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Which Pedestal Fan Is Good for Home

Pedestal fans are powerful portable fans which are available in the market. These are generally oscillating fan supported by an adjustable height and tilt table head with feature of detachable stand. Pedestal fans are normally used to circulate cool air around the home with ability to easily change its position just by dragging it to desired location and plugging it to power supply.

It will provide you excellent cooling option when there is temporary cooling is required. For example, get together, functions at home, wedding and also large office gathering.

Best Pedestal Fan in India

Which Pedestal Fan Is Good for Home

Which pedestal fan is good for your house is dependent upon multiple factors such as economical, easy to use, portable, less maintenance and user friendly. Another influential factors such as the speed you are looking in a pedestal fan and overall electricity consumption cannot be neglected. Considering all the factors in mind the best overall pedestrian fans for home could be Havells gatik new 400 mm Pedestal fan. Havells gatik 400 mm fan is design with perfect optimum parameters to serve you well.

Does A Pedestal Fan Use a Lot of Electricity

In order to understand the consumption of pedestal fans, you should know that at what speed fan is actually running. Each and every fan power consumption is always dependent upon at what speed fan is running. For example, you have 75W fan and it is running at full speed so it will consume 75 watts. If you operate the same fan under half speed using a regulator then it will only consume the 50% of the initial power that is 37.5 Watts. Normally industrial pedestal fans are made with large size blades and large motors. Industrial pedestal fan occupies more area and use significantly use more power than usual domestic pedestal fans.

Which Pedestal Fan Brand Is Best

There are plenty of brand that do the manufacturing of pedestal fans in the Indian market. Generally these manufacturing companies serves the diversified need of Indian consumers and provide ample cooling to people of India throughout the year. Most of the famous brands available for pedestal fans are Atomberg, Usha, Bajaj, V guard, Crompton and Orient. You may consider buying pedestal fan from all these reputed brands. Just to be on safer side you should consider your requirements in advance before making the buying decision.

How Long Can You Run a Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans are designed to serve you in a longer continuous run. They can even serve you overnight as well. You can continuously leave a fan running for 8 hours on average without worrying about any unexpected damage. Continuous running for more than 8 hours needs an interval break to cool the motor of the fan for some time. This break let cool the motor and keep the motor functioning smoothly. It will also be a very nice idea to keep intervals of fan after a long run. This ensures that your pedestal fan could give you the same performance in a longer span.

Which Is the Most Popular Pedestal Fan

Searching for a pedestal fan could be exhaustive work. When it comes to choosing the best and most popular pedestal fan the first choice is the Atomberg efficio + 400 mm with energy saving BLDC motor which comes with advanced features like a remote control so that you need not worry about when to stop and start the pedestal fan. This fan also has a very excellent rating over Amazon and Flipkart so you can easily trust the product.

Which RPM Is Best for Pedestal Fan

The speed at which the pedestal fan operate is measured in revolution per minutes. The ideal range for speed in the case of a pedestal fan could be somewhere around 1300 to 1500 rpm. This range is considered to be in the normal speed range, whereas anything more than 2000 would be considered a high speed. The speed of the pedestal fan depends upon the motor taken into use for running the blades and the material from which the motor is made.

What Is Better Tower Fan or Pedestal Fan

The concept of the tower fan is popular in the fan market. The construction of the tower fan is in a vertical column type of body in which the blades are mounted and there is a vertical opening for circulating the air. Such kind of tower are generally less powerful than pedestal fan. Pedestal fan are great for large areas and stand above the furniture. Pedestal fan are also silently operated than tower fans. On the other side, tower fans work best comparatively at a few feet away from you.

Why Pedestal Fan Running Slow

There are several reasons that make your pedestal fan slow. It could be very small reason such as not cleaning the blades and the protective casing which act as a barrier for circulating a proper air ventilation. Sometime there as a technical issue that is cause to run the pedestal fan motor slower. Let’s discuss the possible cause that make your pedestal fan speed slow one by one

1. Mal-Function of Capacitor

The capacitor is an electric component which provides torque to your motor and which once started running rotate the blades and circulate a cool breeze of air to your body. So basically, capacitor is the most important electric component of any kind of fan. If there will be a malfunction in the capacitor then it won’t able to perform as it original perform. So this issue can be easily addressed by changing the capacitor.

2. Cleaning

One of the most probable cause that your pedestal fan is getting slower is once the debris are collected on the blades of the pedestal fan while running for a long time. It starts impacting the performance of the blade, this situation makes running of pedestal fans comparatively slow. It is very essential to execute a schedule cleaning of blades and the protective grills to not face slowing of fan.

3. Lack of Lubrication

Pedestal fans have many moving parts and all the moving parts attracted to lubricate once in a while to run pedestal fan at smoothly. It will not only facilitate to better performance of your pedestal fan also protect your pedestal fan component against any forthcoming failure.


Collectively, pedestal fans are one of the most promising fans that can be used when there are guest in the house. Considering each and every minor detail of requirement could help you to get end up getting a best pedestal fan in the market. I hope this article will help you to decide which pedestal fan as suitable for your need.