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What Should I Look for When Buying an Exhaust Fan

The exhaust fan eliminates the pollutants and contaminants from the indoor air and makes the air fresh and clean. By choosing the right CFM, size, noise level, and blade material for the fan and locating it in the right place, the exhaust fan can perform much better. Let us know a few things regarding the size, CFM, and location of exhaust fans.

What Should I Look for When Buying an Exhaust Fan

What should I look for when buying an exhausting fan

Exhaust fan is the best way to keep your kitchen cool. Before purchasing the exhaust fan, you should look for a few things below.

  1. Size: The major factor to consider while buying an exhaust fan is the size of the exhaust fan. One vent is sufficient for the 100 sqft room area. So, if your room is more than it, then the room needs more than one vent.
  2. CFM Capacity: Calculate the CFM value according to your kitchen size and choose the fan according to the result. To increase the airflow efficiency, choose the high CFM and low-wattage fan.
  3. Features: Choose advanced features like motion sensing capability, humidity sensor, timer, and a light which you feel necessary.
  4. Noise Factor: Sones represent the noise level of the fan, the quiet fan rate is at 1.0 sone or less and will be a little expensive. Choose a fan with less noise like exterior exhaust fans which emits the room’s sound quickly.
  5. Efficiency: The vent with a high-efficiency rate can deliver improved performance with less power supply. Choose branded products as they are 75% energy efficient.
  6. Blade Material: There are two types of materials used for the fabrication of blades. Metal and plastic vents. Metal vents are riskier compared to plastic ones during any accidental fall of a fan. But the metal ones are easy to clean as the Indian kitchen includes more grilling and frying dishes which forms dust on the fan faster. Considering safety, you can choose plastic blades.
  7. Power Consumption: You should choose a vent that consumes less power. Silent motors consume less power whereas highly powerful motors consume more power due to high CFM.
  8. Design and Color: To increase your interior look, you should choose the best design and colour for the fan. Most people prefer white colour which easily suits the interiors and gives modernity to your room.
  9. Duct Size: Check the right duct diameter that fit the duct connector on the fan and purchase. Choosing proper ducting for an exhaust fan leads to functioning effectively.

What is the difference between a ventilation fan and an exhaust fan

Even though the ventilation fan and an exhaust fan produce fresh and clean air, their applications are different. The ventilation fan brings fresh air from outside to the enclosed space whereas the exhaust fan eliminates the pollutants and contaminants like smoke, dust, odour, and moisture from the indoor air.

Moreover, exhaust fans are used in bathrooms, kitchens, and factories and are placed near windows and exhaust hoods. While ventilation fans are used in bedrooms, offices, and corridors and are placed at ceilings and vent systems.

Where should I put my kitchen exhaust fan

The kitchen exhaust fan should be placed directly over the kitchen stove and installed in the range hood, mounted on the wall, or integrated with the microwave oven. No obstacle should be placed between the fan and the stove. This fan needs to be ducted to exhaust outside the home and should not be exhausted into the attic, crawlspace, or any other place inside the building.

What does CFM mean to a fan

CFM refers to cubic feet per minute. CFM represents the airflow which is the amount of air the fan moves. Hence, if CFM is more, the fan moves more air. So, always select high CFM and low-wattage fans to increase the efficiency of power usage and provide excellent ventilation in your house.

How much CFM do I need

To know the CFM, first, you need to add the BTUs of each burner and the total should be divided by 100. Here BTU refers to the amount of energy required to heat or cool 1 lb of water by 10 F at sea level. If your cooktop includes four burners and their BTU is 40,000, then 40000/100= 400 CFM. So, your range hood must be 400 CFM or higher.

What is the standard size of the exhaust fan

The standard size of the exhaust fan is 150mm (6”). The exhaust fan size depends on the duct and CFM capacity. If the length and width of the kitchen room are 7 feet and 5 feet, then it requires 35 CFM minimum power for the fan.

How do I know what size exhaust fan I need

The thumb rule is that the fan should be at least 1 CFM per square foot of room area.

1 square foot of room = length x width.

If the length is 9 feet and the width is 6 feet, then the square footage is 54. So, you should need at least 54 CFM fans or higher.

Hence, we can say that choosing the right CFM for your exhaust fan can perform great because the higher the CFM, the greater the airflow efficiency. Moreover, we need to consider a few things like CFM, location, material, features, sones, etc of the fan while purchasing it.