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How to Choose Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

A handheld vacuum cleaner is typically a compact, modified and movable version of the traditional house hold vacuum cleaner. It comes with multiple functionality such as cleaning small suffocating area, machine dust removal, cleaning of personal items, electronic gadgets are the name of few.

Cleaning dust is very important otherwise it can cause dust allergy. In this article, we will discuss about the various parameter that you should consider while shopping for new handheld vacuum cleaner. In order to choose the best for your needs, you should compare various models available in the market. Let us discuss major parameters that should be considered one by one.

How to Choose Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

How To Choose Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Here are few things to Consider While Buying Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

Kind Of Cleaning Space

Before purchasing new handheld vacuum cleaner, it is very important to consider which area and which surface has to be cleaned. For example, if you are buying a vacuum cleaner to clean a small dedicated machine. Then it would be important to see which area of machine has to be cleaned and weather such kind of handheld vacuum cleaner is properly inserted inside the machine or not.

Free Accessories

It is also important to consider what kind of accessories are provided along with the new handheld vacuum cleaner. Some common accessories that you get along with vacuum cleaner are small Hair brushes, circular small Nozzle, various size of extension hose. Considering all these accessories will be playing a crucial role while selecting a suitable hand vacuum cleaner for yourself.

Kind Of Debris

Since the waste could be of different type such as liquid waste or solid waste. It is also worth to know which kind of waste can be cleaned can collected by the vacuum cleaner so that you may get cleaning exactly as you wanted.


Usually, all the home appliance comes with the company warranty. It is good advice to check whether the warranty is available and what are the terms and conditions.

Operating Time

This is the most underrated parameter which is often neglected by many of the users. One should always consider how much time hand vacuum cleaner can be operated. The more the time it can run, the better cleaning can be done. While calculating this you must be considering the typical time on daily basis. It must be a 10-minute quick cleaning session of special machine or a deep session of 30 minutes for car cleaning.

Types Of Dirt Filter

Generally, handheld vacuum cleaner comes with variety of mesh filters. One must be considering the requirement of size of particle that has to be filtered while choosing for handheld vacuum cleaner. So that it may clean effectively.

Considering all above parameters will definitely getting end up with a nice hand vacuum cleaner for your requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Handheld Vacuum Cleaners Over Heat

Yes, handheld vacuum cleaner can overheat. One of the noticeable changes that it will show is produce a burning odour. There could be several possible reasons behind it. Now how will you know that it is over heated.

Such as Handheld vacuum cleaner is not properly cleaned or there will be a short circuit in the motor. The most common issue is running a vacuum cleaner for a longer span. It is advisable to take sufficient break intervals in between the long cleaning sessions.

How Long Can a Vacuum Cleaner Run Continuously

In general, the handheld vacuum cleaner can run continuously for 30 to 60 minutes. But it is advisable to run in short intervals for getting the best performance and not affecting the motor all of a sudden. There are some models of handheld vacuum cleaner in which the running time is set for safety purpose.

Are Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Good

Handheld vacuum cleaners are best alternative for cleaning smaller occasional spill.  They are also very easy to operate and clean. Therefore, they require easily maintenance and proven to be very helpful for doing the date today cleaning.

Can You Use a Handheld Vacuum on Carpet

Since the carpet can be spread over the full ground surface area of the floor. It would be not advisable to clean the entire floor with the handheld vacuum cleaner it can be used for cleaning a particular spillage in the floor that can be easily sorted out.

Can You Use a Handheld Vacuum for Floor

If floor is made up of wood, then it would be easier to use handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning. Handheld vacuum cleaner are generally made for smaller task. It can be used once you collect all the waste transfer it in the corner then it can be sucked easily at one corner.


Overall, selecting handheld vacuum cleaner can be easily done with keeping in mind all the above parameters. In order to choose the best hand vacuum cleaner for your home, you must consider the most affecting performance parameters.

It is popular in market due to its compact size, variety of application and efficient performance. Despite of having so many functionalities and features, it is not able to clean the very large space areas due to small size of motor.

User should consider regular maintenance and Sufficient break in between the cleaning sessions for the long life of handheld vacuum cleaners. I hope that this article will be benefit you while considering for handheld vacuum cleaner.