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How Can You Make Pasta in Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is a portable kettle like structure which is powered by AC current to produce heat in base of cooking pot. Due to instant heating capabilities, it can be used for making various kitchen dishes. It becomes very easy to prepare boiling related dishes instantly even you can make pasta in electric kettle.

Type Of Electric Kettle

There are two types of electric kettle: Closed lid Kettle and Open glass lid Kettle.

Close lid kettle is having small lid opening in the top portion so that only water could be pour inside. Closed lid electric kettle are multi-functional and provide more diversified usage. We will discuss point wise how open lid kettle is used effectively in different application.

How Can You Make Pasta in Electric Kettle

Yes, you can make pasta in electric kettle. All you need to do is take butter in the kettle, cook it for 2-3 minutes wait till it get heated. Then add pasta along with water as per the requirement. Take out excessive water from pasta at the end of cooking. Next add salt and few vegetables as per taste and serve hot.

How Can You Boil Eggs in Electric Kettle

This is the most popular application when it comes to electric kettle. It could be performed in only two steps.

  1. Pour 500 ml water to kettle pot Add four eggs in pot, next plug kettle supply to socket and turn the kettle knob in clockwise direction.
  2. After 10-12 minutes turn off the kettle. Wait for 2 minutes and your hot egg ready to eat or for making egg curry.

How Can You Boil Rice in Electric Kettle

There is a time when your house is full of guest and all the gas burners are occupied with variety of dishes. And there is no space for preparing rice, then electric kettle is the best possible alternative could be chosen in all such scenarios.

Making rice in electric kettle is quite easy and healthy. You only need to pour water and sufficient amount of rice to be prepared along with some salt or oil as per requirement. Turn on the kettle and wait till the rice is getting cooked.

How Can You Boil Vegetables in Electric Kettle

If you are worried about fresh vegetables getting infected with bacteria or viruses. It is a good idea to boil your vegetables slightly before you start using them. For all such type of work you should use electric kettle.

Using kettle for boiling vegetables is quite easy task. All you need to do is pour some water in kettle and add vegetables in cooking pot. Turn on the kettle for 5 minutes and vegetable are boiled. You may change the time duration as per your requirement for getting more pulpy veggies.

How Can You Boil Potatoes in Electric Kettle

Yes, just like eggs it is very easy to boil potatoes for eating it directly or with added salt.

To boil potatoes you need to pour some water along with potatoes in kettle and turn on the supply. Wait for 10- 15 minutes and your potatoes will start getting softer. This is the sign that it is cooked. In comparison to ordinary way of boiling potatoes, kettle took comparative less time for boiling potatoes. Such quick boiled potato may be used in chat and panipuri for topping.

How Can You Make Maggi Noodles in Electric Kettle

Yes, you can make Maggi noodles in your electric kettle. If you are away from home and looking for some readymade snack option then Maggi is the most popular dish. These noodles only need to be poured into boil water add some salt as required. Add readymade Maggi masala to boiling noodles stir the pot for sometimes and Maggi noodles are ready to serve.

How Can You Make Oats in Electric Kettle

Oats are one of the popular healthy breakfast meal options. Oats can be cooked using electric kettle very easily. Delicious oats preparation starts with pouring some water as per the quantity of oats masala, add oats masala accordingly keep the lid open initially. Let the water vaporized stop heating, keep the lid closed for next 5 minutes.

How Much Electricity Does Kettle Use in Boiling

In the electric kettle electricity is used to produce heat. So, power consumption is a major factor while choosing electric kettle. Depending upon model electric kettle comes in various capacities. Suppose kettle power is 1500W now we must find out time that electric kettle is running say 10 hours in a month so it will consume 15 (1.5kwhx10) units in a month.

How Does Cordless Electric Kettle Work

When we say cordless electric kettle, which means the type of kettles that do not have cords rather a base that is plugged in for functionality. In simple words base of cordless kettle is detachable. They function in similar way just like cord kettle. Electric kettle are favorite choice where instant heating and simple cooking has to be done.


Inner side of electric kettle is made from food grade material to ensure total food safety. These are very compact in sizes thus allowing to accompany while travelling for all variety of heating needs. Once all the cooking is finish it requires small effort to cleaning the kettle.  So, it is worth to buy an electric kettle.