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Best Popcorn Maker in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Now you can pop tasty and healthy popcorn at your home by using the best popcorn maker. Popcorn is one of the popular Indian snack food. The popcorn machine fulfils your happy moments like birthday parties and watching a movie at home by making delicious and full fibered tasty snack popcorn in just 3 to 4 minutes.

Using the right amount of coconut or canola oil to a particular popcorn popper size to a particular amount of corn can produce healthy popcorn which makes possible by the best popcorn maker in India.

The working process, maintenance and cleaning session of this machine is very easy. To get the tasty popcorn first let the kettle heat, next pour right amount of oil and after a minute you can try with a couple of kernels. If it is ready to pop, then pour the entire kernel and close the lid, then after a few seconds popping stops where your delicious popcorn is ready to serve.

Best Popcorn Maker in India 2022

1. Nostalgia electrics vintage collection hot air popcorn maker

Nostalgia Electrics OFP-501 Vintage Collection Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Nostalgia electric vintage collection hot Air popcorn maker is one of the best vintage style premium looking Hot air popcorn making Machine. It is a Replica of old age street corner popcorn stand off early 1900s to please the party. In a moment or so it can popped out the freshly cooked popcorn. Machine uses hot air instead of oil to produce light and healthy snack.

  1. The feeding system has its own measurements so that the amount of corns gets accommodated in scoop is obviously adjusted.
  2. All these features are making it completely must buy party items.
  3. This popcorn maker can add 12 cup of popcorn at a time in full unit, called a badge to keep the popcorn bucket full.
  4. In today’s world full of packed foods and processed snacks this popcorn maker provide a healthy snacking option.
  5. It is also designed with unique popping chamber to create swirling airflow result in less unpopped corns and provides excellent working efficiency.


  • Table size party pleaser
  • Included with measuring cup
  • Provide stylish vintage look
  • Completely hygienic and healthy
  • Easy to use and wash
  • Compact movable design
  • Popcorn ready in one to two minutes
  • Durable plastic design


  • Slightly expensive

2. ILife popcorn machine vintage retro hot air popcorn machine

ILife popcorn machine vintage retro hot air popcorn machine

ILife popcorn machine vintage retro hot air popcorn machine with this machine there are only three steps required to get delicious tasty popcorn out of it. The procedure would be as follows first adding the corn kernels into the heat chamber, second turning on the maker machine just wait for three minutes and now enjoy the freshly made popcorn.

  1. This pop vintage popcorn machine making your life too simple and you can enjoy the hot pop corn seamlessly at your home.
  2. One of the best snacks in the healthiest category at the ease of 3 minutes.
  3. This hot popcorn making vintage machine is only weigh 1.1 kilograms.
  4. It is indeed the best article for partying, movie, school football game or any social gathering of such type.
  5. It is powered by electricity so all the mess of oil or gas would be directly eliminated.
  6. This vintage machine is very pretty easy operate.


  • Compact size so that it can be moved two party location
  • It is easy to operate
  • Healthy and fresh popcorn every time
  • It comes along with the measuring cup
  • Pretty easy to wash and store
  • Bulit with good quality plastic material
  • Vintage traditional look


  • Slightly expensive

3. Popcorn maker Home popcorn making machine

Popcorn Maker Home Popcorn Making Machine

Popcorn maker Home popcorn making machine is powered by electricity and uses hot air to produces the popcorn without any use of oil. It’s a complete package of mini popcorn maker having small size and lightweight for making popcorn at home. Also you can bring it to your party location and get the freshly popped popcorn instantly.

  1. This popcorn machine works on hot air which is convenient to use popped popcorn directly without refueling.
  2. The design is inspired by the American and European traditional popcorn pupula.
  3. This mini popcorn maker is large enough for the whole family to enjoy the healthy snacks every time.
  4. To make popcorn it is very easy to operate process would be like first just put your corns inside then turn on the switch and pour some butter or Ghee as per convenient, Wait for a moment, fresh and healthy popcorn is ready.
  5. This is absolutely a perfect Popcorn machine for doing party, night club, movies or birthday party.
  6. It consumes 1200 W power for completing the operation.


  • Vintage  stylish look
  • Completely oil less
  • Comes with Rotary air outlet at bottom
  • Body made with abs material
  • Small popcorn  net outside
  • Comes along with the long wire
  • Reliable company service support
  • Zero fat


  • little expensive

4. Virza trade 1200 W Electric popcorn maker machine

VIRZA TRADE 1200W Electric Popcorn Maker Machine

Virza trade 1200 W Electric popcorn maker machine is portable mini, excellent value for money popcorn machine. It also bring the peace of mind being healthy popcorn since it is perfectly hand & homemade so you can’t get wrong with this. It brings a replica of traditional 90s street corner popcorn machines.

  1. This miniature DIY popcorn machine despite of being compact produces very healthy popcorn.
  2. This popcorn machine can make 60 gram of popcorn added once.
  3. Virza trade machine also consume 1200 W of electricity to generate hot air and the same electricity is used to produce the popping of corns.
  4. There is no use of oil making it very health conscious snacks.
  5. It will be also a very lucrative snack option for small kids.
  6. Healthy popcorn maker reduced the calorie content in the food.


  • Metal body with polypropylene
  • Easy to cook
  • Almost zero maintenance required
  • Attract the children for tasty snacks
  • Additional low calorie  snacks
  • Compact portable size
  • Elegant old fashioned design
  • Consume less space during storage in kitchen
  • It took only 3 minutes for corn popping


  • Buffer time required to cool after each cycle
  • Slightly expensive

5.Vinsh Enterprises Aluminum popcorn  home electric popcorn machine

VINSH ENTERPRISE Aluminum Popcorn Machine

Vinsh Enterprises Aluminum popcorn home electric popcorn machine is ultramodern popcorn maker machine. The design of the popcorn maker look like a mixer grinder with solid grips on the base and single button to operate. The corn top is transparent so that you can watch while popcorn are being popped .

  1. The popping chamber is made from the food grade aluminum alloy and their surface is made from BPA free, Thermal conducted  ABS with scratch and bumps resistance base.
  2. All these features are making it a very true value for your kitchen.
  3. Along with popcorn it can actually poping peanuts, Fryums, cashew nuts, rice tubes, fingertips, papad etc. delivering multi purpose popping performance.
  4. This uses hot air as a medium for popping and there is no use of oil therefore popped out food is considered to be low calorie and healthy snack option.
  5. This is also not adding any artificial flavor, saturated fats, preservative or even the added sugar.


  • Comes along with capacity of 500 ml
  • Transparent hollow top design
  • Can make up to 18 cups of fresh popcorn
  • Maybe use for doing party, movie, celebration
  • Ultra modern design
  • Uses food grade material for inside
  • The size is pretty compact
  • Easy to move and clean


  • Slightly expensive

6.Velway popcorn machine hot butter popcorn maker

Velway Popcorn Machine, Hot Butter Popcorn Maker

Velway popcorn machine hot butter popcorn maker has exceptional classical Intimate design and provide more popped popcorn at once with built in mixing system help in ensuring the evenly heating of corn kernels. And this also ensures that no corn kernel get overheated providing the best taste of popcorns.

  1. On the pouring handle can pour out all the remaining popcorn in the machine.
  2. It is made-up with anti scalding design on stainless steel for safety this also brings the transparent door can prevent popcorn from splashing around and giving and convenient modern design.
  3. To add the delicious flavors to popcorn you can add multiple cooking adds on.
  4. It is a new generation of popcorn machine flexibility to add butter sugar ketchup chocolate powder salt and other spices.
  5. This machine gives you flexibility to make two kinds of popcorn shape like butterfly shape, spherical shape.


  • Iconic design of machine
  • Retro warm light to allow you observe better
  • Easy to clean due to non stick coating
  • Multiple flavors of appetite
  • Transparent doors to enhance the design view.
  • Compact design for easy movement
  • Consume little space  in kitchen


  • Gets a little hot as working
  • Slightly expensive

7. Snepcom popcorn maker machine

SNEPCOM Popcorn Maker Machine

Snepcom popcorn maker machine provide easy hot cooked popcorn for all the birthday parties, night movies, Christmas day and under all such celebrations. It is versatile design provides easy smooth dropping off of popped corns and give you a very handy convenient working operation. It is also has top provide with transparent PC cover to actually see the ongoing process.

  1. It doesn’t add any kind of oil to the popcorn and therefore provides low calorie food.
  2. This popcorn maker machine provided high heat turbine rotation results in ensuring all the cons get evenly heated and popped out properly.
  3. This popcorn maker consumes only 1200 W of electricity.
  4. It has a wide mouth opening and measuring spoon.
  5. Its inner chamber area is completely non stick and therefore leaves no stain.
  6. All these features are proof it a best true value for your kitchen.


  • Excellent value for money
  • No slip base
  • It’s completely BPA free
  • Aluminum material inner tank
  • Automatic overheating protection
  • Could be used for peanut, Frymes, cashew, finger chip, papad etc.


  • Gets little hot while working

8. Limbjal hot air popcorn machine

Limbjal Hot Air Popcorn Machine and Home

Limbjal hot air popcorn machine is light weight simple design instant popcorn maker machine. In this popcorn machine, it is very easy to operate and required only four steps to get the hot fresh popcorn in your bucket. The process starts from pouring the corns and then cover the lid just press the switch on and then it will do the work automatically and you will get fresh popcorns.

  1. All these features are making it a very true value for your kitchen.
  2. This popcorn maker uses hot air fault executing the task and does not require any oil.
  3. It gives you excellent popping rate of 95% transparent lid gives the better heat dissipation.
  4. The inside chamber is made-up of non-stick aluminum which is easy to clean.
  5. Outside body structure is made-up of plastic and it has only one switch for turning on and off.


  • A lightweight construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely durable
  • Can produce 60 grams of popcorn at a time
  • Healthy and low calorie snack
  • Required only two to three minutes for whole operation.


  • Gets little hot while working

9.Bigxen aluminium instant popcorn machine

BIGXEN Aluminum Instant Popcorn Machine

Bigxen aluminium instant popcorn machine is excellent value for money for this price point, bringing multiple features such as light weight, portable body and delicious popcorn taste. Its unique design is consist of a jar like a structure on top there is a transparent lid from where the corns are to be feeded into the inner hot chamber.

  1. Once the corner feed then the turn on the switch slowly the popcorns are going to get popped out and you will get the delicious popcorn at the end.
  2. It just brings unique stylish design along with it. It consumes 1200 at of electricity.
  3. This popcorn maker also provides healthy Low calorie nutrition snacks.
  4. Perfectly suitable for night movies Christmas birthday party.
  5. On demand freshly baked popcorn to please the children.


  • Excellent value for money
  • No slip base
  • Automatic overheating protection
  • Could be used for making peanut, Frymes, cashew, finger chip, papad etc.
  • Compact design for easy movement
  • Consume little space  in kitchen


  • Gets little hot while working

10.Moshtu Instant popcorn maker machine

MOSHTU Instant Popcorn Maker

Moshtu Instant popcorn maker is quick and easy to operate and popcorn can be ready in the matter of three minutes. It provide absolute healthy snacking options as work on hot air and there is no need to add oil. Its operation is quite easy just press one key to get operation done, next just add kernel into the popping chamber and switch it on and then wait for crispy corns to be popped out.

  1. It can get up to 16 cups of crispy delicious popcorn at once, so that your bucket and bowls are never be empty.
  2. It isn’t a healthier choice among all the family members.
  3. It can also be used for popping peanuts fumes cashew nuts rice tube fingertips peppered coffee bean etc.
  4. It is very light weight and portable so you can easily take it for a party location.
  5. Only consumes 1200 watts of electricity.
  6. All these modern features making it truly good companion of kitchen.


  • Provide absolute value for money
  • Plastic light weight built
  • Transparent top cover
  • One key operation
  • Easily movable 20 location
  • Provide healthy snacking option


Best Popcorn Maker Buying Guide 2022

Popcorn makers are in different varieties which vary in sizes, styles, materials, design, mechanism and many more. You should look for some important features before purchasing a compact popcorn popper machine. Let us know a few of them.

Design: Popcorn makers are designed in three ways. They are 1. Stovetop, 2. Electric or air pop, and 3. Theatre Model.

Firstly, Stovetop models are ideal for home usage which is portable in size. Electric or air pop models are best for bachelor rooms which are easy to maintain. Finally, the third theatre model is bigger in size which we can see in movie theatres, shopping malls, and other people gathering places. This model can produce a huge amount of popcorns at a single cycle.

Construction: Construction of popcorn includes the heating process. So, plastic is not suitable for this heating process. The best material used for popcorn machines is aluminium or stainless steel which are easy to clean.

Stirring Mechanism:  You should choose the machine which has some sort of stirring mechanism which makes the kernels to get popped.

Non-stick Surface: The popcorn machine should have a non-stick surface which avoids the sticking of kernels in the warming plate and makes clean up a breeze.

Capacity: Generally, one ounce is the measure to serve one person. The popcorn makers with 4 OZ, 6 OZ, 8 OZ, 12 OZ and 16 OZ are available in the market. Choose the maker size according to a number of members in your family or friends. It’s better to choose a large capacity which can produce more popcorns in one cycle. Also, check the dimensions of the space where you store this maker and if it is suitable in these dimensions.

Cooking Time: You should look for a popping cycle or cook time rating to find how faster that particular popcorn popper works. This cooking duration time is usually indicated as 2 to 5 minutes. The less cooking time is the best maker which provides the popcorn within less time and makes you entertained in your happy mood.

Wattage: If the wattage of your popcorn is higher, then it can produce popcorns in less time. If you are interested in home theatre machine which produces popcorns quickly, the higher wattage at least 640 watts or more is required. If you want to serve to an event or quicker popping time, you should choose a popcorn machine with 860 watts or more.

Warming Deck and Heating Element: Popcorn Poppers with warming decks provide you with a superior popcorn holding. The heating element under the deck helps the popcorn to remain crispy. By combining this feature with lamp/ light, the popcorn stays warm and fresh for hours. So I recommend you to choose the machine with this feature to keep your popcorn fresh and reduces the problem of turning out chewy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the best popcorn popper for home use?

A. Can be used for party, celebration Christmas Eve, birthday and even for day-to-day routine healthy snacks options.

Q.2 What are the best popcorn maker machine?

A. There are multiple brand available in the market but, Nostalgia, Life, Virza are few best performing popcorn makers.

Q.3 Is popcorn from a popcorn maker better than microwave?

A. Since there is no use of oil and a hot air is used for cooking the popcorn it is better to use popcorn maker machine instead of microwave.

Q.4 What is the number one popcorn maker?

A. Nostalgia is number one popcorn maker with using hot air as a cooking medium.

Q.5 Can you pop popcorn without oil?

A. Yes, In fact all the popcorn with hot air baking uses no oil and therefore, low calorie snacks is available.

Q.6 Is air popped popcorn healthy?

A. Yes, since it uses no oil in cooking so it is highly advisable for a low-calorie food and making it the healthy popcorn option.

Q.7 How do you make air popped popcorn taste better?

A. In fact there are several ways you can taste popcorn better, but one of the most prominent way is add flavors like ketchup, coffee beans, sometimes butter as per the compatibility of popcorn machine maker.

Q.8 Can you use regular butter on popcorn?

A. Depend on the compatibility of the popcorn manufacturer you may add butter to your snacks but it is advisable if you want low calorie food, so do not add butter.

Q.9 How do you make popcorn taste like the movies?

A. Based on the manufacturer compatibility you can add butter and other flavors of your choice to make your popcorn to taste similar like Movie Theater.

Q.10 Can you pop popcorn in an air fryer?

A. Yes, You may try to pop this with the help of air fryer but the ratio of popping out would be very less and there will be several unpopped popcorn remaining at the end.

Q.11 Can you use oil in a silicone popcorn popper?

A. Mostly, All the popcorn makers are not using oil, so it is advisable to not put oil in inner chamber, in order to maintain the life of your popcorn maker.

Q.12 Are popcorn makers worth it?

A. Yes, popcorn makers worth it. The popcorn machine is very easy to clean and almost every person in the movie theatres are interested in having crispy popcorn. Most of the expensive models have excellent theatre look and larger size which is a great addition to home theatres.

Q.13 Are popcorns from the popcorn machine healthy?

A. Popcorn is a great source of fibre. Popcorn makers use the mechanism of hot air. You can prepare popcorn without using oil also which are healthy. However, making popcorn in a popcorn machine is the healthiest way.

Q.14 Do popcorn machines need oil?

A. Yes, popcorn machines need oil. The most commonly used oil is coconut oil and it gives better taste and canola oil is preferred for health-conscious due to its lower fat and cholesterol content. Using different oils may change the taste of popcorn.

Q.15 What is the ratio of oil to make popcorn?

A. The right amount of oil should be used according to the size of the machine and amount of corn to make the popcorn healthier. For a half cup of kernels, 2 tablespoons of oil is required.