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Best Kitchen Hobs in India – Review & Buying Guide

Kitchen hob is the basic kitchen appliances in every family. Usually it comes with 4 burners. It not only gives aesthetic look to your kitchen, it helps you to cook healthy food in less time more efficiently.

After a proper research, I have listed top ten kitchen hobs of leading brands in this article. Elica, Sunflame, Hindware, Bosch, Prestige, Whirlpool, Faber, Preethi are the best kitchen hobs in India.

Glass top gas stove are easy to clean and maintain. Brass burners are efficient than aluminium burner. High quality knobs, pan support, rings of the burner, hybrid technology are the other important features you have to know before buying a kitchen hob.

These advanced features give you excellent cooking experience compared to traditional gas stove. Best 4 burner gas stove in India are also mentioned in this article.

Along with the product description, I have added with buying guide for kitchen hobs at the end of this article. I have also tried to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions on kitchen hob. Hope it will clear your doubt on the Best hob for Indian cooking like features, functionality, design and options of hobs are discussed in detailed manner.

Best Kitchen Hobs in India

Installation process, safety precautions, cleaning procedure, pros and cons of hobs, smart features of the cooktop are also mentioned in the buying guide along with basic information. You will come to know about the best auto ignition gas stove in India after reading this article.

Best Kitchen Hobs in India 2020

1. Elica Three Brass Burner Cooktop Hob (Flexi Brass HCT 375 Dx)x

Elica is the most trusted brand in India. They are specialised in manufacturing kitchen hobs and chimneys.

Elica three brass burner cooktop hob is one of the premium collection with ultra slim floating design. Its supreme black glass finish, not only give its elegant look also easy to clean and maintain.

Glass hobs are preferred by everyone due to its easy cleaning surface and even heat distribution. The size of this cooking hob is dimension: 750x450x45mm and cutting size: 710x410x50mm.

It has 2 mini triple ring and 1 double ring brass burners. It is the main component of this hob. Brass burners are preferred, due to its long durability.

It withstands corrosion and high heat compared to aluminium burners. The triple and double ring brass burner provides intense heat, which helps you in fast cooking.

This hob comes with enamelled cast iron grid, which prevents rusting. The mini triple ring brass burner is added with heavy duty black paint.

This provides high efficiency and long life for the brass burners. It can be used both as freestanding traditional cooktop or built in hob.

This flexibility with advanced features makes it the best kitchen hob in India. This product comes with two years of warranty for burners, micro switch, spark plug, jets and generator.

Black heat resistant coated brass burners are not covered under warranty for its discoloration. It comes with 5 years of warranty on glass and valves.

Top features

  • Glass finish: easy to clean and even heat distribution
  • Brass burner: resistant to corrosion and long life.
  • Enamel coated cast iron grid: enamel coating prevents rusting.
  • Flexible model: can be used both as freestanding and in-built hob.

2. Sunflame Hob Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stovex

Sunflame provides wide range of glass cooktop. Its gives elegant look to your kitchen with its classy glass finish cooktop.

It is made up of toughened shatterproof glass which protects it from minor breakage. This toughened glass is more durable than regular one which long last for years without any problem.

Sunflame provides high efficiency brass burners. It is more durable, resistant to corrosion and compatible to high heat.

These features makes it hassle-free and easy to use. It unique design makes it more efficient by providing fast and uniform heat distribution.

The Euro coated pan support feature prevents the movement of pan while cooking. This latest technology helps in uniform heating for any cooking apparatus along with easy cleaning.

Auto ignition knob lights up immediately, when the knob is turned on. Its ergonomic knob design ensures effortless use, precise flame control and safe usage of the cooktop.

It is provided with stainless steel drip trays which is easy to clean. The control knobs are soft and smooth to operate.

Hi-quality design with glass top ensures easy cleaning and low maintenance. The cooktop is made up of high quality material, where the body is brushed with matte finish stainless steel.

The base of the cook top is designed in such a way to carry heavy weights.

This is the best kitchen hob in India which is made up of long lasting durable material and features.

Top Features

  • Pan supports: provides extra strong pan support.
  • Brass Burner: High efficiency and suitable for Indian cooking.
  • Toughened glass: Easy to clean, safe, durable and scratch resistant.

3. Hindware Ensemble Elisa Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Hindware glass top gas stove is made with advanced features and latest technology. It is the best kitchen hob in India with affordable price and unique features.

It is made up of toughened glass, which is easy to clean and maintain. Read the instruction manual and follow the precautions before using the glass top.

Auto ignition automatically ignites a gas burner. Just turn the knob of the gas stove, to ignite the gas. It is provided with ZAMAC knobs for precise flame control.

It is efficiently used along with the brass burner, which fits Indian cooking. The enamel coated drip tray is easy to clean and prevents rusting.

Cast iron square pan supports prevents the movement of pan and provides extra strong support.

This product comes with one year warranty on product. This is the best auto ignition gas stove in India.

Top features

  • Auto ignition: Automatically ignites a gas burner.
  • ZAMAC knobs: Precise flame control
  • Enamel coated drip tray: Rust proof and easy to clean.
  • Brass burner: Efficient cooking.
  • Cast iron pan support: extra support for pan.

4. Elica Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Glass Topx

Elica provides supreme collections of glass top with advanced features and latest technology. Elica is the best hob for Indian cooking.

This cooktop is made up of toughened premium glass, which is scratch resistance and protects from corrosion.

It provides long lasting durability. You can finish your cooking in a short time with its multi flame control brass burner feature.

It is highly efficient and helps you in multitasking. The cast iron round grid provides additional support for your cook pots while cooking.

It ensures stability of cookware along with safety with its matte enamelling. The ring brass burners are designed in a special way to suit different types of cooking and different size and shape of cooking pot.

It is features with 4 different size burners which is 2 double ring, 1 dual and 1 mini triple ring brass burner.

It provides efficient cooking along with wide variety of options. The Elica cooktop is fitted with premium quality metallic knobs.

It is easy to operate, which provides friction less rotation to adjust the flame while cooking.

This slim glass top cooktop is the best kitchen hob in India with latest design and features.

Top features

  • High quality metallic knobs: Ensures friction less rotation to control the flame while cooking.
  • Ring brass burner: Different types and size helps in efficient cooking.
  • Cast iron round grid: Provides extra strong support for the cookware.
  • Multi flame control: helps you in multitasking and fast cooking.

5. Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove (Elite Hybrid HD 704 Brass Gas Hob)

Whirlpool home appliances are innovative with advanced technology. It is the best gas hob in India.

Experience healthy and safe cooking with elite hybrid gas stove. This hybrid design hob can be used as both free standing and in-built cook top in your kitchen.

Make your modern kitchen more elegant with this 6th sense technology elite gas stove. Its multi-ring multi-control burner with high efficiency is best suited for Indian cooking.

You can do multitasking and fast cooking with this feature. This gas stove is made up of high durable and heat resistant toughened glass.

It is easy to clean and maintain. The cast iron grid provides rust proof.

The chrome finish knobs of the cooktop are heat resistant, which helps in long duration cooking.

Its auto ignition option automatically ignites the burner by just turning the knobs.

This product comes with 10 year warranty on toughened glass and 5 year warranty on burner and gas valves.

Top features

  • Auto ignition: Automatically ignites the burner by just turning the knobs.
  • 6th Sense technology: latest technology helps in efficient cooking
  • Hybrid technology: can be used both as freestanding and in-built cooktop.

6. Prestige Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stovex

Prestige is the India’s No.1 home appliance brand. Prestige schott glass 3 burner gas stove gives you excellent cooking experience with its dual colour tone and toughened glass surface.

Its ultra slim design gives it appealing look. It can be used both as free standing and in-built cooktop with its convertible design.

The burners of this cooktop are made up of SABAF burners which is specially imported from Italy.

It saves your gas by consuming less and provides uniform heating. It is ideal for Indian cooking. The cookware are provided with extra support by its premium cast iron pan support option.

The advanced one touch auto ignition automatically ignites flame when you twist the knob.

Prestige ensures smooth functioning with its continuous spark technology. This product comes with life time warranty on premium toughened glass.

This best in class designer prestige schott glass cooktop is the best kitchen hob in India.

Top features

  • Slimmest glass cooktop
  • Sabaf burners: high efficiency, imported from Italy.
  • One-touch ignition knobs: smooth functioning and automatic ignition.

7. Elica Hob 3 Italian Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top (Flexi HCT 375 Lotus BK)

Elica provides a premium collection cooktop with excellent and unique features. Elica flexi HCT hob is made up of premium glass top.

Its smooth surface is easy to clean, scratch and corrosion resistant. Ultra slim design gives elegant look to your kitchen.

It provides high performance multi flame Italian sabaf burners. The cooktop has 1 big and 2 medium lotus burners, which provides high energy efficiency for fast cooking.

Cast iron pan support provides extra strong support with minimal movement of the pot and pans. It is the best kitchen hob in India.

It can be either used as free standing hob or in-built cook top depending on your personal choice.

It ensures safety with it high quality knobs which has smooth finish rotation and easy to handle.

Top features

  • Free standing hob: can be used as inbuilt or free standing hob.
  • High quality knob: ensures safety and smooth functioning.
  • Multi flame Italian sabaf burners: multitasking and helps in efficient performance.

8. Bosch Built in Gas Hob Glass Top 5 Burner Black PPQ9S6F20Ix

Bosch provides unique gas hob with advanced features and latest technology. It is the leading manufacturer of home appliance in the market.

Bosch cooktop is made with 90 cm black glass which gives it aesthetic look. The glass surface is easy to clean and maintain.

The 5 brass burners provides high efficiency and it is the best hob for Indian cooking.

You can finish your cooking fast with this five burner cooktop. Its triple ring burners with guided flame technology ensures safety of the cooktop.

It is integrated with flame failure safety device, which cuts off the gas once the burner is turned off.

These safety features makes it the best kitchen hob in India, which is much need options. Enjoy wobble free cooking with cast iron square shape pan.

This gives extra grip to the pan while cooking. Sword control knobs are safe and smooth to use.

Auto ignition option helps to ignite burner automatically by just turning the knobs. It is protected with stainless steel heat shield.

This product comes with 2 years of warranty.

Top features

  • 5 brass burners: specially designed for heavy duty Indian cooking.
  • Flame technology: ensures safety
  • Flame failure safety device: it cuts off the gas once the burner is turned off.
  • Stainless steel heat shield: provides extra protection.

9. Preethi Décor Hobs 3 Burner Auto Ignition Cooktopx

Preethi kitchen hob is specially designed to support Indian cooking. It save time and energy compared to the traditional gas stove.

Preethi cooktop is provided with 2 large burners and 1 small burner which provides high efficiency.

It is the best auto ignition gas stove in India. Sufficient space is provided between the two burners which enables cooking with two large pots at same time.

The Indianised burners you can finish your cooking in short time. The knobs are designed to work in anticlockwise pattern.

This supports Indian gas stove, which is comfortable and easy for Indian people. It ensures precise flame control.

It has removable drip tray to protect the hob from spills. It is easy to clean and maintain.

The frame of the hob is curved to fit the Indian vessels. It is made up of high quality material for long lasting durability.

This advanced hob is 68% more efficient than other model. It comes with a latest technology where it mixes unique air along with LPG to form blue gas.

This saves more gas and provides efficient cooking. With its convertibles hob which has attachable legs, you can use it as free standing gas stove.

It is the best kitchen hob in India with modern look for traditional kitchen. Preethi décor provides lifelong free service.

Top features

  • Unique air mixing and LPG technology which save gas and provides 68% efficiency.
  • Curved frames suitable for Indian vessels
  • Indianised burner for fast and efficient cooking.

10. Faber 65 cm Hob (HOB HTG 653 CRS BR CI)x

Faber kitchen hob is designed with high quality material for good performance. Its aesthetic look gives extra compliment to your modern kitchen.

This glass top is smooth, easy to clan and maintain. It is the best glass top gas stove.

It has triple and double ring burner which is made up of high efficiency brass material. This triple ring burner provides intense heat and helps in uniform heat distribution for fast, even cooking.

Faber hob is equipped with auto ignition feature. It automatically ignites the burner when you turn on the knob.

The pans are provided with extra grip with pan support. It helps in minimal wobbling of your pan while cooking.

It is made up of cast iron, which is rust proof and easy to clean. The knobs of the hob is made with high quality material which supports easy handling and long lasting durability.

Faber cooktop is provided with stainless steel glass edge for extra protection. Knob protector with square CI finish pan support is a unique feature of this hob.

It protects the knob by improving the distribution of flame and helps in uniform cooking.

Tempered black glass provides extra protection for your hob along with aesthetic look.

It is the best kitchen hob in India with many needed features. You are provided with customer service contact details which gives you complete peace of mind.

Top features

  • Triple ring burner: Intense heat for fast and even cooking.
  • Knob protector pan support: Unique feature.
  • Glass edge protector: Ensures safety.
  • High quality knob: long lasting durability and smooth performance.

Best Kitchen Hob Buying Guide 2020

Kitchen hob is an essential appliance in the home. It helps you to cook delicious dishes, where you use it regularly. So it is good to choose the best one from the market. Choose the best gas stove brands in India.

Good brand provides good quality. Kitchen hob is a trendy version of traditional gas stove with added features. There are specially designed best hob for Indian cooking. It gives elegant look to your kitchen.

I have discussed the difference between the traditional gas stave and hob in this buying guide. Types of hob, features and other important points are discussed in this buying guide. Read on to find the best one for you.

Different Types of Hob

There are five different types of kitchen hob:

  1. Ceramic
  2. Induction
  3. Solid-plate electric
  4. Gas
  5. Gas on glass hobs

1. Ceramic hob

Ceramic type is premium model kitchen hob with sleek design. It is an electric hob with smooth, easy to clean surface. It is suitable for all types of pans. Simple to use pattern with rotary dials or touch control. It heat up quickly, but the distribution of the heat around the bottom of pans is not good compared to gas stove.

2. Induction hob

Induction hob requires suitable pan which works on induction. It functions more quickly than any other types of hob. Induction hob creates a magnetic field between the pan and induction element in hob. This provides heat only on pan, rather than cooking surface. This type of hob uses only precise amount of energy needed for cooking. So it saves more energy and works efficiently.

3. Solid-plate electric hob

It is traditional solid electric plates which uses sealed metal plates to heat pots and pans. It is cheaper than other type kitchen hob. Flat base cookware’s, specially cast iron cookware are best to use with this type hob, which provides even distribution. It is simple to use which is scratch or damage resistant.

4. Gas hob

It is the most powerful hob, preferred by professional chefs for cooking. It uses burner with visible flame, supported by metal pan on top. Its instant, powerful heat is ideal to cook quick recipes like stir fry. It can be used with any type of cookware. Its safety feature, where it cut off the gas supply automatically once the flame goes out. This model is easy to use with flexibility. It is not preferred choice in many house.

5. Gas on Glass hob

Gas on glass is elegant design hob, which is easy to clean and maintain. It is same as regular gas models. Here the burners are mounted on sleek glass surface instead of metal. They don’t heat up quickly as ceramic model, but they are easy to control.

Hobs vs Regular Gas Stove

Both are cooktops with different functionality and design. Gas stoves are easy choice for cooking, while the hobs have many benefits than regular gas stove. The basic differences are:

  • Modern hobs have built in design, while regular gas stove have free standing body.
  • Limited on and off functions in regular gas stoves, while hobs have multiple functions which makes cooking easy.
  • Safety, efficient cooking, multiple features and control options, sleek design are the advanced features of hobs over regular gas stove.

Size of Hob

There is no such standard size for hobs. Many hobs use the same design, which is four burner or heat zones on a rectangular panel of 60cm wide and 50cm deep. It usually comes in two sets of dimensions. One is actual dimension of hob and the dimension required for worktop cut out where the hob will sit. The cut out dimension is usually smaller than the actual dimension.

Types of Burner

The type of burner and arrangements depends on the model of the hob you choose.

  • Economy burner

It is less powerful and smaller burner best suited for simmering food. It is more efficient burner.

  • Semi rapid/rapid burner

It is medium and high power burner, best for boiling water.

  • Wok burners

It is wide spread burner, suitable for large pans.

Number of burner

Four burners are preferred number of burners for most household hobs. You can do multiple cooking at the same time. Price difference and extra space should be considered before choosing four or five number burner.

Domino hobs have one or two burner, which is sufficient for small family or bachelor cooking. It save space in kitchen.

With high-end induction hobs you can combine zones by placing pan on more than one zone to cook food. You can place your pan anywhere on cooking surface.

Five and six number burner have similar combinations. It has additional wok speed burner.

Along with the number of burner, consider type and arrangement of the burner. One large, two medium and a less powerful simmer burner are the common arrangement that suits most family need.

Brass vs. Aluminium Burner- Which one to Choose

Brass burner is preferred if you cook often. It is resistant to corrosion and high heat with more durability. If you are on a budget, then you can go for aluminium burner. It is cost effective and an alternate option depending upon the range and model of kitchen hob you choose.


If you like to use all the advanced features in hobs while cooking, then you have to choose hobs which you can control easily.

Rotary controls

It is the traditional dial which is simple and easy to access. It is mostly found in low cost electric hobs. It is removable and easy to clean.

Touch controls

Slider control is a type of touch control hob. It gives elegant look to your hob. Touch controls can be operated and cleaned effortlessly. It is available on high end hobs.

NEE’s Twist pad are art dials, attached by magnet act as touch controls. They are removable and can be stored away from hob. Monitoring time, temperature and modes ac be controlled by Plus LCD display.

The control panels are place either in front or side of the cooking zone for easy operation.

Hob surface

Majority of kitchen hob surface are made of stainless steel or tempered glass. It is resistant to corrosion, high temperature and scratch. It is very easy to clean and maintain.

Ignition feature

Automatic ignition is provided in majority of hobs. You have to press the knob to ignite the burner. Auto ignition which is connected to electric source works with chord of the hobs. Battery is provided for few types of auto ignition hobs.

Easy to clean burner

You can clean the kitchen hobs burner with liquid soap and water weekly once. These hobs which is sleek designed are easy to clean and maintain. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your hobs from dust, rust and food particle contamination gives it shiny look. It also increases its durability. 

Safety features

Many of the hobs today comes with inbuilt safety features which helps you excellent cooking experience with peaceful mind.

Child lock feature should be your first concern, if you have little ones at your home. It ensures that your young ones can’t turn on the hob without your guidance.

Flame safety technology or flame guards it automatically cut off the gas supply when the flame is switch off. It prevents gas leakage and accidents. All the gas hob is provided with this safety feature.

Residual heat indicator is the excellent safety feature in induction hobs. It will highlight which area of you hob is used. Ceramic hobs retains more heat than induction hobs. Residual heat indicator is more useful with this type of hob.

Smart features of hob

Along with the advanced features, kitchen hobs are provided with smart features which helps you in comfortable and easy cooking.

Alarm and Time setting

Set time and alarm to cook your favourite dish. You need not have to stay near the stove while cooking. Once the time is reached alarm will intimate you. Only thing is, you should fix appropriate time for cooking.

Power booster

Electric stove is built with this functionality. It increases the power in 1 or 2 rings for quick boiling. Once it is done, the power usage will be reduced accordingly.         

Overspill protection

It is one of the major advantage of kitchen hobs over traditional gas stove. The power turns off immediately when the liquid spills on the burner. This is mostly an added feature in electric stoves.

Advantages and disadvantages of hob

Kitchen hob is an essential appliance with both advantage and disadvantage. Choosing the best one is a personal choice.


  • It gives elegant look to your modern kitchen.
  • It is ideal for small kitchen, which occupies less space.
  • Timers can be set for auto cooking, which gives you some leisure time.
  • Alarms are also there to intimate you if the cooking is over.
  • Child lock option ensures safety of your young ones.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Wok cooking zones for fast cooking.
  • Power boosting functions.
  • Flexible cooking zone.
  • Settings to keep your food warm
  • Air-venting
  • Flame technology


  • Since it is in-built, changing or replacing is expensive.
  • Installation is complex process compared to traditional gas stove.
  • Most of the hobs use electricity.
  • It is expensive compared to the traditional gas stove.
  • It is a permanent fixture. Changing is very complex.

How to Install a Kitchen Hob?

It is necessary to follow the guidelines given in the instruction manual to install the kitchen hob. Be ready with the required tools and equipment before the installation.

Installation steps:

  • Fix required screws at four corners of the hob along with gas suction pointer properly.
  • Make the space free from other kitchen appliances and take the hob to the desired location where you are going to fix the hob.
  • Connect the cylinder and stove with strong pipe, which is made of rubber and copper.
  • Once you finish setting the hob, turn and the vale to check whether it is working properly.
  • Installation is over and you can start cooking your favourite dish.

Some Precautions/Tips for Using Kitchen Hob

This is an important criteria to be followed by everyone. Modern cooking appliances are already equipped with safety features. Still it is important to take precautions while cooking.

  • Installation Make sure your hob is properly installed. Recheck before using it.
  • Child lock Keep your children away from the hob and always use child lock feature to ensure safety of your young ones. Use locking knob covers and strap locks to keep your children and pets safe.
  • Personal care is important while cooking: tie your hair, tuck in loose clothing, always wear non-slip foot wear, use hot mitts to remove pan from stove and be cautious while using oil.
  • Clean your hob regularly to avoid grease or other contamination. Do not keep items like towel near the stove, which mat catch fire. Do not let clutter build, it could cause fire on the stove top.
  • Fire extinguisher always keep fire extinguisher nearby while cooking.
  • Use burners on the back to avoid fire accidents.
  • Use appropriate size pot or pan for cooking. Don’t use small or big pan for the burner.
  • Don not leave empty pans on burner.
  • You should not tilt the cylinder horizontally while cooking.
  • Always ensure to turn off regulator once you finish cooking.
  • Don’t put hot vessels directly on the glass surface.

How to Clean Hob

Cleaning is the essential aspect of any kitchen appliances. It not only helps in hygienic cooking, also gives your hob shiny look. It is easy to clean and maintain the kitchen hob. There are two ways to clean your hob:

  • You can use cleaning fluid or solution to clean the hob. Apply the liquid over the hob and allow it to rinse for some time. Use a microfiber cloth or sponge to clean the applied liquid.
  • White vinegar solution is an effective cleaning liquid. Apply it on the hob and wipe it immediately. This is an effective cleaning method.
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaning pads.

Frequently Asked Questions


Cooking is an essential aspect of life. You can make delicious food with this kitchen hob. You are going to use the hob regularly. So think well before purchasing. Hope this article would have provided you with much needed information about the hob. Buy the best kitchen hob in India.

Based on the price, performance, brand and other features, choose the best kitchen hob from the market and enjoy cooking every day.  Buy best 4 burner gas stove in India, which helps you to cook fast. Also please follow the precautions and tips, which I have mentioned in this article for better and safe usage. Always clean and maintain your hob regularly for long durability and healthy cooking.

If you have any queries regarding the kitchen hob, kindly mention it in the comment box. I will respond you as soon as possible. Happy shopping!!!