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Is Steam Iron Better Than Dry Iron

Everyone likes to look their best for occasions such as interviews, parties, and meetings. The best way to ensure a sharp and crispy look is by ironing the clothes Nowadays steam iron are made from metals and plastics and come along with plenty of features such as temperature control steaming various mode suitable for different kinds of fabrics.

Is Steam Iron Better Than Dry Iron

When it comes to choosing iron, you will be surprised to know that there are huge variety of Iron available in the market. One of the most often question that users are puzzled about is which one to choose in between dry and the steam iron. It is very important to choose the best one for your needs. Dry ion has a sole plate that press the clothing onto and get the clean and smooth garment. On the other hand, the steam iron has holes that spread the hot steam and get rid of wrinkles faster and conveniently. But steam iron does not work on all kinds of fabric. Finally, if you do iron more frequently than a steam iron is a great choice for you. Steam iron handles plenty of clothes at once.

How Much Watt Steam Iron Should I Buy

One of the crucial parameters for steam iron is how much wattage is ideal for smoothing the fabrics. In market there are several categories of steam iron with wattage rating range from 1000 Watt to 2500 watts. But in ideal scenario you must be considering at least 1500 watts which is enough to get the job done.

How To Clean Burnt Steam Iron Plate

Since the steam contains water particles and it will be most probable that your steam is going to attract some erosion or sometimes get burnt. Once it is burned, steam iron won’t give you the same performance as it was providing earlier. In order to achieve the same performance, you need to clean the sole plate surface using a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. All you need to do is make a paste of an equal ratio of vinegar and baking soda. Take the clean microfiber cloth just deep Microfiber cloth in the liquid mixer and rub over the circle of the steam, called vent on the iron soleplate. After cleaning with vinegar and baking soda you need to take some distilled water and wipe out all the paste residue. Now steam iron will perform like it was doing before the burns out.

How To Clean Rust from Steam Iron

Unlike any other instrument, steam iron also attracts rust after significant usage over time due to the presence of oxygen in the steam. Therefore, it is very important to clear out all the rust that your steam iron will suffer in order to get longer life of iron. In case of steam iron, the old water inside the iron water reservoir can cause rust spots. You may also consider commercial graded iron cleaners to clean out the rust. Another way you simply do homemade cleaning solutions. Let’s discuss how to clean rust using a mixture of vinegar and water.

Make sure the steam iron is unplugged from the electric supply. First start with mixing 1/4 th cup of vinegar with 3/4 th cup of distilled water. Now pour this mixture into iron. Plug the iron to the electric supply and turn on the steam feature using button on the iron machine. Now let’s heat the iron and wait for 3 to 5 minutes press the steam button on and uphold until the steam comes out. Repeat this process 4 to 5 times before switching off the iron. After this take the clean cotton and wipe out the iron steam vents to remove any built-ups or debris.

How To Clean Clogged Steam Iron

One of the most frequent problems that happens with steam iron is the clogging of steam iron vents. There is a way to clean out the steam iron vents by filling the water reservoir with a mixture of half distilled white vinegar and half water. Then take some old cloth and try to steam iron on the same. As steam gets out all the clogging will come out of the vents along with vinegar.

How To Remove Limescale from Steam Iron Water Tank

This is the early sign that you need to limescale your iron. It is advisable from the manufacturer that you have to clean steam iron water tank every 1 to 4 months to remove limescale. Most of the manufacturers have self-cleaning feature to clean the tank limestone. Another way you can pour an equal part of vinegar and water into the water reservoir and make sure it is 2/3 rd filled. Now turn on the steam feature for about 10 minutes and wait until the vinegar starts to evaporate. After this fill the tank with normal fresh water and turn on the steam again, to flush out any mineral deposit and vinegar. Lastly, clean out the steam bands using cloth or paper.

How Do You Use a Steam Iron for Beginners

Using steam iron is a quite easy process. All you need to do is add some distilled water or normal tap water as per the specification of your steam iron. You need is an iron table, distilled water or tap water, measuring cup, iron itself and the piece of clothing on which you need to iron. Just pour some distilled or tap water as per the specification of steam iron, into the tank reservoir of your steam iron. Now once everything is ready you can check steam by turning on the steam feature and streaming on the table. There will be some noise of steam coming out it is a sign that it is working perfectly and now you can use it for your fabric.

How Should I Choose Steam Iron

The feature available in the steam iron are different from normal iron. Here are a few things that can be considered while shopping for a steam iron.

1. Steam Flow Controller

The steam gauge controller adjusted the amount of steam release into the fabric. Adjusting the amount of steam will be helpful while doing the iron of different kinds of fabric. So it is very crucial feature to be considered.

2. Spray Nozzle

Spray nozzles are small steam vents. These vents allow you to mist clothes with fine water spray. It will enhance the process of wrinkle removal and smoothing of fabrics.

3. Vertical Steam

This feature give you an advantage to use your iron as a steamer to remove wrinkles from cloth on hangers or silk garments

4. Water Reservoir

This is the most crucial feature. You should always look capacity of the reservoir because this is the small water tank where you fill water to make the steam. If it is transparent then it will be very easy to see the water level. Always look for the detachable water reservoir that will make the process of filling water easier.

Advantages of a Steam Iron

  • It can remove the crease effectively
  • Having the latest features such as steam and spray
  • You can use it and vertical position for ironing
  • It can remove wrinkles easily and quickly
  • It can be used on curtains

Disadvantages of a Steam Iron

  • The body construction is heavy
  • It requires more energy
  • It is not compatible with all the fabrics


Iron is a small portable home appliance that keeps wrinkles away after washing clothes, garments, and other fabrics. It basically uses the combination of heat and pressure to remove wrinkles and make creases in fabrics.

In olden days Iron used to be very simple appliances of metal which is often very heavy. With the advancement in technology hot steam iron remove wrinkles with steam. It kills parasite and bacteria in cloth. It also makes your clothes free from any fungus and can easily remove mildew.

Overall, steam iron technology is very good technology to get your home chores related to clothing easily. I hope this article will help you to decide which steam iron you should consider while not compromising with your requirements.