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Can I use a Bathroom Exhaust Fan in the Kitchen

A kitchen exhaust fan is one of the most used appliances in Indian kitchens. This fan effectively removes the odours, smoke, and pollutants generated in the kitchen. Before purchasing the exhaust fan, you should know clear information about the fan like its installation, its uses, types, best brand, and more. This article, let us know some information about kitchen exhaust fans.

Can I use a bathroom exhaust fan in the kitchen

Can I use a bathroom exhaust fan in the kitchen

No, bathroom fans should not be used for the kitchen. Because the kitchen fans should have the ability to move the high amount of air as they need to eliminate the water vapour along with volatile chemicals produced from cooking. Kitchen fans should also remove the odours resulting from cooking.

Generally, bathroom fans are rated at 50 to 130 CFM, but the kitchen fan would be rated at 300 CFM. Moreover, bathroom fans are 2″ inches less ducted than the average stove hood which cannot remove the grease and odour in the kitchen perfectly.

How many types of exhaust fans are there

There are 7 types of exhaust fans. They are

  1. Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fan: This fan is installed in a room which is not adjacent to an open space where the dirt is pulled out through the exhaust duct.
  2. Wall Exhaust Fan: It is used in homes that have walls directly opposite an open area. It works effectively at sucking stuffy and dirty air out of your home.
  3. Exhaust Fan Exterior: It is similar to a wall-mounted fan. It draws air inside the building and blows it outside. As this fan produces sounds outside, it does not make any noise inside.
  4. Window Exhaust Fan: These fans are placed against an open window. It has side panels that expand to cover the entire window opening. The high-power window fan can circulate air throughout the house.
  5. Inline Exhaust Fan: These fans are powerful blower fans and can move large volumes of air. It can produce up to 1500 CFM on a 12- inch model. Moreover, it consumes less energy compared to others.
  6. Exhaust Fan Cooker Hood: This fan pumps the air generated in the kitchen through the exhaust air duct. It performs excellently in eliminating the cooking odours and gases from combustion while cooking.
  7. Bathroom Exhaust Fan: This fan removes moisture in the bathroom very easily. These are smaller and more affordable compared to others.

How effective is an exhaust fan

The Indian kitchen includes a lot of air pollution and food and grease particles from airborne contaminants which lead to health problems. These problems can be solved by placing the exhaust fan in your kitchen.

An exhaust fan can effectively reduce air pollution in your kitchen and improve air quality by eliminating humidity, heat, harmful particles, and other pollutants from the atmosphere. Moreover, they help us in providing ventilation at home, cools the indoor space, and prevent the excess amount of moisture content from building up in the areas.

How do you mount an exhaust fan

To mount an exhaust fan, you need to follow a few instructions.

  1. First, measure the pipe length that you need to extend through your wall to the outside.
  2. Check the instructions on the fan to see whether the piping needs to extend above the range hood or go directly behind it.
  3. Now, measure 24 to 30 inches above your kitchen range to place the fan. Using a saw or drill, cut into the drywall.
  4. Cut out a vent in the outside wall using a pipe as an outline.
  5. By caulking the vent cap, place it on the exterior wall.
  6. Turn off the electricity and mount the new range hood by following the instructions guide.
  7. Using aluminium duct tape, connect the necessary pipes.
  8. Turn on the electricity and test the new exhaust fan.

Installation of a ducted exhaust fan is a little typical and time taking work. It should be installed by the experts or yourself with enough experience.

Which exhaust fan is best for the kitchen

The Luminous Vento Deluxe 150 mm Exhaust Fan is one of the best exhaust fans for the kitchen. Usha Aeroclean 300MM, Havells Ventil Air DX 200mm exhaust fan and Dust Metal Exhaust Fan are a few best kitchen exhaust fans.

How long can you run a kitchen exhaust fan

You can run the kitchen exhaust fan for one to two hours while cooking. If you want more than that, you need to install a more powerful fan to pull out smoke and cooking fumes. Use the exhaust fan while cooking, and you can leave it for 15 to 30 minutes after your cooking is done. If you need more than this, I suggest you run the fan at its lower speeds over the long run.

Otherwise, it may damage quickly. Moreover, auto-shut-off featured fans are introduced which automatically turn off after 3, 5, or 10 minutes which can remove additional smoke, grease, and odours effectively which are not captured while cooking.

Do kitchen exhaust fans need to be vented outside

Yes, kitchen exhaust fans need to be vented outside as these fans pull out the smoke, odours, and greasy polluted air outside. Because recirculating this polluted air in the kitchen causes health issues.

How do I vent my stove without a hood

There are some ways to maintain a healthy environment in your kitchen without using a range hood.

  1. Air Circulation: Try to get some air circulating in your kitchen by opening the near windows and can switch on the fan if present in your kitchen. It allows air to circulate all over the kitchen.
  2. Don’t neglect Splatter issues: Indian cooking includes a lot of splatters which accumulate on cabinets. Using a splatter guard can reduce the splatter or gunk on the surface while cooking.
  3. Cleaning: Wipe down the kitchen surfaces regularly, especially surfaces such as granite and wood cabinets. A solution of water and vinegar in equal amounts works safely on any type of surface and removes residue and odour quickly. Moreover, it is better to clean your stovetop frequently as soon as it cools down sufficiently. You should clean it weekly even though your cooking does not involve a messy stovetop.
  4. Install a window fan: If the kitchen includes a window, you can place a window fan while cooking and can remove it after use. It can bring fresh air quicker than a breeze and suck out stale air better than an exhaust fan.
  5. Changing Air Filter: Changing the air filter can reduce pollutants, and the kitchen smells in other rooms and is good for your lungs.

Proper maintenance and good ventilation are the major things to keep your kitchen clean. Do not cook in a completely enclosed space as the stovetop emits carbon monoxide.

How much does it cost to install a kitchen exhaust fan

The cost of installing a kitchen exhaust fan is between 20,000 rupees and 1,00,000 rupees depending on the work either to connect and hang the range hood or installation of new metal ductwork to exhaust the air outside.

Hence the exhaust fan can remove the smoke, odour, and pollutants present in the kitchen. By knowing the right information like the best brand, ducted or ductless, installation and its cost, etc, the fan can perform well for long years. Even though installation is little hard and expensive, these fans perform great while cooking. However, the Luminous Vento Deluxe 150 mm Exhaust fan is one of the best fans in the market.