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Best Steel Vegetable Stand in India 2022

Now in this article, we are going to know about the best steel vegetable stand. As the population is increasing, the houses are constructing with a small kitchen in India. Intends how can we place all the kitchen things in it? Here is the solution for that, usage of the vegetable stand for kitchen is one of those solutions.

These vegetable baskets are made of 100% stainless steel, corrosion and rust-free. As these are made of strong material, it lasts for years. These are coming in different models and designs which increases the beauty of your kitchen. Mostly these steel stands for kitchen are available in 3-tyre and 4-tyre. You can easily move this trolley from one place to other which is available with wheels.

These stainless steel vegetable trolleys occupy very less place and stores more things in it.  It takes only 8 to 10 inches place to fit anywhere in the kitchen. You can store vegetables, fruits, jars, utensils, packing items, and many more kitchen items in it. Depending upon the need you can buy either 3-tyre stand or 4-tyre stand.

Best Steel Vegetable Stand in India

Apart from the kitchen, you can use it for all of your rooms for different purposes. Like to store books and stationery items etc. It is very easy to maintain and clean also. You can get the best vegetable stand for home in online Stores.

Best Steel Vegetable Stand in India 2022

1. Kruvad 4 Layer Trolley Portable Storage Stainless Steel Organizer Holder Stand for Kitchen

Kruvad Steel 4 layer Kitchen Trolley for Fruits & Vegetable

Kruvad is producing one of the best steel vegetable stands with 4-layers. It is most suitable for modern kitchens in India. You can store any kind of vegetables, fruits, package contents, jars etc.

  1. This product can easily be installed and collapse to take anywhere. Kruvad used strong body material which is rust free.
  2. The attractive design and finishing look enhance your kitchen’s beauty. This 4 – layer trolley gives you enough place to store all your things.
  3. Kruvad® designed it with 100% stainless steel.
  4. It is the high durability product with corrosion and rust-free.
  5. You can easily use this as a stand and also as a trolley.
  6. It gives you huge storage capacity with the dimensions of 29 H x 16 L x 9 W (inch).
  7. It can be easily moved with the things in it from one place to another place in the house.
  8. You can use this product in any room for different purposes.


  • Mesh type design
  • Castor wheels for shifting
  • Could be used as stand and tire trolley
  • Stainless steel material for high durability
  • Lightweight mesh design ensure Better life
  • Ample storage in four tiers


  • No movement lock

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2. Zinbell 3 layer multiple purpose stainless steel kitchen trolley

ZINBELL 3 Layer Stainless Steel Kitchen Trolly

Zinbell three layer multipurpose stainless steel kitchen trolley is all in all storage option for every household kitchen item such as green vegetable, fruits. This multi purpose kitchen trolley brings the four caster wheels to facilitate easy movement of loaded vegetables as per the convenience of user.

  1. This kitchen trolley is made-up from stainless steel durable material which is also corrosion proof so that there is no worrying about water spoiled over the trolley.
  2. With all such feature it is very lightweight and weighs only 2.5 kilograms in unloaded condition.
  3. These all features making it most required unit in your kitchen, office etc.
  4. Zinbell has assembled kitchen trolley so there is no need of installation. It is ready to use.
  5. Storage capacity is designed in such a way that it will cater the need of versatile users.
  6. Its modern mesh design is sturdy and durable for long life.
  7. It is also comes with different capacity as per the requirement.


  • Lightweight product
  • Simple mesh design
  • 4 castor Wheels for balanced movement
  • Excellent build quality
  • Completely rust proof
  • Could be used to store  anything as per the convenience
  • True value for money
  • Wide shelves size for plenty of storage space


  • No caster wheel lock

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3. DHSVS Stainless steel four layer square fruit and vegetable trolley

DHSVS Stainless Steel Fruit & Vegetable Trolley

DHSVS Stainless steel four layer square fruit and vegetable trolley is robust kitchen trolley with heavy pipe to support all the side and make it more reliable. This kitchen trolley also raised 4.2 K kilogram and can carry more vegetables storage containers and also miscellaneous items.

  1. The body of stainless steel makes this vegetable trolley corrosion resist and gives stylish mirror look.
  2. This kitchen trolley comes in variety of different sizes to cater diversified needs.
  3. With modernization nowadays these trolley makes your kitchen space clean, tidy and organized.
  4. The Trolley comes along with the largest storage space in the same segment.
  5. But also have the caster wheels for easy seamless movement.
  6. Wide shelves mesh construction provide Gretel reliable storage.
  7. Easily fits into all the modern kitchens due to modern and elegant look.


  • Great value for money
  • Rigid build quality
  • Complete rust free
  • Spacious size
  • Chrome plating on surface for the durability
  • Wheels are made from virgin plastic


  • No castor reveal lock

4. Plantex Stainless steel three tier vegetable storage basket for kitchen

Plantex Stainless Steel Vegetable Storage Basket for Kitchen

Plantex Stainless steel 3 tier vegetable storage basket is made from high grade stainless steel perforated sheet with added nickel chrome finish for rust free and corrosion resist surface. It is an ideal storage unit for any stuff, for example vegetable, stationary, fruits or household items related to kitchen.

  1. It can be placed in floor, office desk, bathroom or toilet.
  2. It is made-up of stainless steel and holes are provided for the proper ventilation to ensure better the life of the stored vegetables.
  3. In design compartment it bring most reliable performance.
  4. Wider and taller shelves are useful for more storage.
  5. Plastic caster wheels for easy movement up and down shifting and leaves no scratch behind.
  6. One of the best quality build material in this segment it also brings 3 tier of parallel storage.


  • Most versatile storage unit
  •  Unlike mesh design it is perforated mesh
  •  Setting new standards in design with nickel Chrome finish
  •  Provide mirror like finish
  •  Almost no installation and ready to use
  •  One of the comfortable storage unit


  • Consume little more space in kitchen
  • Slightly costly
  • Wheels does not give facility to lock

5. Swadhin Stainless Steel 4-Tier Fruits & Vegetable Trolley Container Basket for Kitchen

Swadhin Stainless Steel Trolley for Kitchen Bathroom

Swadhin producing 4-tier Stainless Steel vegetable trolley along with 3-tier. Here in 4-tier, you can get more space to store all your kitchen items like vegetables, fruits, utensils, etc.

  1. It is the best 4 – layer organiser holder stand for the Indian kitchen. You can use this anywhere depend upon your needs like to keep food, pantry and kitchen items.
  2. It is perfect for organizing packets, salt, vinegar, baking supplies, etc.
  3. It is perfect for use in any room of your house including bathrooms for different purposes.
  4. Swadhin designed it with durable steel with gleaming chrome finish which offers reliability and modern appeal.
  5. Swadhin designed it with 4 shelves to store many things at a time one place.
  6. It can be used for different purposes like storing fruits, vegetables, books, cosmetic items, cookware items etc.


  • Great quality 302 stainless steel
  • Caster wheel for moment
  • Lightweight only weighs 1.9 kilograms
  • Value for money
  • Available and variety of sizes
  • Bring more storage in four shelves
  • Diversified use
  • Steel perforated design


  • Castor wheels made-up of plastic
  • Does not have movement lock

6. Dinta Mall Stainless Steel Portable Design 4 Layer Fruit and Vegetable Basket

Dinta Mall is producing one of the best kitchen vegetable baskets. The 4 – layer design helps you to store fruits, vegetables, pickle jars, and more kitchen items.

  1. You can easily install and collapse this product. This product comes with the attractive design, strong material, durable and rust-free.
  2. It enhances the beauty of your kitchen with the elegant finishing look. You can use this in any room of your house for multiple uses like to keep books, stationery, sewing items, etc.
  3. Dinta Mall producing highly durable and stainless steel vegetable stand for home.
  4. It comes with the elegant design along with corrosion and rust-free.
  5. It designed with the huge storage space with the dimensions of 29 H x 16 L x 9 W (inch).
  6. You can easily maintain and clean this product.
  7. It is movable and suitable for any room of your house for different purposes.


  • Portable perforated design
  • Folding design
  • Available in different sizes
  • Made from high grade premium stainless steel
  • Provide efficient storage option
  • Universal storage


  • Slightly costly
  • Plastic castor wheels

7. Priya Unique Stainless Steel Delsi Fruit, Vegetable Trolley

Priya Unique Stainless Steel Fruit Vegetable Trolley

Priya is one of the best steel vegetable stand sellers in India. It comes with the unique design which enhances the beauty of your kitchen.

  1. It is suitable for keeping vegetables, fruits, pickle jars, etc. You can easily move this from one place to another with the wheels fitted in it.
  2. It is not only suitable for your kitchen, you can use this in any room of your house for multiple purposes. This steel vegetable stand is available in online India.
  3. Priya used Ranakpur steel material which is trusted marque in stainless steel home appliance.
  4. It is very easy to clean and easy to assemble.
  5. This product is strong, sturdy and rust-free.
  6. It comes with the unique design of three different basket sizes in one single trolley like small, medium and big basket.
  7. The dimensions of small basket is 14L X 10W X 4.25H (inch), medium basket is 14L X 11W X 4.25H (inch), big basket is 14L X 12W X 4.25H.


  • Modern robust stainless steel look
  • 3 tier parallel storage
  • Comes with bold wheels for a movement
  • Available in different sizes
  • Universal storage option
  • Strong handles for grip


  • Slightly costly
  • No wheel lock

8. Gyanadh Stainless Steel 4 Layer Trolley Portable Storage Rack Design for Kitchen

Gyanadh Kitchen Trolley Fruits & Vegetable

Gyanadh 4 Layer Trolley is one of the best stainless steel vegetable stands in India. It is made of 100% stainless steel and it is a durable kitchen product.

  1. You can move easily this vegetable trolley on wheels while carrying from one place to another place and while cleaning the floor.
  2. It is easy to maintain and clean with a soft cotton cloth. You can store all kitchen things comfortably in it.
  3. The compact portable design with strong stainless steel gives you a long product life.
  4. Gyanadh stainless steel trolley is the 4 tier vegetable stand with an elegant design.
  5. This trolley comes with modern design and you can store fruits, vegetables, pickle jars, etc.
  6. They designed it corrosion and rust-free.
  7. The dimensions of the trolley are 29H x 16L x 9W (Inch) and each rack comes with the depth of 2.75 inches, it is more than enough to store all your vegetables.
  8. The design will give you good airflow to your vegetables and fruits.


  • Stainless steel mesh design
  • Caster movement
  • Foldable flexible design
  • Provide large storage capacity
  • Four parallel storage racks
  • Food grade stainless steel for better health safety
  • Unique space organizer


  • No movement controls

9. Swadhin 3 Layer Fruit and Vegetable Kitchen Storage Rack

Swadhin 3 Layer Fruit and Vegetable Stand

Swadhin is producing one of the best vegetable stands for kitchen. It is designed for the needs of the modern Indian kitchen.

  1. You can get enough place to store all the vegetables, fruits, and other kitchen items in this storage rack. Swdhin made this trolley stronger wired welding for your kitchen utensils also.
  2. It comes in a new model and attractive design. Along with the vegetables and fruits you can also use this to store daily use cookware, glass jars and containers, books and materials, and for stationery items also.
  3. This modern kitchen storage rack comes with the dimensions of 22 H x 16 L x 9 W.
  4. This Swadhin trolley is made up of 100% stainless steel.
  5. You can keep all your vegetables, fruits, groceries, and other kitchen accessories in this rack.
  6. It is one of the best steel vegetable stands which gives you efficient and good storage in a little place.
  7. Swadhin designed it with the chrome polish and 100 % rust-free for your kitchen accessories.
  8. It is large enough to store different kinds of kitchen items at a time in one small place using various racks.


  • Most versatile body design
  • Multi-purpose storage
  • It’s folding design allows installation and fold easily
  • True value for money
  • Castor wheels for movement
  • Elegant style storage unit.
  • Premium graded rust proof material


  • Caster wheels don’t have lock
  • Occupy floor space

10. Parasnath 4 Shelf Square Vegetable and Fruit Trolley

Parasnath Mirror Finish  Square Vegetable trolly

Parasanth is producing one of the best steel vegetable stands in India. It comes with the elegant square design with the mirror finish look which gives a decent look to your kitchen.

  1. The 4 shelf stand offers you to store more varieties of fruits, vegetables, jars, packed items, and utensils in it.
  2. With the help of wheels, you can move this trolley anywhere easily in the room/house.
  3. With this product, you can be completely satisfied while you use it. This is purely a made in India product.
  4. Parasanth offers a lifetime warranty on this 4 shelf square vegetable trolley.
  5. They have used high grade polished stainless steel material in it.
  6. The dimension of this product is 36 L x 14 B x 12 H (inch).
  7. This product comes with the corrosion and rust-free along with unbreakable wheels.
  8. It is very easy to install, maintain and clean.


  • High grade stainless steel body
  • Rust and corrosion resist
  • 4 tier ample space storage
  • Multi-purpose storage
  • Value for money
  • Handle and caster wheels for better movement and grip


  • Assembly required
  • No control on movement

As most of the Indian kitchens are narrow, stainless steel vegetable trolley is the amazing idea to store more things in less space. The best steel vegetable stand is made of pure stainless steel. It is available in 3- stair and 4-stair.

You can keep vegetables, fruits, jars, and even utensils also in it. By using this you can save your place and it can be fitted anywhere and you can hang it to the wall also.

It can be assembled and collapsed easily. As it is coming with wheels you can move it anywhere of your room/house easily. Surely, it is the best kitchen-friendly appliance which gives you the best results.