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Best Coffee Maker in India – Review & Buying Guide

People who love to drink a delicious coffee that too prepared in less period of time can choose the best coffee maker in India. The coffee machine for home offers you a tasty coffee with your personal flavour, brewing strength, brewing time, keep warm, etc. some advanced machines are included with auto shut off, audible alerts, milk frothing, water filter, pause and serve and many more.

The best coffee maker machine in India should include the suitable brewing capacity to your family, additional features, suitable size, best brand, contains different flavours of brewing, etc. There are several brewing techniques of coffee and different types of coffee makers.

Choose the best coffee brand in India so, you can have any type of coffee in your home itself by a very simple process. Some people love to have a coffee at regular intervals throughout a day, some coffee makers can provide coffee more number of times without keeping warm for a long period of time. Choose the best coffee maker in India for your home from the following brands.

Best Coffee Maker in India 2020

1. Morphy Richards Espresso and Cappuccino 4 Cup Coffee Maker

Morphy Richards is one of the best coffee makers in India. By using this coffee maker you can make a perfect cup of espresso, cappuccino and latte coffee easily and in no time.

This coffee machine price in India is below

  1. The turbo nozzle of this coffee maker ensures effective frothing if you are a cappuccino lover. You can experience easy and convenient cleaning with removable drip-tray.
  2. You can also see the final output from the transparent glass carafe. The Morphy Richards best coffee maker under 5000 lets you experience perfect coffee right in your home.
  3. By using this coffee maker you can make 4 cups of coffee at once.
  4. It is designed with a coffee strength selector and steam control knob.
  5. This coffee maker comes with the heat-resistant carafe and lid.
  6. It consumes the power of 800 Watts and the intake Voltage is 230 V.
  7. You can get 2 years of warranty on this product.

2. Preethi Cafe Zest CM210 Drip Coffee Maker

This is the best drip coffee maker by Preethi. Preethi is producing one of the best coffee. It can fulfill your need for a good coffee machine for your family or employees.

  1. By using this you can prepare café-style coffee at your home with this Preethi coffee maker without travel to café.
  2. This product is designed with quality and heat resistant high-grade plastic material and to get the fine decoction it has Microfine Filter.
  3. The heating element in it gives you faster brewing. This best coffee machine is suitable for small parties and workplaces.
  4. This product consumes 450 Watts of electricity and Operating voltage of 230 V.
  5. It comes with the power indicator switch and chromed handle which is ergonomically designed.
  6. It also equipped with a water level indicator and heat-sensitive thermal fuse for safety accurate temperature control.
  7. You can get 1 year warranty on this product.

3. Philips HD7431/20 760-Watt Coffee Maker

Philips is producing one of the best personal coffee makers. It comes with the smart and compact design along with glass jug and occupies a little place in your kitchen.

  1. You can enjoy café style coffee with the Philips coffeemaker. You can experience the best taste with aroma twister with this product from the first to last cup.
  2. With the drip stop, you can pour a cup of coffee whenever you like before the full brewing cycle finished.
  3. As it comes with the dishwasher-safe parts it is very easy to clean and maintain.
  4. Philips is designed for brewing 2 to 7 cups of coffee at once.
  5. It consumes the power of 760 Watts and the operating voltage is 230 V.
  6. You can get 0.6-litre coffee within 10 minutes of brewing time.
  7. It is designed with the water level indicator and non-slip fee along with the illuminated power switch.
  8. Philips offers 2 years warranty on this product.

4. InstaCuppa French Press 600 ML Coffee Maker

InstaCuppa is producing one of the best coffee maker machine for home. It is specially designed to drink your coffee in style. By using this you can brew your favourite coffee along with green tea, froth milk and squash fruit also.

  1. It gives you perfect coffee in 4 minutes and you can easily serve with the v-spout design.
  2. This sleek and timeless design coffee maker is a beautiful gift for any coffee lover.
  3. This product helps you to make your favourite coffee brews like espresso, Americano, cappuccino and latte.
  4. With this InstaCuppa you can get 6 cup coffee at once.
  5. It is designed with the 600 ML capacity and 4 part superior filtration.
  6. It comes with the non-slip handle and with the measurement marking on the glass carafe.
  7. The plunger is made of premium grade stainless steel and the glass carafe is made of extra tough borosilicate glass.
  8. InstaCuppa French Press offers you 1 year of warranty on this product.

5. Preethi Dripcafe Coffee Maker

Preethi is one of the best top 10 coffee machine brands in India. By using this pretty simple product you can make aromatic South Indian filter coffee with just one click.

  1. You can make rich filter coffee with the café taste at any time in your house for your family just in 10 minutes.
  2. It also equipped with the water level indicator and power on a light switch. With this product, you can save time.
  3. It is designed with the heat resistant premium grade plastic and sturdy stainless steel jar for durability.
  4. The microfine filter gives you fine decoction.
  5. It comes with the accurate temperature control and heat-sensitive thermal fuse which protects you from accidental burn injuries.
  6. You can get a 1-year warranty on this Preethi Dripcafe coffee maker.
  7. It consumes the power of 450 Watts and the intake voltage is 230 Volts.

6. Prestige PCMD 1.0 650-Watt Drip Coffee Maker

Prestige is producing one of the best espresso coffee machines for home. You can have the amazing tasty South Indian Filter Coffee easily with great aroma and rich taste.

  1. By using this prestige coffee maker you can get 2 to 4 cups of coffee at once.
  2. It is manufactured with advanced mesh filter, anti-drip mechanism, advanced brewing technology, water level indicator, etc., which provides the perfect cup of coffee.
  3. It also equipped with the water level indicator and power switch. You and your guest will mesmerize with this great cup of coffee.
  4. It comes with 650 watts motor and several advanced features.
  5. The advanced design filter thickens the decoction for an excellent strong taste.
  6. You can easily prepare your favourite cappuccino or latte with ease.
  7. The intake voltage of this product is 230 V.
  8. Prestige coffee makers offer you 1-year warranty on this product.

7. Tecnora New Classico Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker

Tecnora New Classicois one of the best coffee makers in India. With the Tecnora coffee maker, you can experience the coffee cafe at home. It has advanced functions and design.

  1. It is made of the sleek, lightweight plastic body which houses a powerful electromagnetic solenoid pump to give you a full coffee flavour.
  2. You can get your favourite espresso, creamy cappuccino or latte in a perfect taste with a touch of the button.
  3. The built-in steamer gives you a perfect frothing for milk. It also designed with two espresso shots at a time to ensure perfect pressure to the coffee with full flavour and aroma.
  4. You can enable auto-shut function with the main power switch which makes the machine switch off automatically after 25 minutes.
  5. To manage the water temperature it comes with the temperature selector switch.
  6. The pump control switch helps you to off when you have reached your desired quantity.
  7. You can get 1-year comprehensive warranty on this product.
  8. You can ensure the correct temperature settings with the thermoblock which prevents overheat or burn your coffee.

Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Taking a delicious coffee in the morning brings you a great wake up and feel free from all tensions. Having coffee in our house itself is a good and healthy way. You can prepare the delicious coffee by yourself with the help of best coffee maker. Before purchasing the coffee maker, you should know the following things

Different Coffee Brewing Techniques

There are several techniques available to brew a coffee. They are Espresso, Drip Coffee, French Press, Turkish or Arabic Coffee, Moka Pot, Cold Brew, Manual Drip, Single Serve Coffee, Percolator,  and The Vaccim Pot. Let us discuss about them.


Espresso is very delicious concentrated coffee with a lot of body, aroma and flavour. This is prepared by passing the hot water through a layer of compacted ground coffee which will be in a port filter. Espresso contains a lot of coffee oils and solids. The special of this coffee is the foamy layer on top and volume of the drink on lower.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is done in a way that by infusing the finely ground coffee in boiling water.  The speciality behind this coffee is the grind size, it is finest possible near to a powder. The electrical Turkish coffee grinding machines are not available for residential use, whereas the manual mill works perfectly.

Drip Coffee

Drip coffee is also called as filter coffee which is the most popular coffee brewing methods. This coffee method involves pouring hot water over ground coffee beans. We need to strain the coffee brew using a paper filter or a metal or plastic mesh. This coffee is clear and clean with a high ratio of caffeine extracted per a spoon of ground coffee. If the coffee maker is good, the brew is good for you. If it is cheap equipment, then it will be in a medium.

French Press

French press or press pot is prepared with a very simple coffee brewing device by just using a beaker and a plunger/filter. The hot water is poured over coffee grinds and steep for a few minutes. After steeping, the filter is pressed down to separate the grinds. It is very popular for its strong aroma and flavour.

Moka Pot

Moka pot is a device for making coffee. This device uses steam pressure to push water through coffee grinds with much lower pressure. This process is similar to the espresso method but the pressure is lower in Moka pot that is about 1 bar whereas real espresso machine is with 9 bar.

Cold Brew

If your regular hot coffee brews cause stomach problems, then this Cold Brew is the best solution. This brewing method steeps the coffee grinds for a long period of time nearly 12 to 36 hours, then strain it and serves it cold or hot. Because of its long brew method, most of the people prepare large amount and stores it in the fridge which can be used for several days.

Single Serve Brewing  

Keurig brewers method uses pressure to push water through the coffee grounds, but not high as espresso machines. The coffee is ground coarser compared to Moka pot and is less compact due to its faster brewing time. Single Serve Brewing is a simple method with less effort provides you with a clean cup with decent aroma and flavour.


Aeropress is a device which brews a coffee using pressure. This method is done in two-step process. First, steep for a few minutes and second push the brew through the coffee grounds under pressure which extracts more solids and caffeine. This coffee is strong with ample body.

What is the Difference Between Arabica and Robusta?

Arabica beans contain less caffeine compared to Robusta and are considered as superior in taste. These beans have a smoother, sweeter taste, with flavour notes of chocolate, sugar and also have hints of fruits or berries. But the Robusta has a stronger, harsher and bitterer taste with grainy or rubbery overtones. Arabica beans are expensive about double the price of Robusta.

Robusta in some cases exhibit greater immunity to disease and increased production capacity when compared with Arabica. It grows well in lower attitudes, easy to tend, less sensitive to insects and thrives in areas whereas Arabica is devastated by fungus and other diseases and pests. Robusta is circular in shape and Arabica are more oval.

Different Types of Coffee Makers

Various types of coffee makers are available in the Indian Market. Let us know which is the best coffee maker machine for home.

  • Drip Coffee

Most of the Indian households prefers this drip coffee machine due to its simple usage. Some of the modern drip coffee makers include additional features, several options, and adjustments that you can brew the coffee as you like as strong, light, plain, flavoured, decaf or your favourite blend.

By just switching on the appliance, hot water will run through the coffee grounds and into the pot. Based on the water this process takes 5-10 minutes.

These are perfect for large servings up to 12 cups. Its maintenance is cost-effective and is durable for years.

  • Single Serve Pod Coffee Makers

Single-serve maker is the latest product introduced in the market. They use pods to make coffee so-called Pod coffee makers. This coffee is available in several flavours or you can change as your wish. By just adding the coffee pod into the machine, a cup of coffee is prepared instantly.

Single-serve pods need very less space and maintenance costs are high.

  • Fresh Press Coffee Maker

This is very simple to operate and use. You just need to add the coffee grounds and boiling water into the appliance and press the lid that suppresses the coffee grounds to the bottom.

This coffee maker is very cheap compared to others and maintenance cost is also very low because this machine does not need filter replacements and any electricity.

  • Cappuccino and Espresso Machines

Espresso is the best preference for people who like strong coffee. This machine is very expensive and heavy-duty coffee maker in India. Using this machine, you can make several varieties of coffee drinks that include macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos and others.

Most of these machines provide only one shot at a time but some of the new models provide two shots at once.

Espresso includes several features such as coffee pod availability, automatic settings, temperature, water boiler and others.

  • Percolators

Percolator is similar to electric coffee pots where the coffee is brewed in a small chamber near the heat source. They come in different ranges from 4 cups to 30 cups. They can run on either electricity or on the stove top.

What Factors Should We Look in a Coffee Maker

You should look for several things regarding coffee maker before purchasing it. Because coffee maker contains many features, brewing types and other factors. Let us know detail information about them.

  • Brew Capacity

Coffee makers are available in various brewing sizes from a single cup to a family-sized carafe. Choose the coffee maker that fulfils the brewing capacity required to your family.

Single-cup is suitable for single persons or family with every member have different waking times. Large brewing capacity nearly 10 to 12 cups are perfect for large families or who love to drink more times.

  • Timing or Frequency Brewing

The capacity of a coffee machine means not only the quantity prepared in a single time, it also has the capacity of brewing multiple times in a day. Some of the people have a habit of drinking coffee at regular intervals throughout the day.

So if your family members love to have the coffee throughout the day, choose a coffee maker with thermal carafe because it keeps the coffee hot or warm for a certain time period.

  • Flavour and Strength

Different people have different flavour preferences, brewing strengths, etc. So, choose a coffee machine which can change the brewing strengths like a stronger or lighter cup.

Some coffee makers have the capacity of brewing like whipping hot chocolate, tea, mocha or fancy cappuccino. So, choose according to your flavour needs.

  • Brewing Time

The flavour of the coffee depends on the time period of the water is in contact with the coffee grounds.  This time period varies from one machine to another.

In drip coffee makers, the contact time period is less than 5 minutes whereas, in the French press, it should be 2-4 minutes and many more.

Check the brewing time in the product manual and select which fulfils your flavour preferences.

  • Heating Plate

Select the coffee maker which can control the temperature settings of a carafe or prefer a coffee maker with insulated stainless steel.

Because of heating plate present in coffee maker which let’s sit hot on the inner place and remains for a longer time which leads to a bitter and burnt taste.

  • Customized Brewing Options

Normal coffee makers are simple operating by just adding coffee grounds and water. But now, modern coffee makers are included with several options like water temperature, brew style, brew strength, etc.

These modern coffee machines are expensive compared to simple coffee machines. So, choose the coffee maker according to your needs.

  • Size of Coffee Machine

Actually, the size of the coffee machine does not effect the coffees flavour. But measurement is also important. So, measure everything in that place where you are wishing to place this maker and make sure if it is having top open mode and other conditions that satisfy your coffee needs.

Prefer the best size coffee machine which is suitable for your kitchen and your family needs.

  • Water Temperature Settings  

The optimal temperature of a perfect served coffee is between 195o-205o F. But some coffee makers cannot brew in this perfect temperature instead they brew coffee either too high or too low sometimes which results in bitterness or loss of flavour.

Now the modern coffee makers allow you to control the water temperature which helps you to avoid over-extraction. So, choose the coffee makers which included this smart feature.

  • Additional Features

Some coffee machines come with basic features like brewing for a specific amount of time, keep warm, thermal carafe, and many more.

Some latest modern coffee machines are available with audible alerts, bean grinding, milk frothing, built-in coffee grinder, auto-shut off, water filter, pause and serve, self-serve.

Check for these additional features and choose according to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best coffee maker for home use?

Breville Barista Express Espresso Coffee Maker is the best coffee maker which is manufactured with advanced features like ‘grind-to-order’ grinder, a precision milk-frother, and its simple usage. Philips HD7431, Preethi Zest are some other best coffee makers.

  • What are the best coffee machines to buy?

Morphy Richards Fresco, Preethi, Coffeeza, Tecnora, Philips HD7431, Black Decker are popular coffee machines in India to buy.

  • What is the price of a coffee machine?

The price of the coffee machine depends on the brand, model, and its features. The coffee makers price ranges from Rs.1500- Rs.10,000. If it is included with smart features, then the coffee makers price increases.

  • How do I clean my coffeemaker?

To Clean a Coffee Maker

  1. First, mix vinegar and water in equal amounts and fill this solution in the reservoir. If your coffee maker is in a very nasty position, you can increase the vinegar ratio which can dissolve any accrued mineral deposits.
  2. Place the filter in the basket and switch on the brewer. Let some minute brew and leave the remaining vinegar solution to soak the carafe and reservoir for about 30-60 minutes or depending upon your need.
  3. Now on the coffee maker and allow one complete brewing cycle. Place one paper filter and clean the vinegar solution from the filter and fill the reservoir with fresh water and place in the basket and let it brew for a second cycle.
  4. You can clean the coffee maker and coffee pot with a dry and clean cloth.
  5. Why are drip coffee machines considered to be the best?

Drip coffee machines are considered to be best for their automatic operating system. You can do your other works while the coffee is brewing. You can get a delicious coffee within a short period of time.

  • Do coffee makers use a lot of electricity?

For making 6-10 cups of coffee from the coffee machine, it consumes 750-1500 watts of power. If your family contains more number of people, that needs a lot of brewing and it consumes more power and increases your electricity bill.

If your family contains 4-5 members and if this machine is used for 4- 5 coffee cups a day, it consumes less power and reduces the electricity bill.

  • Are coffee machines durable?

Most of the coffee machine brands in India are durable. Although, durability depends on the brand and model you purchase.

On the other way, cleaning and maintenance is also an important thing for the durability of a coffee machine. If you do not clean the machine regularly and properly, it gets damaged quickly.

The material used for the machine is also a considerable thing. The stainless steel material is the best option compared to plastic which is damaged quickly for the temperature of coffee brewing.

  • What can I do with my coffee filter collapsing and causing an overflow?

Sometimes there is a chance of collapsing and cause an overflow if you are using a paper filter. Make sure if you are using the correct size and shape filter in the unit which causes filter collapsing in the coffee brewer.

Basket filters of 4 cup filter for 4 cup coffee maker and 8-12 cup filter for 8, 10, 12 cup coffeemaker

Cone filters of 2 cone filter for 4 cup coffeemaker and 4 cone filter for 8, 10, 12 cup coffeemaker.

The other methods to solve this problem is

  1. Before adding the coffee and sticking them to the sides of the filter basket, add wet to the sides of the filter.
  2. This problem is solved by a permanent filter also.
  3. Can I reheat cold coffee in my coffee maker?

No, the warmer plate in coffee maker does not get sufficient heat. Reheating coffee in a coffee maker changes the flavour and makes coffee taste worse. The heating plate present in the coffee maker cannot bring the coffee back up to a safe temperature. Instead of reheating the cold coffee, it’s better to brew a fresh coffee.

  • How espresso coffee is different from filter coffee?

Espresso coffee has a very fine ground whereas filter coffee has a coarser ground.  Espresso is brewed with hot water for a very short period of time. But the filter coffee is brewed for a longer time at low temperature. Espresso coffees are roasted much darker than filter coffees, not every time but it’s common.

We have just gone through the list of best coffee maker in India. You can choose the coffee machine for home from the above list.