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Best Microwave Oven in India – Review & Buying Guide

Are you spending lot of time in cooking? Want to save your time, then microwave oven is a right choice. Here we come up with the best microwave oven in India.

Now you can cook variety of food in few minutes. Microwave oven with baking option is an excellent choice. You can bake your favorite cookies, cake and many more recipes at home. This article helps you to choose the best oven for baking in India.

You can prepare healthy dishes with health plus menu, specially designed for health conscious people. I have listed some of the best microwave oven for home use.

Types of microwave oven

  1. Solo microwave oven
  2. Grill microwave oven
  3. Convection microwave oven

I have discussed the functions of each type of microwave oven in this article along with their special features like auto cook menu, defrost, timer, child lock system. I have also given safety tips regarding microwave oven usage in this article.

There is a misconception about microwave oven. The truth is the food cooked in microwave oven does not contain radioactive materials. It is safe and healthy method of cooking.

I have discussed about the top brands with affordable price and advanced technology. You can find LG, Samsung, Bajaj, IFB, Panasonic and Morphy Richards, microwave oven description in this article. These are the best brand for microwave oven.

These are the best brand for microwave oven in India. With this description and depending upon your requirement you will be able to choose the best microwave oven.

Best Microwave Oven in India 2022

Our Pick1
LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC3286BRUM, Black)

30% Discount Available
LG Microwave Oven MC2886BRUM
LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC2886BRUM, Black)

30% Discount Available
IFB Convection Microwave Oven 20SC2
IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven (20SC2, Metallic Silver

21% Discount Available
Bajaj 1701 MT Microwave Oven
Bajaj 1701 MT 17L Solo Microwave Oven, White

20% Discount Available
LG Solo Microwave Oven MS2043BP
LG 20 L Solo Microwave Oven (MS2043BP, Black)

23% Discount Available
LG Grill Microwave Oven MH2044DB
LG 20 L Grill Microwave Oven (MH2044DB, Black)

27% Discount Available
Bajaj Grill Microwave Oven 2005 ETB
Bajaj 20 Litres Grill Microwave Oven with Jog Dial (2005 ETB, White)

20% Discount Available
Panasonic Grill Microwave Oven NN-GT221WFDG
Panasonic 20L Grill Microwave Oven(NN-GT221WFDG,White, 38 Auto Cook Menus )

13% Discount Available
Best Microwave Oven in India

Now we will discuss about best ovens in their category: Convection, Solo and Grill.

1. Best Convection Microwave Oven in India 2022

1.1 LG Microwave Oven MC3286BRUM

This 32L Capacity Convection microwave oven suitable for large family members, used to cook delicious food easily. It is equipped with advanced and latest features. You can bake, grill, reheat or defrost your favorite food with this convection model.

This product comes with one year warranty on product and 5 years on magnetron. You can set the optimum temperature or timer with the Tactile buttons along with the jog dials.

Your cooking is made easy with this multi functional microwave oven. This microwave oven has diet fry option which helps you to prepare healthy food with less oil.

You can enjoy Indian food like tandoori roti or naan with its Indian Roti Basket one touch button.

Auto cook menu is another special feature of this product. Just select the dish, push the start button and have the exotic dish with this easy option.

You need not have to stand for hours supervising the dishes. This Auto select mode gives you perfectly cooked food as you need.  

Thanks for its enhanced pasteurized milk option, where you have to just pour the milk and boil it with pasteurize milk option. This special feature saves your time, retains nutrition and protects from contamination.

This is an excellent product with many options. You can enjoy restaurant style barbeque chicken and other delicious recipe with 360 degree Motorised rotisserie option.

Uniform cooking without manual intervention is the added advantage of this feature. This advanced oven is built with essential safety measures.

This oven is provided with special coated multi-cook tawa which is used to prepare dishes that requires extra cooking time and bottom heating.

This is the best microwave oven for baking. You don’t have to worry about cleaning. It is made very easy with its powerful steam cleaning button.

You can prepare you own paneer and curd at home with this all in one microwave oven. You can prepare your own perfectly blended ghee in jus 12mins using this product.

This product helps in fermentation process, customized cooking, quick defrost, pasteurization and many more options.

Things We Liked

  • Starter kit is provided with this model.
  • This Microwave oven cavity is made with high quality stainless steel which enables hygienic food preparation.
  • The Quartz heater is an excellent feature for safety cooking.

Pros of LG Microwave Oven MC3286BRUM

  • This oven is suitable for large families as it has a 32-litre capacity.
  • This oven not only bakes the food, but also grills, reheats, defrosts, and cooks.
  • Tactile buttons are provided to control the temperature/timer and jog dials which are easy to use.
  • It has special features like 211 Indian auto-cook menu options, tact dial, pasteurise milk with ghee, paneer, dosa, curd, and 301 auto-cook menu options.
  • In addition to that, other convenience features like Custom cook, Keep warm, Body massage oil, Defrost veg, Defrost nonveg, Quick defrost, and Fermentation.

Cons of LG Microwave Oven MC3286BRUM

  • Child lock is not available to protect the changes of settings from children.
  • The cost of this microwave is expensive.

1.2 LG Microwave Oven MC2886BRUM

 LG 28L capacity microwave oven is suitable for family with large members. This product is specially designed with unique features and advanced technology.

It is beautifully designed with floral pattern which gives elegant look to your kitchen.  This is the best microwave oven for baking.

You can enjoy different dishes everyday with this easy to cook microwave oven. With this all in one microwave oven you can enjoy different variety of food. You can lose your weight without giving up your favorite food habit using its diet fry feature.

This is the best convection microwave oven 2022. Indian roti basket is another new feature with exciting options. With a single touch you can prepare varieties of Indian tandoori roti, naan etc. you can get more than 12 variety of roti with this feature.

Change from the conventional milk boiling procedure to modern pasteurization of milk process. This not only save your time, also retains nutrition and prevent from contamination.

Homemade paneer and curd is always healthy and hygienic. This is possible with this ultra-modern microwave oven.

Restaurant style barbeque chicken can be very well cooked with 360 degree motorised rotisserie feature of this LG microwave oven.

Enhanced reflection with uniform heating for even cooking is enabled with its stainless steel cavity. This glossy finish cavity is rust proof.

It is presented with 251 auto cook menu. It comes with preset option, where you have to just select the dish and press start button to cook the food.

It is provided with multi cook tawa for extra browning and bottom heating recipes along with Microwave oven recipe book. This helps you to learn and cook new delicious recipes for your loved ones every day.

Your food is kept warm at right temperature with its keep warm feature. This product comes with one-year warranty and 4+1-year warranty on magnetron.

Things We Liked

  • You can stay fit with Diet fry option which is used to cook fried food with minimal oil.
  • Making hygienic ghee without smell is a thing of just 12mins with this latest microwave oven.
  • LG microwave oven is added with other special feature Auto cook menu.

Pros of LG Microwave Oven MC2886BRUM

  • With a 28L capacity, this product is ideal for larger families.
  • This oven is used for not only baking but also for grilling, defrosting, reheating, and cooking.
  • Tactile buttons are provided for setting the temperature/timer and Jog dials.
  • It has special features like Intellowave Technology, Diet Fry, 251 auto-cook menu options with 175 Indian recipes, Make Indian Rotis easily at home, Pasteurized Milk, Ghee in 12 minutes, and Motorized Rotisserie.
  • Its stainless steel cavity gives good reflection and its uniform heating ensures better and even cooking.

Cons of LG Microwave Oven MC2886BRUM

  • Large and tall bowls do not fit in this oven.
  • It does not provide a starter kit.
  • A child lock feature is not provided.

1.3 IFB Convection Microwave Oven 20SC2

IFB is most trusted brand in India. With Microwave oven you can cook variety of food quickly. You can warm the leftovers, make soup, tea, pizza, paneer tikka and other large varieties with this convenient microwave oven.  

This stainless steel microwave oven comes with easy to access touch panel making it extremely user friendly. Apart from reheating, you can defrost, grill, toast and even prepare brownies and bake cakes with this convection model.

This feature circulates heat waves efficiently and helps in uniform cooking of food. It is the best microwave oven for baking.

It is equipped up all essential and safety features. Auto-set cooking stores 3 different types of cooking in its memory. You can pre-programme the cooking time with this advanced option.

This product is provided with starter kit. Its combo tech cooking technology is much needed for busy kitchen. It is best for combination of cooking works like baking, grilling, heating and defrosting settings.

You can now cook food from different parts of the world everyday as this microwave oven offers a selection of 24 cooking menu.

Defrost anything simply by entering the weight of the item you need to defrost with its latest technology.

With its Auto reheat option you can reheat your food with preprogrammed time and power levels.

You will get clear update about power level and time at every stage of cooking with its easy to read digital time display feature.

This microwave oven comes with one-year warranty on product, 3 years on magnetron and cavity. This is the best convection microwave oven 2022.

Things We Liked

  • Its child safety lock ensures safety of the little ones from using microwave oven without your supervision.
  • With multistage cooking feature you can cook food at different power settings and stages of the cooking cycle.
  • Keep warm feature keeps your food warm at constant temperature for up to 90mins without overcooking it.

Pros of IFB Convection Microwave Oven 20SC2

  • This product is ideal for small families or bachelors.
  • Auto Set feature is provided for cooking in different styles and its memory can store 3 types of cooking cycles.
  • It can change your auto cook settings without cancelling them. 24 standard auto cook options are provided.
  • Child lock feature is provided to prevent microwave accidents when the children are around.
  • This oven is used for baking along with grilling, reheating, cooking, and defrosting.
  • Starter kit is also provided.

Cons of IFB Convection Microwave Oven 20SC2

  • It makes noise while operating.
  • It is not suitable for large families.  

2. Best Solo Microwave Oven

2.1 Bajaj 1701 MT Microwave Oven

Bajaj Electricals is the top most consumer products and EPC companies in India. Apart from this they have their excellent existence in superior home appliance and cookware segments, with brands like Morphy Richards and Nirlep.

Bajaj microwave oven is equipped with advanced and latest technology to ensure effortless and efficient cooking.

This compact 17 liters capacity microwave oven is recommended for small family members and bachelors. You can fit this elegant and sleek model microwave oven anywhere in your kitchen.

It will not occupy much space. It is a solo type microwave oven. This can be used for reheating, defrosting and cooking purpose.

You can only have limited usage with this kind of microwave oven compared to grill and convection model.  The price of this type microwave oven is very reasonable.

It is the best microwave oven under 10000. It helps to defrost your frozen food quickly. This product is easy to access and use with its jog dials. You can set the options operating this easy jog wheels.

Mechanical control changes the temperature and heating level depending upon the food type that you are cooking. The access is very easy for even the beginners with this special feature.

There is no need of manual analyses. Efficient and faster cooking is main advantage of all microwave oven. This can be easily achieved by Bajaj microwave oven.

This microwave oven comes with five different power level. This enables you to have control over temperature setting and cooking requirement.

You can have a control over your cooking requirement with 30 minutes timer setting feature. You will receive the alert signal once the cooking is done.

This is an added advantage of this solo microwave oven. Always clean the interior and exterior of the microwave oven clean and hygienic.

This product comes with one-year warranty on product and 1 year on magnetron.

Things We Liked

  • Mechanical control is a major advantage of this kind of microwave oven.
  • 700 Watts higher output ensures faster and efficient cooking.

Pros of Bajaj 1701 MT Microwave Oven

  • This product can be used for reheating, defrosting, Timer/Clock, and cooking.
  • Its special features like the Jog Dial, and Power level help in easy usage.
  • This product is available online with a 1-year warranty on the product and 1 year on the magnetron.
  • A cooking complete alarm feature is provided to indicate the food ready to eat.
  • A Nutri-Pro feature is introduced in this product to cook foods heart-healthy.

Cons of Bajaj 1701 MT Microwave Oven

  • The starter kit is not provided.
  • Suitable for only smaller families.

2.2 LG Solo Microwave Oven MS2043BP

LG Solo microwave oven is an excellent choice for efficient and fast cooking. It is beautifully designed with attractive floral patterns.

Solo microwave oven can be used for reheating, defrosting and cooking. The latest Intellowave technology enables even microwave circulation inside the cavity which ensures fast and healthy cooking.

It is built with many special features and gives you convenient cooking with affordable price. This is the best microwave oven under 10000.

It has child lock feature which ensures safety of your kids. This is specially designed for home with little ones.

Even though it does not compete with grill and convection type this solo model is enhanced with updated features. Solo microwave oven keeps your food at appropriate temperature for up to 90 minutes with its Keep warm feature.

If you are health conscious, then this is the right product to ensure healthy cooking. Its health plus menu is added with auto cook menu which is specially designed for health and calorie conscious people.

This LG microwave oven comes with 44 auto cook menu option with 28 Indian recipe. You just have to select the dish and push the start button to enjoy delicious and different food every day.  

With the automatic display off when the unit is not active for 5 minutes this product saves more energy compared to other product.

You can have control over heating to cook healthy and tasty food with its controlled heating option.  The microwave cavity is coated with antibacterial coating.

You can easily clean the cavity and protect from 99.9% bacterial growth. Cooking completion alarm is another interesting feature.

You can press start button and do other works. The alarm in this oven gives you signal once cooking is completed.

LG solo microwave oven is provided with start-up kit (Big curry bowl, idle stand, serving bowl, spoons and spatula). 

Its next step guide helps you to operate the microwave oven. This product has one-year warranty on product and 4 years on magnetron.

Things We Liked

  • It is the best microwave oven with latest Intellowave technology.
  • It is equipped with touch key pad used to control and also easy to clean.
  • Antimicrobial cavity.
  • 44 auto cook menu

Pros of LG Solo Microwave Oven MS2043BP

  • This microwave oven is used for not only baking but also for cooking, defrosting, and reheating.
  • This product is manufactured with a few special features like Energy Saving, a Cooking Completion Alarm, and 44 Auto Cook Menu Options with 28 Indian dishes.
  • The Child Lock feature gives you complete safety, especially for homes with small children.
  • Its Intellowave technology cooks food faster and healthier.
  • Anti-bacterial cavity lessens the bacteria growth inside the cavity and prevents odour formation. It also makes cleaning easy.

Cons of LG Solo Microwave Oven MS2043BP

  • The starter kit is not provided.
  • Used for small families only.

3. Best Grill Microwave Ovens

3.1 LG Grill Microwave Oven MH2044DB

LG Grill microwave oven is provided with grilling accessories. This grill microwave oven not only used for grilling, it is also used along with reheating, defrosting and cooking.

This product comes with one year comprehensive warranty on product. It is always advisable to use only microwave cookware for cooking.

The starter kit will be very much useful. Touch key pad which is sensitive to touch is used for controlling the temperature setting.

It is also easy to clean. Child lock system ensures safety of your little ones. They cannot operate this microwave oven without your supervision.

Auto cook menu automatically set the power and cooking time. This feature has preset program.  All you need to do is, select the dish along with the weight.

Your favorite dish will be ready with one touch option which is very easy. Quartz heater is a safety option which prevents from hand injury. 

Intellowave technology is an advanced feature which ensures uniform and better cooking. With this technology you can cook healthy food faster.

This model comes along with controlled heating option which helps you to prepare delicious food at right temperature.

Even though you clean the cavity of your microwave oven it is essential to have anti-bacterial cavity. This prevents the oven from contamination and gives you healthy and hygienic food.

Energy saving option of this microwave oven is another important feature. The display will be turned off automatically when the unit is not active for 5 minutes.

The main reason why people choose microwave oven rather than conventional cooking is not only for efficient and fast cooking.

It has great impact on health. You can lose weight with less oil food and also with many other healthy recipes.

Food is the best medicine. Health plus menu is specially designed for health conscious people. This is an auto cook menu with variety of healthy dishes.

This is the best microwave oven under 10000.

Things We Liked

  • LG provides starter kit along with this product.
  • With this concealed heater you can prepare large portion in one time.
  • Intellowave technology
  • Energy saving option


  • This oven is used for multipurpose dishes for baking, grilling, defrosting, and reheating.
  • Energy Saving mode saves you energy by automatic display off during the standby mode or after 5 minutes with the door opening or closing.
  • Its Anti-bacteria cavity reduces the bacteria growth inside the cavity and prevents odour formation.
  • The child lock feature prevents changes in settings where children are around it.
  • Using Intellowave Technology can produce food faster and healthier.


  • The starter kit was not available.
  • Suitable for small families only.

3.2 Bajaj Grill Microwave Oven 2005 ETB

Bajaj is the most trusted brand in India for home appliances. You can get delicious grills in minutes with this grill microwave oven which is provided along with its grilling accessories.

The heating coils in the grill microwave oven helps in grilling and toasting. Its 800 watts high power output ensures fast and efficient cooking.

This is the major goal of Bajaj microwave oven. They have accomplished this goal with many added features. This gives you convenient cooking along with good recipe options to try out.

The microwave and grill functions at the same time to prepare delicious food. This oven along with grilling it also helps in reheating, defrosting and cooking.

This 20 liters capacity microwave oven is suitable for small families and bachelors. The space provided is good enough to cook large portion in one time.

Electronic control option of this oven control the power level with the type of food you cook. This product comes with one year warranty on product and one year on magnetron.

You can control the temperature and timer in microwave settings with tactile buttons along with jog dials. 

It is very easy to set the time and temperature with tactile buttons and easy to access jog wheel. 

You need not worry even if you don’t know to cook variety of dishes and also to set menu options in microwave oven.

It is made very easy with 9 auto cook menu. It will be very useful to cook variety of delicious dishes at a single touch.

The 60 minutes times gives you notification when the cooking is done. With this feature you can control your cooking requirements.

The essential feature to be added, if you have kids at home is child lock system. With this feature kids can’t operate the machine without your supervision.  

The other interesting fact about this grill microwave oven is, all these advanced features come with affordable price. This is the best microwave oven under 10000 in the market.

Things We Liked

  • 800 watts high power output for efficient and fast cooking.
  • Electronic control option to control 5 power levels of oven.
  • 9 auto cook menu

Pros of Bajaj Grill Microwave Oven 2005 ETB

  • Tactile buttons are provided to set the temperature/ timer and jog dials which are used very easily.
  • You can choose different menus from the Auto cook options. Using this feature, you can preset the desired temperature and timings according to the requirement of cooking and set them manually.
  • Five different power levels are provided and you can choose according to your need.
  • A child safety lock feature prevents the children from accidentally operating the oven.
  • It is used for grilling, cooking, defrosting, and reheating food.

Cons of Bajaj Grill Microwave Oven 2005 ETB

  • The starter kit was not provided by this brand.
  • Used for only small families and bachelors.

3.3 Panasonic Grill Microwave Oven NN-GT221WFDG

Panasonic is a premium brand with high quality products. Panasonic’s microwave oven with unique technology ensure healthy cooking without compromising taste, texture and flavor.

It gives elegant look to your kitchen without occupying much space.  This grill microwave oven is built with easy one touch access with different options.

With the auto reheat option you can have the leftovers with same taste and freshness even today. Panasonic grill microwave oven is built with membrane control panel.

With this essential feature you can experience efficient cooking. This product is built 1000W Grill power and 800W Microwave power.

This high power output ensures uniform and fast cooking. Become a versatile chef with this 38 auto cook menu feature. It comes with preprogrammed recipe.

You have to preset the time and temperature along with selecting the dish you want. You will get a variety of dishes with this option.

Enjoy the delicious food with your loved ones every day. You can have all variety of dishes without fear. Because the food prepared with this oven maintains flavor and nutrients which is healthy and hygienic.

This is the best microwave oven under 10000 with unique and advanced features. You can grill paneer tikka, BBQ chicken and many more restaurant recipes at home.

You can also prepare tomato soup, idly, steamed rice and variety of desert with this micro chef oven. It comes with digital control panel which gives clear visibility.

This product comes with one-year comprehensive warranty on product. This microwave oven is equipped with glass turntable plates.

Panasonic have designed an excellent microwave oven with white exterior along with high power facilities. This not only prepare food it also retains nutrition and helps you to stay healthy.

Things We Liked

  • This product comes with 5 power levels and 3 grill levels.
  • Defrost your frozen food quickly without losing its freshness with its auto defrost feature.
  • Digital control panel for clear visibility.


  • This oven provides you with perfectly grilled dishes that are crispier outside and juicier inside.
  • You can choose from the range of preset menus which are prepared without the use of oil, ghee, or margarine and keep your family healthy.
  • By touching a single button, your oven gets cleaned, odour-free, and stain-free.
  • It can reheat the food and can defrost thaws food without compromising flavours and textures.
  • There are 38 Auto-cook menu options and 26 Indian menu options available in this oven.


  • The starter kit is not provided.
  • Only a 1-year warranty on the product.
  • Child lock feature is not available.

Microwave Oven Buying Guide 2022

How microwave oven works

Microwave oven is an essential kitchen appliance to reheat, grill or even bake. It saves your time by cooking in minutes. Microwaves are electromagnetic radiations.

Electrical and magnetic waves combine to from microwaves. These waves are small with high energy that helps to cook your food in short period effectively. A strong metal box surrounds the microwave oven, which do not allow the waves to escape.

Magnetron, a microwave generator inside the metal box is an important component. It converts the electricity in to radio waves when you start cooking. This magnetron releases microwave inside the food compartment through a channel.

The reflective metal walls help the microwaves to rebound back and front of the food compartment. Microwave vibrates the water molecules in the food and generate heat. This generation of heat through vibration of molecules in the food is the basic principle of microwave oven. This is how your food cooked in microwave oven.

Different types of microwave oven

Selecting the right type of microwave oven is an important thing. There are three different types of microwave oven available in the market. They are:

  • Solo microwave oven

It is ideal for basic level of cooking and reheating. It uses single magnetron to produce microwaves. It is available in low cost compared to grill and convection microwave oven. Solo microwave oven defrosts the food.

  • Grill microwave oven

The grill microwave oven has additional grilling facility along with reheating food. This microwave oven has heating coils that helps to grill meat, vegetables, paneer etc. the microwave and grilling function is performed simultaneously to cook delicious food.

  • Convection microwave oven

Convection microwave is loaded with essential functionalities to cook, grill and bake food. It has a fan, which circulates heat waves effectively to cook or bake fast and evenly. You can bake cakes, pizza and muffins. You can even bake or grill together or independently with this microwave oven.

Microwave oven size

Size of the microwave oven is also an essential factor to be consider. There are three different size of microwave oven.

  • Compact microwave oven (less than 0.8 cubic feet)
  • Mid-size microwave oven (0.8 to 1.2 cubic feet)
  • Full size microwave oven (more than 1.2 cubic feet)

Perfect size or capacity of microwave oven depends upon the usage and family size.  Microwave oven is measured in litres. You can select the microwave oven size depending upon your usage and members in the family. 15-20 litres solo microwave oven is sufficient for small family with basic cooking need.

However, if they want to grill or bake you should afford 21-30 litres for the small family members.

The capacity for large family members are 25-30 litres for solo microwave oven and 32 litres for grill and convection type.

Family SizeUsageCapacity
2 to 4 membersSolo microwave oven15 to 20 litres
2 to 4 membersGrill or Convection microwave oven21 to 30 litres
4 to 6 membersSolo microwave oven25 to 30 litres
4 to 6 membersGrill or convection microwave oven32 litres and above

Features to look while purchasing Microwave oven

Modern microwave oven comes with latest and advanced features. It makes your work easy and saves you time and energy.

It is up to you to select the microwave oven that exactly fits your need and convenience. Automatic defrost helps to defrost your food quickly. Child lock is another essential feature of the microwave oven for the families with small child. Rotisserie, Auto cook, Preheat, timer are other essential features of microwave oven.

Auto cook

It is pre-set program option, which makes cooking easy. The Auto cook feature automatically set the power and time.

You have to select the type of dish to cook along with its weight. It will simplify the preparation.

Your delicious food will be ready with single click option. This option will not be available in low-end model.

Child Lock

It is the most needed feature if you have children at home. If you bake a cake, the microwave interior will be very hot.

Children may put their hands in the microwave oven accidently. With this child lock option, you can prevent such accidents. All you have to do is set a password to lock and unlock the microwave oven.


Rotisserie is a grilling accessory. It is a steel bar with two variants, horizontal and vertical rotisserie bar.

It works on motor system and helps in perfect grilling. Horizontal rotisserie ensures better heat for grilling than vertical rotisserie bar.

You can enjoy restaurant style grilling and barbecuing meat, vegetables, paneer with this rotisserie feature. 


You can quickly defrost the frozen food with this feature. It is the easy method to thaw the frozen food. You can automatically defrost the frozen food by giving its weight and set the program.

The other way is manual setting. You have to set the power level and time depending upon the frozen food weight.

Pre heat

Preheating feature is set to bake cakes, cookies and few recipes that use grill function. With this option, you have to set the temperature before cooking.

Wait until the microwave oven reach the required temperature to cook the recipes. This is preheating function.


This feature is an automatic programme. You do not have to check the oven manually. Keep the recipe you need to cook in the microwave oven and set the timer.

Heating or cooking will end automatically after the specified time with an indicator.

Types of Panel

It will be easy to operate microwave oven with good control panel. You have to set the functions of the microwave oven with this panel buttons. There are three types of control panels.

  • Mechanical panel
  • Tact dial type
  • Feather touch

Mechanical Panel

For rough handling, you can prefer Mechanical and Tact dial type panel. Solo microwave oven is equipped with mechanical controls.

It is easy to use with long life. The price is also affordable.

Tactile dial type

Tactile plus jog dial is an easy control panel.   

Feather touch

Feather type panel is a touch panel. It comes in high-end model microwave oven. It can sense your fingers and provides accurate control.

It gives elegant look to your microwave oven.

How to clean microwave oven?

Regular maintenance is the key factor for clean microwave oven. You can clean it with dish soap, vinegar or baking soda.

Microwave oven interior cleaning with steaming solution

The turntable is the important component to clean. Here is the systematic process to clean the interior of microwave oven.

  • Take a microwave safe bowl. Add one cup of water along with few tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.
  • Place it inside the microwave and turn on the power. Allow it to boil until it stems up.
  • Cool it for 5 minutes and open the door. Remove the bowl from the oven and wipe the interior with a clean sponge.

Cleaning of Greasy Microwave Doors

Cleaning of exterior is also essential. Here is the tips for shiny doors of microwave oven.

  • Dip the sponge in a water added with baking soda. Clean the rubber gasket around the door with this sponge.
  • Mix water along with vinegar and wipe the greasy doors. This will give your microwave oven door shiny finish.

Getting rid of burnt smell out of microwave oven

You can get rid of burnt smell with these easy tips.

  • For light odours, jus open the microwave oven door and air it out. You can also place a bowl of baking soda inside the oven to absorb the smell.
  • Fresh wave odour absorbing gel can be used ibn case of strong odours.

Removal of stuck-on food in the Microwave oven

Use good cleaner like Mr. Clean to get rid of dried food in the microwave oven. Scrub it and sponge it to remove the dried food. Read the manual clearly before cleaning it.

Safety tips to consider while buying microwave oven

Microwave oven has become essential home appliance nowadays. It is very much important to handle it with proper precautions. Here are the safety tips to follow while using the microwave oven.

  • Clean the interior and exterior of microwave oven after use. Regular cleaning is essential factor.
  • Use oven mitts to take the vessels out, as it will be very hot inside the microwave oven.
  • Do not allow kids to operate the microwave oven since there is a chance of accidents with improper usage.
  • Do not run the microwave oven when it is empty.
  • Always use microwave oven safe cookware like glass, ceramic.
  • Avoid metallic cookware or vessels, disposable paper cups for cooking or heating.
  • Remove aluminium foil from the food item before heating it in microwave oven.
  • Avoid heating or cooking sealed food or beverage, which may cause fire explosion inside microwave oven.
  • Always place the microwave oven away from heating appliances in the kitchen.
  • Do not cover the microwave vent when you are using it.
  • Do not try to use the microwave oven keeping the doors open. It may lead to exposing to microwaves.
  • Allow the food in microwave oven for some time before taking it out.
  • Do not use oversized container to heat or cook food.

Frequently Asked Question


From the overall discussion, you would have got the idea about best microwave oven for home use. You can choose the best brand microwave oven which I have mentioned in this article. If you are still confused about best microwave oven in India, I have answered for FAQ’s below. This will definitely help you to choose the best oven in India.