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Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder 900 Watts Review

This review is about Sujata Dynamix mixer grinder, one of the best mixer grinders available in the Indian market. Sujata mixer is one of the best performing made in India mixer among the kitchen appliance manufacturer.

In this article we will discuss about brief review of the latest Sujata dynamix mixer grinder. We hope you find this article interesting and let you decide whether to buy this product or not.

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Sujata mixer is one of the best performing made in India mixer. Its 900W motor can run up to 90 minutes continuously without break. High grade material body makes it highly durable for many years.

Sujata Dynamix, Mixer Grinder 900 Watts

What Is in The Box


It is securely packed for a hassle-free shipping experience. In the box you will find following things:

  • Plastic knife with nut wrench on back side
  • Extra chopping cutting blade and whipping blade
  • Large jar, medium jar and chutney jar
  • Safety collar
  • Mixer with metal top
  • Sujata user manual


It comes with 2 years brand warranty to ensure peaceful experience

Detailed Review of Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder 900 Watts


Any product is well known because of two qualities: one of them is defiantly build quality and second is new technological features it brings to make the work easier for user. Therefore, discussing these two would be very essential to understand the product better.

Build Quality 

Sujata Mixer grinder jars are made up of food grade stainless steel material with four grooves to give you perfect experience while handling it. These grooves also provide better grip to jars so you never drop the jars despite of stainless-steel mirror smooth finishing. Jars base is also made up of metal to provide firm holding when you load the jars onto mixing unit. Overall sujata dynamix mixer grinder provides excellent build quality so that this mixer grinder may serves you in long run.

Powerful Motor for Mixer Unit

Sujata dynamix comes with powerful motor of 900 W made with 100 % copper to easily perform all the solid tough grinding such as turmeric, raw Indian masala etc. If we compare with it with ordinary mixer motor, the sujata mixer motor will stand out in the performance criteria and all credit goes to its double ball bearing to balance the motor through its longer continuous operation. Motor also uses unique cool down mechanism for seamless heating distribution throughout to enhance the overall performance and efficient working.

Safety Lock Clips

You will get four lock clips on lid of jars in this newly launched model this year.  These cool new lock lid clips keep the lid onto the jars and allow single handed operation. These also provide protection against spillage while operating.


Extra Blades

Sujata dynamix mixer grinder provides two extra blades namely cutting blade and whipping blade to provide excellent multi functionality to chop the vegetables and fruits. In same segment such blades are not added therefore it will defiantly worth to consider Sujata dynamix mixer grinder while purchasing. These blades can be used in large jar and easily mounted using plastic knife provided with box packing.

Safety Collar

The safety collar comes in circular shape hollow design. It is fitted on the top of mixer motor by placing it and then rotating it in anti-clock wise direction. Once fitted it will act as a boundary for all the jars and provided good support to whole unit for smooth operation.

Safety Collar

Pros of Sujata Dynamix Mixer

  • Powerful motor with superb performance delivery make it stand out in competition
  • Safety collar in base is unique design concept
  • Modern features to provide safety and stress-free grinding
  • Stainless steel durable jars with metal base.
  • Gasket beneath the whistle for leakage Protection
  • Excellent grinding performance when compared to ordinary mixer grinder
  • Glossy mixer body with compact space design
  • Additional accessories in the box 
  • 90 minutes of continuous running

Cons of Sujata Dynamix Mixer

  • Slightly cost as compare to other mixers
  • For customer service you need to visit their place, no home service
  • Noisy as it comes with powerful motor

Final Decision

In the conclusion, Sujata mixer grinder is no doubt excellent choice over the normal mixer grinder available in market. In quality segment there is no other mixer that match the sujata mixer quality with various positive review and recommendation making this product absolutely must choice for your kitchen.

Sujata mixer grinder offers a complete hand free operation using new lock clip on lid to provide significant strength and spill proof operation without compromising any performance. Unlike old mixer grinder that comes along with old way to close lid using some food grade gasket new sujata dynamix has the clip mechanism for closing and opening various jar lids.

It also has four base grip which makes it antiskid against the floor, along with the ventilation in base to keep the motor cool and delivers the constant performance. Although its price is quite high as compare to other mixer grinders, but all these features and performance making this unit very promising mixer grinding option for Indian household users.