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Top 5 Best Sandwich Makers in India 2021

Sandwich maker is one of the oldest and essential used kitchen appliances. These sandwich maker comes in different number of slices such as: 4 slice sandwich maker, 2 slice sandwich maker. It saves your time. In this article we will try to find out answer that which are the best sandwich maker in India 2021.

A sandwich maker helps to toast, grill, and heat any kind of sandwiches so sometimes it is also called as sandwich toaster or bread toaster.  The best grill sandwich maker prepares a sandwich in just six minutes and is very easy to clean as it is made up of nonstick surfaces.

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The most popular type of sandwich maker is grilled sandwich maker. It grills your sandwiches and makes them more crisp. Before listing the best sandwich maker in India let’s see some of the advantages of sandwich maker. You can Read Features of a sandwich maker to keep in mind while purchasing at the end of this article.

best sandwich makers

Uses and advantages of sandwich makers

  • In a sandwich maker bread get toasted properly and all the ingredients are cooked well.
  • Sandwich maker cooks the bread from all sides and works very quickly.
  • It is compact and small size appliance and is suitable for any type of kitchens.
  • It’s very easy to clean because all the equipment and parts are detachable.
  • Basically, it is used for toasting, grilling, and heating.
  • It is portable, you can carry it along anywhere you want.
  • It prepares nutritious and healthy oil-free dishes

Popular brands of sandwich makers

The top sandwich maker brand are :

  • Philips
  • Havells
  • Prestige
  • Morphy Richards
  • and many more

Top 10 Best Sandwich Maker in India 2021

1. Prestige PGMFB Grill Sandwich Toaster

Prestige PGMFB 800 Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster

Prestige PGMFB Grill Sandwich Toaster has an elegant body with a black finish. It has fixed grill plates which are coated with the advanced non-stick coating that is two times more durable giving it a ‘less oil cooking’ benefit.

This prestige sandwich makers handles are made of a heating resisting material which helps to protect your hand from burning and making it easy to use. It has indicator lights, red for power or heater and green for grill ready or cut-off. The sandwich maker operates on very less power.

  1. It has an elegant black finish body.
  2. The nontoxic non-stick coating helps in easy cleaning and less oil cooking.
  3. It has an ergonomic handle which is heat resistant.
  4. The indicator lights indicate power or heater, grill ready or cut off.
  5. Technical specifications: power-800W.

2. AGARO Elegant Sandwich Maker

AGARO Elegant Sandwich Maker

With an Agaro sandwich maker, you can make a tasty and nutritious sandwich. A die-cast aluminium plate with inner Teflon coating, an oil collection tray, an automatic thermostat with light indicators, and many other features are included in this elegant lightweight sandwich maker.

  1. Thanks to its non-stick grill plates, this sandwich maker is ideal for making sandwiches with little or no butter or oil.
  2. This elegantly designed sandwich maker will prepare a variety of dishes, including grilled paneer, fried eggs, French toast, and more.
  3. Use the temperature control knob to set the temperature according to the food you are preparing.
  4. The anti-skid feature on this sandwich maker makes it easy to use. A cool-touch handle is a protective feature that guards against burns.
  5. The excess oil that drips from the food is collected in the oil collection tray.
  6. With its adjustable plate and floating hinge feature, you can make a big, evenly cooked sandwich.

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3. Borosill Super 2000-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker

Borosil Grill Sandwich Maker Super Jumbo 2000-Watt

Borosill Super Jumbo Grill Sandwich Maker consists of a large-sized grilling plate that can make 4 bread-size sandwiches at the same time and saves your time. It consists of an oil drip collector tray that drains the excess oil or butter and makes the sandwich taste perfect with sufficient oil or butter. It consists of a power indicator which indicates a red indicator is used for power indication and a green indicator for heating operation with automatic temperature control.

  1. Borosill offers you a non-stick heating plate with deep ribs for extra crispy and grilling with a heating plate that opens to 105 degrees for accessing easily.
  2. It consists of a slide-type handle lock which is convenient to use.
  3. It consumes 2000watt power that makes the grilling work faster and uniform and gives a quicker output.
  4. It is equipped with a temperature control knob and the device is available with 2 years warranty.

4. SM3006 750-watt Morphy Richards Sandwich Maker

Morphy Richards Sandwich Maker SM3006 750-Watt

Morphy Richards Sandwich Maker is provided with a comfortable front handle for easy carrying it around. This maker has a handy feature, ready to cook indicator that tells you whether the device is ready for cooking. The cord winding facility is provided for storing the cord neatly. This appliance saves your time and energy in preparing sandwiches. Its non-stick cook plates are highly qualified, durable, and can be easily cleaned.

  1. It is provided with an oil drip feature which prevents the bottom surface from getting messy and sogginess of sandwiches that can also keep at bay. This feature consumes unnecessary calories from the sandwich and keeps you healthy.
  2. Its cool touch body gives you safety to touch at any time.
  3. It consumes 750 watts of power and 230 volts of operating voltage.
  4. It comes with a 2-years warranty.

5. SM3006(G) 750-watt Morphy Richards Grill Sandwich Toaster

Morphy Richards Grill Sandwich Toaster SM3006(G) 750-Watt

Morphy Richards Sandwich toaster can be stored upright which saves space in your home. Apart, if the device is ready to cook, then the ready to cook indicator indicates you and powers on neon. Its non-stick cook plates are very easy to clean. The cord storage is given which is easily detangled and wound up for storage. Its cool touch body feature gives you a safe touch that you can touch at any time.

  1. It consumes 750 watts of power and an operating voltage of 230 volts.
  2. This toaster is provided with comfortable power handling that is very convenient to use and with a cool touch surface.
  3. The awesome feature oil drip prevents the bottom surface from getting messy, not too soggy the sandwiches, and helps you in better health by consuming unnecessary calories.
  4. It comes with 2 years warranty and is available at Amazon.

6. PSMFD 01 Prestige Sandwich Maker

Prestige Sandwich Maker

Prestige Sandwich Maker comes with an excellent matt finish look and a high-quality bakelite body that offers heat resistance on the exteriors which adds a classy touch and convenience to your kitchen.  Its smooth surface makes your cleaning work easy. Two power indicators are provided, a red light indicates for the unit is preheating and the green light indicates for the unit is preheated and also indicates that food is cooked which gives you easy and safe use.

  1. This maker is provided with durable die-cast aluminum non-stick heating plate that needs very little oil for toasting which makes it delicious and healthy and also easy for cleaning.
  2. This non-stick coating is a German Technology Greblon specially designed for consuming less oil.
  3. It consumes 800 watts of power and has a capacity of 2 slices which results in the operating faster and gets more sandwiches in less time.
  4. It is available with a 1-year warranty at reasonable prices.

7. 900-watt Havells Big Fill Sandwich Maker

Havells Big 2 Slice Sandwich Maker Fill 900-Watt

Havells Sandwich Maker comes with a stylish stainless steel cover that gives an elegant look. Two indicators, red and green lights are provided for easy usage for indicating power on and ready function. Its non-stick coating helps you in avoiding the messy and sogginess of sandwiches and is very easy to clean. The non-stick plates are fixed and are not detachable. This maker weighs 1.85 kilograms and consumes 900 watts of power.

  1. Havells sandwich maker is designed with non-stick deeper grooves provided in the plate which is used for more filling.
  2. A hinged lock is provided for ensuring safety and prevent unnecessary burns.
  3. The cool-touch handle offers you safe touch at any time that is convenient to use.
  4. It is available at Amazon with 2 years warranty at reasonable prices.

8. SWX-3 Bajaj Majesty New Sandwich Toaster

Bajaj Majesty 2-Slice Sandwich Toaster

With Bajaj Sandwich Toaster, you can make 2-slices of delicious sandwiches in a very easy way consuming less oil and operates faster which saves your time. Its cool touch body and handle provides you safer touch whenever you touch and protect from unnecessary burns. The toaster storage is convenient as it stands upright and saves a lot of space in your kitchen. It consumes 750 watts of power and the product weighs 1380 grams.

  1. The Bajaj Sandwich Toaster internal body is designed with non-stick coating plates which avoid damage when scraping off food and are also easy for cleaning.
  2. The base support and the buckle clip characteristics make this maker ideal for use.
  3. The two indicators red and green are provided for power on and ready-to-cook neon indicators.
  4. It is available with a two-year warranty in online stores at reasonable prices.

9. VST75 V-guard Triangle Electric Sandwich Maker

V-Guard Sandwich Maker 2 in 1 Grill and Triangle

V-guard Electric Sandwich Maker offers you an exciting snack-time with a triangular-shaped delicious sandwich. The Dual LED indicator along with an intelligent thermostat lights red and green indicates the preheating, cooking, and ready-to-eat. By using 750 watts of power, the pre-heating and cooking time is reduced and results in faster output. No need for gloves or oven mitts to handle this toaster as it is manufactured with a cool touch surface and handle which protects you from burns.

  1. V-guard is equipped with fixed triangular plates with powerful heating rods which gives faster and uniform cooking.
  2. It is designed with a food-grade dual-layer non-stick coating makes the toaster the perfect companion for dining-in. This non-stick coating is safe to use as it is being food-grade and avoids sticky cheese messes, which makes cleaning effortless.
  3. As this toaster stands up straighter, it is very convenient and comfortable to place in your kitchen that saves space.
  4. The tight locking mechanism prevents the ingredients from spilling over in the time of cutting and sealing sandwiches effectively.

10. INALSA Easy Toast Sandwich Maker

INALSA Easy Toast Sandwich Maker-750W

INALSA sandwich maker has elegant and stylish looking equipped with power and ready to cook indicators lights red and green. As it is available with non-slide rubber feet, it is very easy to maintain and clean the toaster. With 750 watts of power, heating and cooking become quicker that saves your time in getting more sandwiches in less time. The cord is stored conveniently as the cord winder is provided without hanging the wire loosely.

  1. INALSA Maker is equipped with an Automatic Thermostat that is the helpful adequate temperature of uniform sandwich browning.
  2. An innovation Over Heat Safety Protection is added to this toaster.
  3. The cooking plates are made up of Die Casted Aluminium Plates that cut the sandwich in a perfect triangle design.
  4. You can store this either vertically or horizontally as per your convenience or the space available.
  5. It is available with 2 years warranty at online stores.

11. Morphy Richards SM3007(G) 2 Slice Grill Toaster

Morphy Richards Slice Grill Toaster

Morphy Richards SM3007(G) 2 Slice Grill Toaster is a ready to cook device. It includes the grill plates for uniform heating to get evenly toasted sandwiches. The grill plates are coated with a nonstick coating which eases cleaning. It includes a front handle which adds as befitting requirement preferences. Its rubber feet make it anti-skid. It is a 2 slice type toaster.

  1. It includes neon lights for indicating toasting progress.
  2. It has grill plates for even heating.
    Compact vertical storage makes it a space saver.
  3. It is a 2 slice type toaster.
  4. Non-stick coated grill plates for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  5. It is endowed with a cool touch body for risk-free operation.
  6. Technical specifications: power-700W.

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After listing the best sandwich maker in India let us know what are the things that you should consider while purchasing Sandwich Maker Online.

Features of a sandwich maker to keep in mind while purchasing

  • Check the power ratings of a sandwich maker
  • The number of slices sandwich maker can take up to.
  • Type of plate surface which sandwich maker is made up of.
  • Heat settings available in the sandwich maker.

Some Common FAQ on Sandwich Makers

  • How to use sandwich maker
  • How to make sandwich in sandwich maker
  • How to clean sandwich maker
  • How to prepare sandwich in sandwich maker
  • How to use grill sandwich maker