best tower fans in India

Top 5 Best Tower Fans in India 2020

Which are the best tower fans in India ? if you are searching answer of this question then you are on the right article.

Here we will give you some of the best tower fans reviews with its price and features. We will also tell you which tower fan is best to buy.

What is tower fan?

A tower fan is an electric fan with powerful moter. These fans blow out air at 90-degree angle. It comes with a tiny inlet at the side which allows air to get into it. It has slim and tall units with tall columns which blast out air from it. You can buy these fans online and a tower fan price is less that a cooler or AC.

Some fans are equipped with features like: ionizers for air purification, built-in air purifier, dehumidifier and remote control. They also have a detachable air filter. There are many tower fans are available in India. In this article we have given the 5 best tower fan price in India.

Best Tower Fan in India 2020
Best Tower Fan in India

Silent Features

  1. These fans are tall and slim so they can be accommodated in small areas without taking much space.
  2. Tower fans are lightweight because they are made up of strong plastic material.
  3. These fans are noiseless.
  4. They have a built-in air purifier, detachable air filter, and dehumidifier.
  5. These fans are portable, easy to operate, stable, energy, and space saver.
  6. It keep the air fresh and clean.

Top 5 Best Tower Fans in India 2020

1. Kelvinator KTF-131 4 Blade Tower Fan

Kelvinator KTF-131 4 Blade Tower Fan comes with a slim design which fits almost anywhere. It functions very quietly hence it is known for its noiseless functioning. This kelvinator tower fan has three-speed air control option and motorized louvers which gives direct fresh air. This is best tower fan in India.

This fan includes many features like castor wheels for portability and vertical design for better airflow.

Kelvinator KTF-131 4 Blade Tower Fan

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  1. It functions very quietly.
  2. It has castor wheels so that it is portable.
  3. These come with a three-speed air controller.
  4. It includes motorized louvers which give direct fresh air.
  5. Technical specifications: motor speed-5000RPM, power consumption-60W.

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2. Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan comes with high velocity and maximum airflow. Dyson tower fan is designed to create a powerful and smooth stream of air using less energy. The air is pushed through the bladeless design which is drawn from the surroundings.

It includes features like magnetized remote control, LED digital display and sleep timer. With all these functionalities you can create a perfect atmosphere in any room. This is most efficient and best tower fan in India.

Dyson 63456-01 Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

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  1. It is made up of streamlined air channels which help in reducing airflow turbulence hence it functions very quietly.
  2. It has sleep timer which can be set to turn off after interval varying from 15 minutes to 9 hours.
  3. It is easy to clean and use as it doesn’t have grilles and spinning blades.
  4. It has a remote control unit which has 10 precise airflow settings.
  5. It is designed to create powerful airflow so it consumes very less power.

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3. V Guard Veemagik 750mm Tower Fan

V Guard Veemagik 750mm Tower Fan is sleek and stylishly designed and will blend into your home decor with ease. It is provided with automatic swing movement which ensures high levels of air delivery.

It has a 40w motor for good cooling which makes it a must-have product. It comes with a three-step fan speed controller. It has a much better airflow than any other fan. It has a strong base with very lightweight. Its portable and user-friendly.

V Guard Veemagik 750mm Tower Fan

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  1. It is designed elegantly with a sleek and stylish body.
  2. It has an inbuilt timer with a preset interval of 2 hours.
  3. It comes with 3 step fan speed control.
  4. It is lightweight and portable.
  5. Technical specifications: Power-40W, Sweep-750 mm, motor speed-1350 RPM.

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4. Lazer Plastic Oscillating Tower Fan

Lazer Plastic Oscillating Tower Fan is designed elegantly with a sleek and slim body. It is made up of elongated grills which provide a larger comfort zone. It includes fresh air ionizer with a 7-hour timer.

This comes with remote control with 3-speed settings and is ideal for bedroom, living areas, and offices.

Lazer T48300IN Plastic Oscillating Tower Fan

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  1. It has fresh air ionizers which give fresh and pure air.
  2. It has widespread oscillating which gives maximum air.
  3. It has a sleep timer with a preset interval of 7 hours.
  4. It has 3-speed settings with remote control.
  5. It has elongated grills to provide a larger comfort zone.

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5. VITEK High-Velocity 120-Watt & 90° Rotating Tower Fan

The first product in the list of best tower fans in India is VITEK High-Velocity. This is a compact device which creates powerful fresh and cool air throughout the room. It is powerful, reliable and stylish.

It has three-speed mode i.e high/mid/slow which can be manually adjusted. It is very convenient to use as it comes with remote control and large LED display which reads your room temperature.

VITEK High Velocity 120-Watt & 90° Rotating Tower Fan

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  1. It’s a high-velocity fan which is powerful, compact, stylish and easy to use.
  2. It comes with remote control and also has a LED display which reads the room temperature.
  3. This fan also comes with a timer control to use according to your requirement.
  4. It is mechanized with 90-degree oscillation with vertical louver and it can be adjusted manually.
  5. It has a speed controller which can be set to High/mid/low.

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It was our list of top 5 best tower fan in India 2020. You can compare features and see the current price from the respective link. You can compare features and choose the best for you.

Best Tower Fan Buying Guide 2020

These fans are designed in a long, vertical housing unit where the blades are kept away from the hands and look superb too. These fans need very less space and are having built-in ionizers which purify the air and dust, pollen and animal dander. Some of them can switch into misting fan mode or humidifier action.

How tower fan works?

This Fan propels the air to the blades, which spins only in one direction. The airflow from this fan is narrow and focused. The work of this fan is to pull air and flows out in a wider span. The impeller blades inside this fan cylinder move the air through the column and pass outside the vents. The air blower along with air impeller moves air through a vertical shaft. An inlet is placed at the side of the tower to travel air to the air guide and outside the vents. Clean the vents without dust and debris at least once a season in order to avoid damage.

Advantage of Tower Fan

  1. It provides cooling relief with minimal noise.
  2. It works effectively to spread the airflow all around your room.
  3. They can fit well and can blend in most of the areas in your home.
  4. The nightlight and an ionizer are also found on tower fan.
  5. You can also adjust the speed settings.
  6. The air from the fan is purified and helps the people who are suffering from asthma and any type of allergies.
  7. The blades and the moving parts of the fan are well encased in the units and give you safety air.
  8. Available in more shapes and designs which help to your home more decorative.
  9. These fans are energy efficient and save your electricity bills.

Tower fan vs Pedestal fan

  1. Tower fans emits no noise whereas pedestal fan is quite noisy
  2. These fan is designed elegantly stylish slim and tall so it distributes the air throughout the room at a 90-degree angle whereas pedestal fan is bulky looking.
  3. Tower fans offer air ionization giving pure and fresh air, whereas pedestal fans doesn’t have ionization in it.

Are there any Specifics in Using the Tower Fan?

  • These fans are very portable and can adjust in very low spaces.
  • The air is blown vertically in the tower fans through the unit and exiting through the small opening. A layer is added to these appliances for safety. A timer shut off the system and a considerable programme which helps you to be safe.
  • This fan acts as a cooler, humidifier and air purifier which makes the fan efficient and environmentally friendly. Shutting off at the desired time by using an auto shut off system will also help to save the environment.
  • These fans are designed with very little noise while operating.
  • Along with many applications, people are expecting an amazingly designed fan which brings more beauty to their places.
  • These are very easy to operate.
  • The people suffering from asthma and allergies are best suited for choosing these fans.

Factors you need to Consider before Buying Tower Fans

  1. Noise:

The fan with a quiet operation or very less noise is the best  fan. In offices and during nights we wish to have a less noisy fan, so this is the important feature that we should consider. You should check for buffeting, thrumming and whining noises before you buying a tower fan.

  1. Adjustable Height and Angle:

The adjustable height and weight make you easy to place in different areas in your house. The breeze from the fan depends on the angle you placed. So, choose the fan with adjustable height and angle to meet your requirement.

  1. Fan Modes:

There are different modes depending on the variety of fans like natural mode, sleep mode, etc. Choose the fan model according to your requirement.

  1. Remote Control:

Some best tower fans come with a remote control which makes the operating easy and comfortable.

  1. Timer:

Some models have a timer feature to switch the fan off after a particular period by selecting the time period as 2-hour or more in timer. It is useful when you are going to sleep, to switch off automatically by morning.

  1. Display:

The display is also an important feature that you should consider before buying a  fan. Display indicator feature is included in some tower fans to show fan settings.

  1. User Experience:

Experience of the users is also very important. The previous users of tower fan can give you more information about it.

  1. Oscillation:

Oscillation is used to push the airflow at various angles. It is used to spread the cool air equally to the whole room. It mostly comes with 70-90 degree angles. Choose the widest angle of oscillation, if your room is very big.

  1. Stability:

Choose the tower fan with anti-slip feet or wide base to place the fan with stability.

  1. Brands and Price

Choose the brand and price which is suitable for your budget. Also consider the quality, specifications and different features of the product.

Common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of Tower Fans

What are the general benefits of tower fans?

There are several benefits of these fans like space saving, stylish look, providing efficient cool air with minimum noise, timers, remote controls, breeze settings, oscillating options, fan speeds, reduces electricity bills. All these benefits of tower fans are available at low cost.

How loud are tower fans?

These are designed in such a way that they provide air without any noise and are also designed to stop any other possible noises. This is the reason these are having high demand among other fans. Hence these are best suitable for office, study room, and bedroom applications.

Are tower fans easy to operate?

Tower fans are having different functionalities and options to operate but it still looks very easy to operate. Some of these fans come in different modes like dry mode, air purifying mode, humidifying mode and more. You can choose any mode among the different modes according to your requirement.

Are tower fans portable?

Tower fans are available in a portable size and can move very easily from one room to another room. These are not only portable but also lightweight.

Should I be concerned about safety when operating my fan?

Before buying any product, we should look for our safety too along with their features and quality. Tower fans are designed in such a way that it operates in a safe way. It provides air vertically through the unit and exiting through the small opening. An additional layer is also added on these appliances for safety. An auto-timer shut off the system and considerable program also helps you to be safe.

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