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What is Difference Between Wet Grinder and Dry Grinder

A wet grinder is a grinder that operates on a mixture including water. It consists of two or three granite stones rolled one against another and grinding the mixture between them. Wet grinders and dry grinders are two types of grinders used for grinding different types of items. It is necessary to consider a few things like capacity, blade, stone types, wattage, and grinder usage before purchasing the wet grinder.

What is a wet grinder machine

A wet grinder is an electronic home appliance used for making pastes from grains and lentils which are used in cooking dosas, and idlis in south Indian cuisine. It includes a few granite stone plates rolled against another stone plate and grinding the items between them. It does not generate a lot of heat like a mixer or blender which leads to a change in the flavour of food. 

What is the difference between a wet grinder and a dry grinder

Dry grinding reduces the size of the single-pass process by entering the material into the mill, passing through and expelling. On the other hand, wet grinding uses the recirculation process by grinding the slurry over and over for hours if necessary until we get the desired size.

Dry grinding does not include liquids during grinding but in wet grinding, the carrier fluid should be compatible with the raw feed. Whether the liquid is water, oil, solvent or surfactant, it should mix with the grinding media, agitators, or other components.  

How to use a wet grinder

The usage and maintenance of a wet grinder are very easy.

  • First of all, place the drum on the centre rod of the wet grinder and rotate it for clicking perfectly.
  • Next place the roller mechanism into the drum, close the lid and press down to lock it.
  • Open the lid door and pour a cup of water into the drum.
  • Switch on the grinder and wait until the grinding stones pick up speed.
  • Now add the ingredients in small quantities into the wet grinder through the open lid. Add little water occasionally to keep the mixture moist.
  • Continue the same ingredients until the mixture gets the desired consistency.
  • After getting a perfect consistency, turn off the grinder and press the release lock to open the arm. Pull up the roller mechanism from the drum to remove it.
  • To remove the batter, use the batter cleanser over the drum and place the roller mechanism on top of the batter cleanser.
  • Rotate the stones manually to remove the batter from them and let drop the batter into the mixture.
  • Finally, remove the roller mechanism and the batter cleanser from the drum and also remove the drum from the grinder to pour out the batter. You can store the batter in the drum if necessary.

What things we can grind in a wet grinder

The wet grinder is used to grind the soaked lentils, grains, etc into a fine smooth paste. It can also grind the scraped coconut. It can grind large quantities of the mixture at a time to prepare vada, idli, dosa, and medu. Moreover, it can also grind the chutney or masala on a large scale. In addition to that, the latest wet grinders feature an atta kneader which is used to knead different types of dough. There are several types of wet grinder according to your need.

Which is the best wet grinder for your home

Since wet grinders are frequently used in Indian kitchens, it is very important to consider a few things like wattage, blade, capacity, and many more before purchasing the wet grinder. One of the best-wet grinders for the home is Elgi Ultra 150W Table Top Wet Grinders. Butterfly Smart wet grinder, Prestige, and Pigeon are some other best-wet grinders.

Is Elgi wet grinder good

Yes, Elgi wet grinder is an awesome appliance compared to other brands. It includes unique conical-shaped stones which perform well at grinding and also increase fermentation which results in more quantity and fluffiness. Maintenance and cleaning are easy and have high durability. Moreover, it is available with stainless steel drum with 2 litres of capacity that is best for everyday usage.

How many watts wet grinder is good for a home

Indians use wet grinders very frequently to make batter for different cuisines. Hence the wattage between 150W to 200W is perfect for home use.

Can we grind dry spices in a wet grinder

No, the wet grinder can grind only the items along with liquids. The dry spices cannot be grind in a wet grinder. The dry spices can be grind in a spice grinder which is used for both wet and dry grinding.

However, the wet grinder can reduce the particle size to the desired size by using the recirculating process. It can grind large quantities of items like batter to make idli, dosa, and vada, and can prepare chutneys or masalas on a large scale. By considering the capacity, durability, maintenance, cleaning, etc, we can say that the Elgi Ultra 150W Table Top Wet Grinder is considered a best-wet grinder.