prepare 21 idlies at a time.


  • Optimized for space utilization
  • Energy efficient appliance
  • Induction and gas support
  • Heat resistant handles for grip
  • Include Idly Pot, Steamer, Dhokla Cooker etc.
  • Folding handle
  • Made with heavy gauge premium stainless steel


7. BMS Lifestyle 4-Plates Idly Maker

BMS Lifestyle 4-Plates Stainless Steel Idly Maker -Cooker

BMS lifestyle is one of the best mini idly maker manufactured with stainless steel material. It contains 4 plates and each plate is divided into four provisions. This mini idli stand comes with a compact design to decrease the water usage to steam in order to get perfect idlies.

  1. The mini holes are provided in the idli stand to test how thick the batter has become.
  2. You can hold the plates easily with the help of heat resistant handles.
  3. The finest stainless steel material is used to ensure durability and reliability for years.
  4. It is made up of thick gauze and is easy to wash.


  • Exclusive 18-gauge stainless steel use
  • Light weight
  • Side handles for grip for safety
  • Plates are balanced on center rod
  • Soft Idlis produced
  • High durability product


8. IBELL Stainless Steel 4-Plates Idly Cooker

iBELL Stainless Steel 4-Plates Idly Cooker, Induction & Gas Stove Compatible Idli Maker

IBELL offers you the amazing Idly Cooker that can compatible with both Induction & Gas Stove. The strong and sturdy stainless steel material is used in order to avoid rust and to keep food hygienic. You can purchase this IBELL Idly Cooker online with 6 months warranty.

  1. It is made up of thick gauge to increase the idly maker life.
  2. It consists of 4-plates and can prepare 16 idlies at a time.
  3. A high-grade whistle is provided to indicate the idly was ready to serve.
  4. Stay Cool handles used to hold the Idly Stand easily.


  • Induction and gas stove support
  • Side handles for safety
  • Energy efficient 
  • Evenly heating for better cooking result
  • One year brand warranty
  • Value for money
  • Reliable operation


9. Butterfly Stainless Steel curve Idli cooker

Butterfly Stainless Steel Curve Idli Cooker

Butterfly Stainless steel curve Idli cooker is indeed best product in market at this price point. It’s come along with food grade best quality Stainless Steel to ensure safe food all time. Whistle indication when food is prepared this feature makes it easier to understand and cook Just like Ordinary Cooker.

  1. Superior quality stainless steel to provide mirror finish style to cooker.
  2. This cooker also helps to quickly cook Idlis which makes it easy to operate and favorite choice among consumers.
  3. It also provides far better experience than aluminum cooker. Its vessel is perfect example of optimized body to weight ratio, all these features are an absolute example of its worthiness.
  4. Spongiest Idlis experience with butterfly Curve Idlis cooker.
  5. This cooker has capacity of 4.5 liters


  • Handle for grip
  • Easy to clean after cooking
  • Idli plate and stand is available
  • Lids are perfectly tight
  • Value for money product
  • Durable article
  • Comes with one year warranty


10. Mahaveer heavy gauge stainless steel Idli cooker

MAHAVIR Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Idli Cooker

Heavy stainless-steel gauge made construction of idli cooker sturdy and long lasting. It provides better value for money for the overall package. Health food nowadays is necessity of all human kind and one of the light weight breakfasts which is truly best for body is south Indian Idlis and this cooker makes difficult process of making Idlis a lot easier.

  1. Premium quality of material ensures the long-lasting durability.
  2. It also contains six plates which is capable of making 24 Idles  at a time. Its design is very easy and simple to use.
  3. It is worth a necessary accessory for the kitchen modernization in today’s world.


  • Easy to use appliance
  • Side handles for grip
  • Value for money product
  • Manufactured with heavy gauge stainless steel
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Rigid construction which makes it seamless
  • Excellent durability


  • More weight than aluminum cookers

Idli Maker Buying Guide 2022

With Whistle and Without Whistle Idli Maker

Basically, there are two types of idli steamers. One is with a whistle and the other is without a whistle. By choosing the idli maker with a whistle, you can easily understand when idli is ready with the help of whistling sound. On the other side, the idli maker without whistle needs a regular check once or twice or more times.

Number of Plates

The number of plates in the idli maker machine may differ from one to other. Generally, there are 2 to 6 plates and each plate contains 4 to 6 provisions in the idli stand. You need to choose this according to your family size and usage of this maker.

Stainless steel or Aluminium

This amazing idli maker is manufactured mainly with two materials. One is aluminium or the other one stainless steel. Among this two, stainless steel is the best material which is durable, rust-free and does not disturb the taste and texture of your food. So, you need to decide whether the material of your idli maker aluminium or steel. Most of the idli cooker price ranges from Rs.500 to Rs.1500.

Types of Idli Maker

There are different types of idli makers which are available at the market.

They are first one Microwave Idli Maker made with plastic or ceramic but used at the only microwave. It produces sound during cooking and hence can easily identify the cooking food. It is also user friendly but not good compared to other idli makers.

The second one is Induction cum Gas Idli Maker which is used in both induction and gas stove. It’s performance is good and is user friendly.

The third one is Induction Idli Maker which can be used with the only Induction cooktop. This is portable and easily carried for small outings.

Finally, the Conventional Idli Maker which is the original Idli Maker made of aluminium or steel. It provides tasty and soft idlis within 15-20 minutes. But it requires high maintenance to use efficiently.

Prefer the Multipurpose Idli Maker, in which you can remove the idli stand plates and use the pan for normal cooking. Some Idli making machines contain plates that can be used for cooking and steaming vegetables. These are called Multi-Utility Plates.

Idli Makers work with the help of steam, so it releases the excess steam in the idli maker through a lid. You should check the lid that it contains a proper area to let out the excess steam before buying an Idli steamer. During the whistle sound, it may damage the lid, if it is bad quality of glass lid. You can order this Idli Cooker Online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which idli maker is best steel or Aluminium?

A. Hence, the idli cooker with stainless steel material is rust-free, durable, and keeps your food taste and texture in a better way.

Q2. Which idli cooker brand is best in India?

A. The Pigeon Idli Cooker is one of the best brands in India. With its attractive design, high capacity, and high-quality rust-less material it has high demand at the market.

Q3. What is the price of idli stand?

A. The idli maker price ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs.1500.

Q4. Can we make idli in rice cooker?

A. You can make idli in rice cooker also. As in idli cooker, rice cooker also takes 15-20 minutes to cook idli. If you prefer a pressure cooker, then just remove its gasket and whistle. Choose the best idli maker brand and enjoy the fluffy and soft idlis.