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Which Idli Maker is Best Aluminium or Steel?

Idli is one of the best breakfasts which is both healthy and tasty. As my family eagerly waits to have idli as breakfast, I prefer this healthy breakfast at least one or two times a week.

I love cooking idli. Use of idli maker makes this process very comfortable and reduces cooking time.

So, if you are an idli lover then idli maker is a mandatory cookware of your kitchen that can cook soft, smooth, and delicious idlis in few minutes. There are several common question that comes in our mind regarding idli maker. In this article i will try to answer some of these questions.

So, let’s began.

1. Which Idli Maker is the Best- Aluminium or Steel

Idli makers are manufactured using different types of materials. Among them, the two best materials are : Aluminum and Steel.

Even though both materials are having equal advantages and disadvantages, stainless steel is a bit better idli maker compared to aluminum.

Because stainless steel idli maker has advantages like elegant appearance, no health issues, easy cleaning, low maintenance, rust proof, more durable, no discoloration for a long time, lightweight and can prefer large size maker which provides more idlis at a time.

But this stainless steel material takes longer times for cooking and cooling and hence it consumes more gas. By preferring the heavy bottom vessels, you can avoid burning.

Although aluminum idli makers are cheaper compared to steel ones. In addition to that, it can cook fast and consumes less gas than stainless steel idli makers.

But the cons behind this aluminum material were lower strength, dull appearance, and requiring more effort for cleaning. Moreover, cooking food with aluminum material produces few health issues.

2. Why do Commercial Idli Makers Use Cloth

I observed commercial idli makers use a wet cloth on the idli plate for cooking idlis. I really wondered about this method which has several advantages like preventing water in the batter, easy cleaning, producing perfect shape and smooth idlis, and also does not stick to our hands.

We know idli batter is not solid or liquid, it is colloidal. As the commercial idli maker’s plates have bigger holes, the water in the batter passes through the holes and the idly gets stuck to the mould.

So, whenever he places a wet cloth on the moulds, it prevents dripping the water in the batter from holes and makes it easy to pass the steam through the batter and produces smooth idly.

In addition to that, removing the idly from the moulds makes it easier and gives perfect shape and texture without sticking any little amount to the moulds. Also, this perfect shape remains the same for a long time.

It even reduces the time to remove the idlis from the moulds and also lessens the cleaning effort. Moreover, it does not stick to our hands and perfectly dips in any type of chutney or sambar.

3. Which Idli Maker is Good for Health

We already know that idli makers produced by aluminium material give few health issues. According to the article published in The Times of India, the food cooked in the aluminium utensils increases the risk of Alzheimer’s. Even though it does not affect immediately, the aluminium material slowly harms the human body.

The idli maker manufactured with stainless steel material does not produce any type of health issues. Moreover, they are rust-proof, stronger, and highly durable.

However, I recommend the stainless steel idli maker to be good for our health.

4. How to Choose an Idli Maker

Before purchasing an idli maker, we need to consider a few things like material of the idli maker, number of plates and size, multipurpose idli maker, induction cum gas maker, maintenance, warranty, and others.


Firstly, choose the idli maker manufactured with the best quality raw material like stainless steel, aluminium, or any other which is stronger, durable, and rust proof.

Size of idli maker

After that select the size and number of plates according to your need. This can depend upon the number of members in your family.

Multipurpose Idli Makers

For the past decade, I love the multipurpose idli makers that are available with extra features like providing extra plates to cook vegetables, curries, dhoklas, and many more. You can even remove the idli plates and the pan can also be used for normal cooking. Moreover, choose the multi-utility plates that can cook and steam vegetables.

Induction cum Gas Idli Maker

I recommend you to prefer the induction cum gas idli maker which can be compatible with both an induction cooktop as well as gas stove. Moreover, choose the idli maker that requires low maintenance and provides high safety.

Safety Handles

In addition to that prefer the idli maker that is provided with safety and strong handles which avoids burning hands.


Choose the product with the best warranty period.

5. Which Idli Maker is Better to Buy “With Whistle” or “Without Whistle”

There are two working principle of idli maker. The first one in which the whistle blows after the completion of cooking and the other one does not indicate the cooking. You just need to regularly check and stop the cooking process for the maker without a whistle.

This process works with the help of small holes in the plates for better flow of steam. You can choose any one among these two working principles.

In the whistle idli maker, make sure that the quality of the lid should be good. As the idli maker with a whistle will blow the whistle after cooking it may damage the lid. I recommend you to choose the idli maker with a whistle which can easily identify the cooking process.   

6. Do Idli Maker Utensils Work with Induction Cooktops

As idli makers are fabricated with different types of materials, only a few types of idli makers work with an induction cooktop. Because the induction cooktops heats the utensils using the magnetic field which cannot produce concurrent current and is unable to heat materials like copper, aluminium, or glass vessels.

However, stainless steel idli makers can work with an induction cooktop. Moreover, the hard anodized material multi kadais are compatible with both induction and gas cooktops.

7. How Much Water to Pour in a Pigeon Idli Maker

You can just pour approximately 2 to 2.5 cups of water into the Pigeon idli maker for cooking the idly. Otherwise, you can also pour the water less than the lower mark provided on the Pigeon idli maker.

If you use less water than required, the vessel may burn. As well as pouring more water does not cook the idli perfectly.

8. How to Make Idli in a Microwave Idli Maker

Making idli in a microwave idli maker is a very simple process that needs very less time to cook and it also requires low maintenance.

Step 1: Firstly, you should apply a little oil to the idli plate moulds and pour batter into the moulds.

Step 2: Set these plates in order and place them in an idli maker and then keep them in a microwave.

Step 3: Now let us stay them in the microwave for 4 minutes at the highest temperature.

Step 4: After that remove the plates from the microwave and let them rest for 2 minutes for proper cooking.

Now the idli is ready with delicious taste. Finally, remove the idli from the moulds and have a wonderful breakfast. Anyway, this microwave idli maker consumes less energy, and requires less effort for cleaning purposes too.