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How Can I Keep My Kitchen Cool

Kitchen is a place where most of the dishes are cooked include frying, grilling, masalas, etc. Due to the preparation of these types of food, the kitchen becomes hot and uncomfortable. One great idea to keep my kitchen cool is to install kitchen exhaust fan.

Placing the right type, size, and material of the kitchen exhaust fan, helps in reducing the fumes, heat, smoke, and other unpleasant odours and circulates the fresh air and gives you a healthy environment in the kitchen. 

How can I keep my kitchen cool

One of the best solutions to keep the kitchen cool is to fix the exhaust fan in your kitchen as it removes the heat and circulates the fresh air. Installing a kitchen exhaust or an exhaust fan can eliminate the hot air, smoke, and unpleasant odours, and brings cool air inside.

What does the kitchen fan do

A kitchen exhaust fan lessens cooking emissions in your kitchen in two ways. Either, it removes the emissions directly at the stove before they mix with the surrounding air or it increases the overall air exchange in the room to pull out the heat, and pollutants. Meanwhile, it also eliminates bad odour, carcinogens, smoke, and grime through its ducting systems. These fans reduce the smoke damage to the kitchen walls and ceilings as they are located above a stovetop.

Which type of fan is best for the kitchen

A small exhaust fan at the ceiling is enough for the kitchen as it can get rid of the smoke, odours, and stagnant air. Moreover, it performs great in cooling down the kitchen and drying the wet floor quicker. 

Is it ok to put a fan in the kitchen

Yes, placing a fan in the kitchen has several benefits. Due to the presence of a stove and oven, the kitchen remains hot compared to other rooms and it feels discomfort while cooking. Keeping a ceiling fan provides a cool and steady breeze, gets rid of odours and smoke, keeps away mosquitoes and other insects, and consumes less energy.   

Is the exhaust fan enough for a kitchen

Even though the exhaust fan removes smoke and odours, simple and safe to use in the kitchen, it cannot pull out the entire smoke volume from the kitchen due to its constant location and distant positioning. Due to its low suction power, it cannot remove the oil and grease from the kitchen and they attach to the walls, ceilings, and inside parts of the kitchen and looks ugly.

Although, if your kitchen is very small, the ceiling is low, and your electricity budget is low, then the exhaust fans are the best solution. Otherwise, I recommend having a kitchen chimney in your kitchen gives you more benefits.

Which size of exhaust fan is best for the kitchen

Generally, a 12-inch exhaust fan is sufficient for the kitchen which is 10x9x8 cubic feet. The actual thumb rule is you need a fan size of 1 CFM per square foot of room area. Square foot of area = length x breadth.

Which company exhaust fan is best

Luminous Vento Deluxe is one of the best exhaust fan brands. Havells Ventil Air, Usha Aeroclean, and Orient Electric Hill are a few popular brands for exhaust fans.

Are plastic or metal exhaust fans better

An exhaust fan with metal blades is the better option for Indian kitchens where the frying and grilling dishes are more. Because metal blade fans are easy to clean, sturdy, and durable.

However, by choosing the best exhaust fan by considering its size, capacity, material, blades, and others, you can benefit from a healthy atmosphere around your kitchen. Hence, Luminous Vento Deluxe is said to be the best exhaust fan brand for its excellent performance.