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How to fix Prestige Clip on Pressure Cooker Whistle Not Working

Prestige clip on pressure cooker is an excellent cooker with multi-functional usability and very rigid build quality.  Despite of all these features sometimes some normal functional error due to the lack of information may arise such as whistle not working.

Problems may be as small as misalignment of lid cover and could be as serious as enough pressure not building in pressure cooker while cooking. Such all issues could be easily resolve by self-troubleshooting or sometimes contacting customer service depends upon severity of problem.

Here is the list of best possible reasons for whistle not working.

How to fix Prestige Clip on Pressure Cooker Whistle Not Working

Possible Reasons


Let’s discuss all the possible reasons one by one

1. Mishandling

This is the top causes to non-working or unsteady performance when it comes to pressure cooker and results into some of components get dislocated from its installed position and stopped functioning or gets partially damage. Handle with care is perfect solution to avoid such unpleasant situation.

2. Lack of information

Clip on series is the latest pressure cooker range from the house of prestige. It comes with plenty of innovative features and therefore arises many misconceptions or lack of proper knowledge among users which results nonfunctioning of cooker in worse cases. Therefore, it is always advisable to get throughout information from user manual or some reliable source.

3. Pressure leakage

The pressure leakage is a condition where usually pressure cooker not able to build sufficient pressure require to perform cooking. Such case is normally happened when there is some minor or major leakage from lid. It may be due to faulty gasket or pressure indicator is jam.

or its mounting. Such issues generally requires gasket replacement or sometimes addressed with moving small pressure slightly upward with knife or screw driver.

4. Negligence on Cleaning

If you do not clean your clip-on pressure cook lid properly then there is sure short chance that it will not function properly. Thus, proper cleaning at regular interval is most essential exercise that can be easily done.

How To Fix Prestige Clip On Cooker Whistle Not Working

Now let us know what to do if whistle not working depending upon the problem.

The clip-on pressure cooker is very easy to operate. Just twist the lid button right side to open, pour the ingredient and required water and twist left side to close that’s it.

Place the whistle, put cooker on gas stove and wait for few minutes. Now examine the cooker.

1. If the steam is coming from small pin on the lid. If so, which means steam is coming from pressure indicator and pressure is not building. It can be fixed with a simple trick. Just take a knife or any sharp object and lift up the valve button (small pin). It will automatically come up and the pressure will start building.

If you do this for first time, it will automatically work for rest of the time. You don’t need to do it every time.

2. If the steam is leaking coming around the gasket. Then check the gasket and if it is cracked or suppressed then replace it.

3. If after sufficient amount of time has passed still no whistle and not steam leakage which means there is some obstacle in the whistle path and it need to be cleaned. 

Precautions While Using Clip On Pressure Cooker

1. Following official user manual for operation

For a flowless working of pressure cooker you should follow official user manual.  You will get a user manual along with this pressure cooker that will let you know about the proper procedure to operate it. You can also read care instructions from Presige website.

2. Reporting unknown noise

It is very crucial point that any unwanted sound should not be neglected and should be address with proper attention in order to get the best result in any pressure cooker and also avoid any unforeseen situation.


Overall, if you give proper attention towards every small thing in your pressure cooker there is a good chance that it won’t give you any problem. Keeping note of basic knowledge about clip on series is the best way to get assured. It is also worth noting that if any problem process that it should be directly convey to authorize service center.