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How Do I Choose an Electric Rice Cooker

An electrical rice cooker or rice steamer is a kitchen appliance designed to prepare rice automatically. It uses electricity to produce heat. It consists of a heat source, a cooking bowl, and a thermostat. Basically, the thermostat measures the temperature of the cooking element and controls the heat according to the requirement.

Over ordinary pressure cookers, electric rice cookers are specially designed to deliver the boiling of rice in a completely automated way. This electric rice cooker simplifies the household kitchen work to streamline overall functionality without continuously watching over the boiling of food unlike in the case of an ordinary pressure cooker.

How Do I Choose an Electric Rice Cooker

How Do I Choose an Electric Rice Cooker

Cooking rice is a daily task that has to be done without skipping a single day. Such repetitive tasks can be sometimes too much exhaustive. Perhaps cooking rice is not an easy task if you are not familiar with the method of cooking rice in any utensil pot you would be struggling a lot to cook perfectly cook rice.

Even if you are an expert in cooking rice you must be standing around the kitchen to keep it until it gets ready. And in both situations, if you haven’t added sufficient water then your rice is not going to be perfectly fluffy. What if I told you there is a product that makes rice boiling and cooking more convenient than pressure cooker.

Electric rice cookers are in demand because they make rice cooking very easy. Electric rice cookers are loaded with a lot of features. Therefore it is important to note the requirement when buying an electrical rice cooker. Let’s understand all the parameters you should keep in mind while buying it.

Capacity of Cookware

It is one of the basic criteria when it comes to choosing an electrical rice cooker. Basically, the rice cooker is available in different sizes and capacities generally you will find an electrical rice cooker available with capacities ranging from 1 liter to 5 liters and sometimes even more. You should always consider the size of your family while buying an electrical rice cooker. For example, if your family is small 3 to 4 people then you should consider 2 to 3 liters of capacity.  You should also consider the average recruitment of the rise that you make on daily basis.

Convenient of Using

Nowadays, an Electric rice cooker comes along with Modern features such as one touch operations button making it very convenient to operate electric rice cooker. Modern functionality and digital control are needed in order to perform the operation with ease. Other functions such as self timer, delay start, slow and fast cooking are also available. These features will facilitate you to give fluffy rice whenever it’s lunch or dinner time.


While selecting any appliance you must be well aware of its design functionality. Few designs are uniquely built so that you are able to easily clean the appliance and the cookware itself. On other hand few designs are made to give you an extra features and safety for example Food grade material will enhance the taste of the rice as well as keep food safe. Nonstick coating on the cooking bowl always beneficial for serving you longer.

Multi Functionality

It is always beneficial if your rice pressure cooker will also make other dishes such as steaming the vegetables, meat, and fish. Other models of electric pressure cookers also give you facility to boil your pulses.  Pressure cooker multi functionality is to be considered while purchasing a new electric rice cooker. Considering this may save a lot of kitchen space and streamline your cooking process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size rice cooker do I need for 4 people?

As per the size of the family the pressure cooker and its serving capacity is also going to change. Generally the electric rice cooker are available in range of one liter to five liters. The recommended size for 4 serving family member would be somewhere around 2 to 4 liters based on the average consumption of rice on daily basis. For preparing this you need two cups of rice and two cups of water in case of white rice.

Is an electric rice cooker worth it?

Our Indian food culture is evolved in such a way that every lunch and dinner as even snack option is made from rice thus cooking it is basic necessity. Considering this aspect in mind it will be always better to have an electric rice cooker in house. To prepare all kind of rice recipes.

Is electric rice cooker rice healthy?

Generally, all the electric pressure cookers are built with food grade metal or stainless steel for food safety and a healthy food that you can get out of the pressure cookers. In fact now a day’s cooker and small families and bachelors are giving you an option of cooking rice hassle free. So you always get the best in class healthy rice cooked every time.

Do rice cookers cook rice faster?

Electric rice cookers are usually pick the heat very faster due to 1000 watts or 1200 Watts of instant supply. This results in getting the heat faster to the base of cookware and thus produce the rice in a fraction of minutes, when compared to ordinary pressure cooker which could take 30 minutes or so to cook the rice.

Can I reheat rice in rice cooker?

You can use rice cooker to reheat your left over or give a quick heat if you haven’t finish the lunch or dinner within the prescribe time. So you can definitely cook your meal or leftover meal over the rice cooker.

What is the ratio of rice to water in a rice cooker?

When it comes to cooking rice 1:1 is the formula to go with. It means that take one bowl of rice add one bowl of water to get the perfect cook fluffy rice every time. Similarly maintain the ratio for each portion of rice preparation.

Do rice cookers use less water?

When you compare with utensil cookware usually rice cooker utilize less water and make the perfect delicious rice for your meal. It consume less water since the water vapour is trapped inside the pressure cooker and it won’t let go the pressure and it releases the water vapour slowly at the end of cooking.

What happens if you put too much water in rice cooker?

Adding too much water in to rise could completely make your rice mushy and overcooked. It can also spoil your rice taste. So you don’t want such and unpleasing rice for your dinner or lunch. It is better to put rice and water ratio according to the requirement.